Dirk Heinicke, born 1967, Munich, Bavaria, became interested in astrology in his late teen’s. During the late eighties to mid-nineties he attended Wolfgang Döbereiner’s astrology school and seminars. After three decades of deciphering horoscopes he is still passionated about analyzing and interpreting charts to discover what content the Zodiac has embedded in our time or in the chart of an individual. His interpretations are mainly influenced and guided by the findings and techniques of Wolfgang Döbereiner’s “Munich Rhythm Theorie”. In the year 2000 he immigrated to Canada, where he now lives with his family.


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What can you expect to read – the articles are written without the usually used vague lingo, that astrological sites are so famous for. Every article will give you a clear idea of my astrological view point and interpretation of the topic. I personally prefer quality over quantity, so depending on how world events develop, you can expect around 3 to 6 articles a month – free of any constellation gibberish. On occasions, I post articles that answer readers questions, which may not address current events. Most articles are about a more general astrological comprehension, while others outline historical events. Please, do not miss to check – some articles do have dates or time frames of potential developments. I will link news articles that confirm if certain content has proven to come true.

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With every horoscope the exact time for the calculation of the chart is of the essence. Minutes of divergence can change the entire outcome, and invite for a complete “distorted picture” since all life events will amplify from that moment of time. So to gain certainty that the provided birth time is accurate – the first step of a consultation is to locate key life events and personal characteristics of the individual to undertake a possible needed confirmation of the data.
Common questions range from personal tendencies, interests, strengths and weaknesses, to relationships and health. Other fields that can be explored are: how is a person aspected to a specific place or area? Every consultation is unique and tailored to the individual’s requests and set of questions.
There is no substitute for a direct personal contact which provides clients with a more comprehensive understanding. However, to help cut costs and travel time for clients and myself – I’m available on multiple social network platforms, once you have arranged a consultation via email before.

Rate: 235.– US$/per “one on one” consultation, up to 1.5 hours. If travel is requested or for seminars, rate will vary according to arrangement + travel expenses. 20% for subscribers of zeitdiagnosis.com. Please note: wait times to work on a request or set up an appointment can sometimes vary from 10 up to 15 weeks since I only have a limited amount of time for “one to one” consultations each month. I reserve myself the right to refuse without giving any reason.