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The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge

No story over the last weeks did get more news attention than the total collapse of the Baltimore bridge. The bridge’s sudden collapse was caused by a container freighter that crashed into the southwest supporting pier of the main truss section of the bridge shortly after midnight. The economic impact of the downed bridge, whose debris is now blocking the entrance to the Baltimore harbor creates a considerable economic impact for the entire eastern seaboard of the US. 

With some key industries, like fertilizer, car imports or other flammable goods being affected and the sheer unexplainable nature of the collision, caused by highly trained ship personnel, the surfacing of a multitude of conspiracy theories does not surprise. Let’s just explore the pertaining charts for this formerly mighty structure. After all, the bridge had the longest span (8636 ft) of any continuous truss in the world. According to some online records it was opened for public traffic on March 23, 1977 at 10 o’clock in the morning. 

Here is the chart for the time the bridge opened for traffic for the first time, so to speak the ‘birth chart’ of the structure. The chart offers a mundan first quadrant located Sun (Aries). The according quadrant starts in Hs.11 to then reach, with its last sign (Gemini), into the first Hs.1 of the chart – translating into “something from the transcendental part of the chart reaches into and/or results into something that will appear in the real terms (Q.1)” – a bridge is built. 

As we most likely can agree, a bridge certainly is not the appearance of transcendental content, it is rather the opposite, a manifestation of the  repression of it. Similar to the already on this website multiple covered different dams, a bridge is a manifestation of denied transcendental content. As referenced before W. Doebereiner once said – “… in the first quadrant, the Titans sleep bound to space and its mechanisms. The unredeemed nature of spaces that exist without time and without becoming from themselves…”.

The chart confirms that. The origin of the active quadrant (the one with the Sun) is based in Hs.11., resulting / ending in the first Hs. of the first quadrant, the energetic part, the potentiality of the chart. For a bridge the, quite martian accentuated base in Hs.11, does not promise to be a very solid nor lasting one. So with all that said it should not surprise that the bridge at some point would have to come down, and due to its “inherent” martian nature (Aries Sun) it came down with a sudden big bang. No creeping concrete nor iron corroding processes that would take years of decay, no, just a sudden impact / event brought down the bridge in seconds. 

And if we look at it just from a chart technical aspect it does not surprise. At the time of the incident Mars transited over the actual Mars of the “birth chart” of the bridge (see planets on the outer side – quite telling as well is Neptune on the MC as well). Seemingly activating the Mars of the chart. As stated many times before Mars retaliates for repressed transcendental content that has been enshrined in the structure for almost five decades since its construction, attempting to free what has been repressed in one moment of time. One could see it as restoring order in the sense of natural integrity again. 

So the question will be what (denied) content has led to the manifestation that presented itself in the form of a bridge. The basis of the chart is Aries in 11. with Mars in Hs.10. indicating that the basis is about the unintended consequence of the chart as well. It even tells us – Mars is located on a zodiacal degree known to be an insolvency constellation – lacking or dissolving Uranus. Quite conclusive I would say since the transiting Mars is activating that kind of timely content that leads to the loss of the structure – meaning the (sudden) collapse of the bridge is already built into the chart – right from the start – so to speak “the bridge was built just to collapse”

The Hs.11 contained Venus-Mercury hints towards a timely content that has no territory stemming from a Neptune in Hs.6, a notion of modulation of the principle of the Gestalt. In plain language – a construct was erected that enabled the notion that the body of ocean that it bridged had no place anymore, meaning you could just drive with your car over it. And it could not more graphic with the transiting Neptune at the MC of the chart.

The level of execution Taurus (11./12.) with Venus in 11. – something new, concrete (Venus) is about to form, but again a Mars-Venus, a territory that concretely forms (bridge) is putting a territory in danger. The entailed Jupiter-Moon adds a blockage – the bridge that “blocked” the bay and adjacent river systems (which now with all the debris in the water is even more noticeable).  

The result is Gemini at the AC with Mercury in Hs.11 – abolishing (Hs.11) the origin and leading to (Mercury-Pluto) “one is process”, enabling an environment of “modern” commerce and transport, where one is enabled or forced to be part of the larger technological organism.

The unintended consequence is to be found in Hs.10 – Uranus at the cusp of Hs.6 – the suspended conditions and the from all three steps aspected Mars pointing towards the loss or annulment of the structure

Sorry, conspiratorial content creators, as absurd as it sounds, the bridge was built to collapse, there is no conspiracy behind the loss of the bridge, even if it would sound quite intriguing from a phenomenological point of view. If there is a larger plan behind the collapse of the structure it would have been at the moment when the authorities decided to open the bridge. The denied territorial forces of the principle of the Gestalt in the form of the sea was tampered with, to such a degree that at the end “the sea” (Neptune) prevailed. The ensuing chaos (transport by land and sea) that the loss of the bridge has created and possibly even will lead to in near future can only be seen in the context that Neptunian content got freed – hence the chaos. 

Now comes a quite intriguing piece of history to the mix. One entrance to the bridge is just a stone throw away from the historical Fort McHenry. It was here in the bay in 1814, on the deck of a British ship, that no other than Francis Scott Key, the creator of the American anthem, had witnessed the British bombardment of the fort. The sight of the American flag still flying over the fort at dawn, despite the intense shelling, inspired him to write the poem, which later became the anthem of the United States. 
Comparing and layering the chart of the bridge and Francis Scott’s birthday over each other to see if there are any closer planetary connections gives the entire story another angle and brings up some thought provoking observations how the bridge is connected with the person whose name it used to bear. …

Part 2 – next week

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