The US election, you could have known before – free content

… Billions spent, uncounted hours of election coverage aired. As of Tuesday, the election has officially run its course, the electoral college has decided. Both political sides were reiterating their election platforms for months and weeks, over and over again not helping to heal and wanting to bridge the seemingly growing divide they so deliberately crafted before. Certainly, no possible outcome would have helped the divided nation. 

For all non subscribed readers of the website, who knew the outcome of the election way before – to be precise almost a year ago – when on the January 2nd of this year I wrote about chances of Trump’s reelectionit appears that the constellation that favored him to make a move to the oval office comes up again in January 2021, so that could mean, that he will be moving again, but this time not in, rather out of it and to a new place… .” 

Makes you wonder all those billions (to be precise 14 billion, equaling annual state budgets of entire countries like Serbia or Uruguay) spent on the election – money burnt up for something that was already recognizable and could be attained for free or almost no money right here on this website. So, $2.95 versus 14 Billions, I guess that almost could be called wasteful, but obviously good shows cost money.

All the campaigning efforts, advertising, media coverage, hours spent on meaningless interviews, strategists being employed, marketing campaigns hatched, advertisers paid, interviews and media conferences – basically all for nothing – wasted time and resources. 

I know it sounds more than bizarre and to a degree even funny – if the two or one of the contenders would have never left their couches and stayed at home, doing nothing, it would not have changed the outcome. If the candidates of both or just one camp would have known and accepted the content of a simple chart, all those educated and well paid political spinsters and consultants would have been out of their jobs and I get it – many would have missed out on the most hyped-up show of a presidential race in American history. But knowing it beforehand might have ruined for many the belief of living in a democratic system and having influence over the process – which seems to be just a different facet of the old Roman “Bread and Games” theme.

The moral of the story is not new. In ancient times people already knew – if the stars are not in favor of your enterprise or doing, save yourself the detour, money and time spent. But here we are in the 21 st century and have forgotten all about it, because propaganda, stats, charts and polls do better (?). It clearly shows how deep the belief in numbers and meaningless job titles of so called specialists is. That says a lot about the deep rooted mislead rational which is on display here, and how much the public is by design and intent disconnected from grasping the idea of a content of time.  

By the way I gave another hint about Trump not succeeding, after a big ill fated PR disaster, when I examined the time of his photo op in front of the Lafayette church – writing “…Trump is known to fire easy and in this case the President might have fired himself… .” 

On June 3rd this year, another hint on this website. I got even more specific about the entire scenario by posting for the day of the future inauguration on January 20th next year – “… constellation that indicates whatever happens that day is forced by ‘higher powers’…” (which by the way was free content and meanwhile read by tens of thousands). 

For quite a while I was thinking, why would that type of time content show for the inauguration date of the new President. “… forced by higher powers… .” After the election it would have fit Trump’s legal challenge and his intent to settle the “election” via the Supreme Court in his favor, which we now know seemed to have failed. Or could it even be viewed differently as well, that the demands to examine and lock into the inconsistencies of the election have been ignored (squashed) by the legal system. For myself, I’m still quite satisfied with the precision of the laid out content of time, since all of the puzzle pieces fell into place and seemingly fit.  

We have to wait until January 20th next year for the final verdict and answer on the “… forced by higher powers …” prediction, and in what context it will make sense at the end. Just by following the news around Trump and his administration, I find it a bit ominous that he has personally, so far, not really conceded nor given up to dispute the election and its result. Let’s hope it is just because of his Leo Ascendent, since Leo is known to be a sore loser. We will soon find out.

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