The Plutonic World

Through reading about the ancient Greek god of the underworld Hades, one finds out fairly quickly that Hades and Plouton are identical. The ancient Greek god of the underworld is known as the “unseen one”, fitting the trades of the eighth house in an astrological chart. The eighth house, being the last developmental step of the timely progression, before the Gestalt is revealed in Hs.7, is certainly still hidden from the eye of an observer, before timely content gets recognizable, therefore Hades is correctly named as the unseen one.

The Greek myths are about the progression of how time is formed. In a very precise and descriptive way, Hades, or for the matter Ploutons (Pluto), attributes match Hs.8 content and describe in detail the developmental step that can be found in time in House 8. or for that matter in the star sign of Scorpio (Pluto).

As the god of the underworld, the non-visible world, Hades’ doings are perceived as obscure and clandestine, since they have not yet reached the level of consciousness in Hs.7. Wikipedia writes – “Despite modern connotations of death as evil, Hades was actually more altruistically inclined in mythology. Hades was portrayed as passive and never portrayed negatively; his role was often maintaining relative balance. That said, he was also depicted as cold and stern, and he held all of his subjects equally accountable to his laws.”

That kind of perception of death is certainly opposite to the “modern” perception of the inevitable of every being. The vicissitude of perception is paralleled by how the world is put under the spell of “downside” plutonic forces (e.g. technologization) which are just executions of appearances that are rooted in a denial of transcendental content that is longing to come to life. Who stems against that flow of life, denies potentiality and with that is part of a plutonic force that does not foster, rather consumes and undermines the formation of life.

Many charts on this website are proof of how content of time has been denied. I’m aware that the chosen language and astrological descriptions seem to be in some cases quite abstract. For that reason I thought it might be helpful this time to give readers a more concrete example of how executions of plutonic content reveal themselves in the world of the phenomenon. 

Since these kinds of executions are multifaceted, they can not just be explained with just one phenomenon, hence the more “open” language, when deciphering a chart. Since the content of time, or the lack of it, usually not just permeates the present only in one phenomenon, “devouring” only the one phenomenon (e.g. news, modern science) will not help the cause to be understood. 
The question arises: what is hindering truthful content to reach our consciousness and what are the forces behind it? Causes can be found on an individual as well as on a societal level. Some blockages are recent, others are already centuries old and radiate into our present days. 

A friend of mine just recently brought to my attention a Youtube contribution that explains a millennia old phenomena. The video presentation is a historic compilation of the rise of the Khazarian Mafia with, congratulations Chuck, an excellent fitting title. The presenter, Charles Reagan (Chuck) Swindoll, demonstrates in great detail how some representatives of this former central Asian ethnic group have risen to world power. One can quickly understand that the applied methods to get to the top of the food chain can only be described and seen as outright plutonic.

Be it the worldwide monetary and political system they shaped or the obedient armies of well organized cult members that seem to be completely devoted to their life consuming enterprises and organizations it all comes right out of Pluto’s playbook. Chuck’s descriptions of the processes of maintaining and gaining power over hundreds of years is so fitting that at the end it doesn’t even surprise that these individuals with their followers worship the destruction of life, which is just another indicator that Hs.8/Scorpio/Pluto has been distorted and morphed into a rather life consuming process.

I know that many people will not agree with some of the laid out points of the portrayed movement and power of the mentioned individuals, but the presented content is certainly worth thinking about since for much of it exists phenomenological proof. If the content does not get your approval though the presentation is certainly a good course for getting to know the “plutonic toolset”. Be it words and actions like clandestine, cult, the occult, worship, sacrifice, idol, purity, systems, devel, possession, secret organizations, obedience, power structures all of them do fit Hs.8 content. If you do not agree with anything Chuck presents I believe you at least can take away a very good explanation why the present western world is relentlessly led by this particular group of highly influential individuals into a future military confrontation with Russia. 

According to the myth Hades only once left the gates of the underworld, and quite tellingly the usually invisible god of the underworld got right away shot by an arrow of the demi-god Heracles. Meaning once the so far concealed doings of the individuals and organizations in question are coming to light – to consciousness – the scheming has a realistic chance to come to an end, which applies by the way to any ploy.

As many times reiterated, contrary to the common perception, we are not in the age of Aquarius, rather in the age of Cancer. This period is about finding and opening the access to the unconscious, gaining (emotional) independence, which would be an adequate remedy against the literal and meanwhile even materialized plutonic cloak ( e.g.satellites and a geoengineered atmosphere) that presently covers the world. It is quite telling that much of the fortune these highly influential individuals and families of the above described movement and some of their disciples of doom have made over centuries is exactly with the production and the sale of legal and illegal substances that prevent us from doing exactly just that.

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