Attack on our Microbiome

… at least according to the German author Heiko Schöning. For people that are not familiar with him, here is what AI wants you to know about his persona. “Heiko Schöning is a German medical doctor and entrepreneur. He is the head of a group known by the German acronym ACU2020 and has been involved in various organizations and projects. He was arrested by the Metropolitan Police in London in September 2020 while addressing a crowd at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.

Heiko Schöning is also the co-founder of a startup and has been involved in various projects, including MedCooling, a company that focuses on cooling solutions. Additionally, he has been involved in the World Doctors Alliance, an organization that has questioned the veracity of the COVID-19 pandemic.”
What Brave AI is “weirdly” enough only mentioning superficially is that he is known in Germany and Austria for his very open critique towards the Covid vaccines. With his first book, “Game Over, Covid 19”, he wanted to warn the world about an upcoming Covid “pandemie”, well before it actually happened. He had all the things right, singled out the main players behind this manufactured crisis; since the print could not be finished on time because of the already developing “Covid crisis,” the book was published late.

Meanwhile, Heiko Schoening has written a new book in which he wants to warn the world about the next planned health crisis. According to his book the next (planned) health crisis is not going to be about a viral infection like the last one, this time it is happening from the world of microbes/bacteria. 
He titled his second book “Attack on the Microbiome, Game Over II”. The book gives a comprehensive outlook about the set up and the apparently involved characters, which, to everyone’s surprise, do not seem to differ much from the players of the first orchestrated crisis. 

As far as I know, the book has up to now only been published in German. I do not know if any translation into English is planned, but the topic and plot in general is quite intriguing. I have linked a video presentation of him on that is even translated into English.

Seemingly, the concept of the next pandemic, as described by Schöning, will focuse on the ecosystem of the human microbiome. The described setup could definitely suffice for a plot of a James Bond movie, but that would be closer to the truth than is permissible. The doom initiating individuals and their respective companies, financiers and helpers are apparently working feverishly to target our gut-brain barrieres. 

If you have never heard about it, here is what Chat jpt’s AI believes to know about it: “The gut-brain barrier encompasses various mechanisms that regulate the communication between the gut and the brain, including neural, hormonal, and immune pathways. It plays a crucial role in maintaining homeostasis within the gut and brain and is implicated in various physiological processes, such as digestion, metabolism, immune function, and mood regulation.Research suggests that disturbances in the gut-brain axis may contribute to the pathogenesis of several neurological and psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and neurodegenerative diseases. Understanding the gut-brain axis and its role in health and disease has become an area of growing interest in biomedical research.” Even the AI already seems to know that lately more research interest is focusing on our very own personal ecosystem. 

Reading his book one gets the impression that these pharma companies are not overly concerned about our personal digestion, they are rather aiming to influence your psyche and brain. According to Schoening this is  the ultimate attempt to get control over the way we think, react and feel. He explains in detail how the system and big pharma is being prepared and what companies or subsidiaries will have the fitting remedies once the “outbreak” occurs. The “outbreak” can be caused or should we say induced on multiple levels: food chain, air, water. The wicked corporate, profiteering twist seems to be that the possible damage on the individual microbiome can only be remedied with a (possible) lifelong (!!) continuous intake of patented probiotics. If Heiko Schoening wouldn’t have been so on target with his first book about Covid I would have not read his book and would not bother mentioning it. The detailed information about the process with specific names of individuals, companies and organizations that are apparently involved in setting up this second round of worldwide public health crisis is too detailed to simply ignore – it is fitting to an overall worldwide trend.

Our microbiome has always evolved over the thousands of years. Many microbes that used to be part of our digestive system have vanished, as have our environments that we used to live in, when these microbes inhabited our digestive tracts. The variety of microorganisms that colonize our digestive system is under continuous attack, mainly influenced by the choice of what we eat. Since the introduction of antibiotics many of our digestive organs look more like deserted wastelands rather than diverse flowering meadows, with no variety left to defend and respond. As a consequence, a highly damaged immune system is open for all kinds of microbial assaults. 

According to William David, MD (Author of the “Super Gut”) deficiencies and lack of variety in our food have meanwhile led to a huge array of health issues, like leaky gut, Crohn’s Disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia and many more. Schöning ‘s predicted assault on our microbiome – bringing our plethora of intestinal microbes into conformity – is fitting to a world where everything seems to get streamlined. So we should not be surprised about the extinction of species on all levels, it just matches what we experience / create in our own self as well.

My thought to that is; since the digestive tract is associated with mundan Virgo or Hs.6, we can conclude that any interference with the diversity of it will lead to a more streamlined awareness. What AI obviously does on the upper movement – toying with our consciousness – will be just paralleled on the lower movement in the house of awareness and the ability to adjust to the environment – synchronizing and streamlining the world seems to be the theme and that attempt can only be described as outright plutonian.

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