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The “Green” Movement

The first time that a political movement was tagged with the word “Green” was in Germany in the mid seventies. The founding souls of this meanwhile worldwide mainstream political movement, sought to oppose industrial development and the destructive impact on the environment caused by it. The crowd that gathered did not differ in its convictions much from other similar movements that sprung up at about the same time frame all around the world. People from all walks of life gathered to stand up against industrial pollution and destruction of soil, air and water. What in those days united people in Germany were mainly concerns about planned or already existing nuclear power plants. 

Skipping some decades ahead, the political offspring of that initial movement is now known as the Green Party or the “Greens”, which is presently the ruling party in Germany, and, not to spill the beans right at the start, is showing increasingly its true “face”. 

The blasphemy to all that is that due to rigorous “eco-odic” draconian changes – Germany right now is using a lot of atomic power to offset the shortcomings of their unreliable solar and wind scheme – with one difference, they can not generate it themselves anymore, they have to buy nuclear energy for inflated prices from their direct neighbors.

In the past, critics of the green movement were even frowned upon particularly when they hinted towards a possible interest and assistance of a foreign power that did not like Germany to have nuclear technology and abilities. In retrospect, all that might meanwhile make even more sense to some. I don’t even want to draw parallels to two blown up gas lines, but a case could be made for some common motives.

Anyway that all is phenomenological fluff that the world and its spinster seem to get excited about, let’s have a look at the day chart of the foundation of the “Green List Movement” (that what it was called at the beginning in Germany) and see what it entails and if we can get any indication where all this is possibly leading to or what kind of timely content has been functionalized and/or been institutionalized in this so called “green” movement in general that meanwhile has metastasized around the world.
I’ll attempt to decipher the chart in a more classic way – we are dealing with a Capricorn AC with Saturn in Hs.7 – the principle of determination – is about to be delivered into the house of consciousness. Since it is a Sun-Saturn, which is hinting towards a confrontation between Sun (life) and Saturn (determination) – the Sun is not allowing saturnal content – the denial of the determinative content
How does the content originate – Sagittarius spanning from 12. to 10. with Jupiter in 6. – a notion of a modulated principle of purity is aiming for the house of the conditions, the adherence to the environment.

The Scorpio MC of the chart – how is the determinative been put together – Uranus-Mercury, the dissolution of territory that gets achieved by being transformed into a “concept of consciousness”. Since Pluto is aspected with the aforementioned Neptune-Mercury, a “modulated principle of purity” – dogma comes to mind. 

The content that is reaching into the house of consciousness is ruled by Mercury as well – after all the chart does not seem to want to escape the purity aspect of it all – meaning the people that initiated the movement created a pseudo religious entity.

 Quite telling for the entire movement is the in Hs.7 located Mars, actually a Mars-Moon, squared with Venus in 9. – which indicates an exclusion of Neptune in general – an exclusion of the principle of life
The name of the party that meanwhile got adopted by many of its worldwide metastasized sister organizations – the banner color green should have already forewarned that Neptunian content had been misappropriated and functionalized. The color “Green” is associated with Pieces in this case, and is being functionalized and heralding the denial of the principle of the Gestalt that this party and their representatives obviously attempt to portray.

 We can assume that the copycat effect of naming many other “enviro”-oriented parties worldwide has not just exported the name, with it comes the denial of truth. Lamentably the movement was clearly adopted by the “system” – green is in and applies to everything if you want to make a sound business impression, fitting or not. “Adopted” is even incorrect since it was always right from the beginning a part of the system – aiming for the same destructive objective. The original crowd that initiated the movement (mainly people of the 68 student movement) never intended to abandon the system – the former leader of the German “green” movement Joshka Fischer and his career is a prime example for that.

So in all that context it does not surprise that we now talk about carbon credits and the control of the planet and all forms of life on it. And it will not not surprise that political movements like this will adopt a social credit score system – since after all everything that has life has to be sacrificed to the altar of this religious movement – after all the communist elements and ideas of the Club of Rome of some founding father of the movement seem suddenly not be able to hide anymore behind the “green screen” of environmental platitudes.

And if it all weren’t enough; two planets (Mars and the Sun of the chart as well) are positioned on points that hold an encounter with the finite time content, emphasizing the already established life annihilating  characteristics of this movement. 

So buyer beware and in case you are still not subjected yet to the sacrificial demands of the green junta and have not yet numbed your connection to your own twelfth house, below is a video link to a phenomenological approach that results in a similar conclusion about the entire “religious”, oh so green, world saving movement.

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