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All commentaries are part of a personal project of mine that I started some time ago. I distributed copies to friends and those who showed interest. With the latest developments in world events of early spring 2020, and a growing circle of readers, I decided to open the content to a broader group in form of a blog. My intent is to spark curiosity, so that the reader may eventually ask themselves: What is time? Is it just a number displayed on some device, or is there a sense of quality and content to it? And in the same context, what are real news?

We perceive “real” as what we can see with our own eyes, and for most of the “modern” individuals, that pretty much defines the (their) world. Some true poets, artists, and even children “see” way more. They see, or I could almost say, sense the world beyond the visible. Creating a chart is the astrological approach to get an idea of what lies outside the physical – the visible – world, what powers, builds and creates it. In a chart, the physical world is represented only by a 1/4 of the circle, making it obvious that a horoscope “holds” way more content than just observing and looking at the physical world. So, what’s about the remaining 3/4 quarters of that circle? What do they stand for and describe?

Centuries of trying to achieve accuracy and gain certainty about the content of the remaining, not physical “3/4”, has created many schools of thought (Egyptians, Indian astrology, Mayas… just to name a few). Where and how to start? You will find countless astrological schools of belief systems searching the internet or bookstores for guidance. So, where to look and who to follow? There is no one who is a better judge over that question than time itself. That’s why I started this personal project of mine, not to impress the reader with made claims and predictions. The blog serves as a personal log of assessments made at that time. I invite the reader to be part of this process, and hope that you are entertained and inspired by these different outlooks and perspectives on live.

Getting everything “correct” is close to impossible, as each moment with its unique constellation is new and unprecedented. An acceptable assessment of an event and its chart depends heavily on the chosen technique and interpretation, but the most challenging task lies in noticing all the relevant aspects. With some charts there is an immediate connection, while others require revisiting. Sometimes you notice certain aspects much later or just learn to understand them when the consequences of an event already have partially or fully developed.

Global events are some of the more complex charts to tackle, as there are many players, and in some cases not enough access to detailed historical data for the geographical area. As a result, this can invite for error. After some time has passed – I revisit the article to revise and reflect on my previously made commentary. The mentioned timelines should not be interpreted as predictions, as they only serve as checkpoints for myself. They should only be understood as entertainment for the reader. I do not intend to offend or stereotype anyone through the published content on this website. The sole objective is to present different perspectives on world events, the connected personas, and how they are subjected to the time of their appearance.


Every moment, in combination with its location, creates a characteristic “footprint” unique to its occurrence. Whether it is the natal chart of a person, a historic event, contract, or the beginning of a partnership or company – time and place determine and set the “stage” for the outcome, which is revealed through the passage of time. Some might argue the fatalistic outlook that can be associated with this point of view; but observing and seeking to decipher the ever changing constellations of the zodiac helps to understand and see, that the laid out aspects have to be at some point experienced and lived. The more the individual resists to follow the charted path and pay homage to the logos, and deny the principle of time – the regulative aspects of the chart get charged. Friction increases and resistance is felt, which can show in elevated stages in illness, accidents or even in it’s finite state, death. Knowing the regulative aspects of one’s chart and the subsequent consequences from certain decisions, enables one to obtain better understanding oneself and others. This understanding can aid individuals in becoming healthier, happier and more conscious, and subsequently leading to a more fulfilled life.


At this point, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the late Wolfgang Döbereiner, an outstanding individual and insightful teacher. I consider myself fortunate to have met him in person and attending many of his lectures. Following his findings, and gradual refinement and development of his interpretation systems over the decades, has always been been a philosophical delight and spiritual nourishment for me. I will always remember him as one of the great minds and thinkers of our time and believe him to be one of the most groundbreaking astrologers. I can highly recommend all his books, which are mostly published in German; however, some of his work has been translated into English.