What to expect of the Grand Conjunction of 2020

At the beginning of this year I already wrote about the conjunction of 2020. As written in January – charts based on the conjunction of the planets Saturn/Jupiter are used as mini epochal charts that span for about 20 years. This year’s case is remarkable because the conjunction falls on the day of the winter solstice for the northern hemisphere and what astronomers point out, it will be one of the closest conjunctions in hundreds of years. 

If the theory holds, a chart of this moment can be the base for calculating constellations and content of time that might be surfacing to different points over the next two decades. Over the course of the next year I will look into some of those charts for the different political hemispheres around the world, we will see how they differ, and what content of time will come up in the respective areas; how it will affect or distinguish these regions. I have chosen charts of the most influential capitals, which will be part of this series of articles. 

You might have read that some astrology inclined people claim this to be the start of the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. The conjunction is right in Aquarius and certainly would look like it holds some sort of renewing aspect, but from my end I cannot see that the dawn of the “Golden Age” has arrived or is about to start anytime soon

There are many indicators that the world is currently going even deeper into what we have already witnessed for the last decades. Aside from the about 20 year cycle of the Grand Conjunction, there is a much longer cycle at work, bridging about 600 years. The longer lasting, overruling cycle, the technological cycle of Gemini ended decades ago; however we are still dealing with the outfall from that six century long cycle and I do not just mean that in a way of “chemical residue” – there is still a persistent mind set of the Gemini technology cycle which “intoxicates” with its “creations” and executions of appearances these present days.

The cult-like belief that technology can fix all ailments our Earth presently endures – which were mainly caused by it in the first place – will not go away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the proponents of this phenomenon are even gearing up for a further recklessly and selfishly motivated destruction of whatever is left – seemingly celebrating their destructive achievements by crowning themselves with the “Corona” (of viruses).

Camouflaged in the cloak of science, armed with reasoned logic, and making a case for economic growth and prosperity to chastise any other counter belief and not leaving the slightest chance for a solution. Looping and caught in the Causa Materials (Q1.), centered and focused on a meaningless consuming exposure, uprooting everything that offers signs of life and replacing it with technological apparatuses and countermeasures that promise to fix what the same has destroyed before. Religious belief, which has so far been counterweighing that process, has been functionalized and “decommissioned”. A balanced diametrical force to keep the process in check is presently non-existent, so the pendulum still seems to be swinging unhindered in one direction.

This trend will not abide soon; it seems to me that it might actually pick up speed and gravity before it meets the increasing and growing force of the new movement of Cancer, which began some decades ago and can currently only be noticed by a slight “undertow”. It is certainly not the age of Aquarius, but we are on a way of getting to a new era, which eventually will be a journey to more self-awareness and determination. The only twist to that is: the new “movement” is no longer focused on the Causa Materialis (1.Quadrant) – the world many of us know and are born in. 

The new era is Causa Formalis (2.Quadrant) oriented, with that, the Gemini development of the last era will be challenged and will fade out at one point. It will take years, most likely decades, until we see changes manifesting. In order to facilitate the Cancer era, the world will even change to a new world language or, which I believe the more likely scenario, return to local languages and with that, gain insight in a more localized, personal, less technical, less commercialized perspective of the world and life in general – almost back to the roots and closer to “the source” we could say. 

You can already spot the first sprouts of that change. A movement to push for a more localized approach – growing and consuming locally produced foods for instance, or here in Canada, bringing back and allowing Indigenous languages and cultures. In Australia there is apparently effort to do the same. The Australian Linguistic professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann brings it to the point when he says: “When you lose your language, you lose your soul.” But these are just very early indications of what will be ahead of us and future generations. 

A 24/7 super surveiled planet with countless satellites, robots in our midst and electronic eyes everywhere does not fit into that picture and certainly does not offer a fostering environment. A lot will have to change before the Cancer era will be able to gain force and reach a noticeable momentum. Eventually, the world has to leave the technical insect shell of the Gemini era behind. This birth of an epochal change, that we are right at the beginning of, will either come through a cataclysmic event, a self inflicted state of crisis, or a complete change in consciousness. Since the present, functionalized Mercurian state of the world does not abide and respect any boundaries/limitations (Saturn), it will be the same forces it has ignored and ridiculed over centuries that will eventually put it into question and contribute to its downfall. The present mentioning and referencing, in almost any journalistic genre, of the four horseman of the apocalypse find its source and premonition right here.

I believe it does not take much comprehension of the present state of the world to dare to forecast that this change will not come voluntarily, since we are already way too deep into that Gemini ruled and governed world. The, by Gemini “offered,” technology with its perceived benefits has distorted the world; sooner or later the moment of truth will come to light. Since we are very likely not able to voluntarily wean ourselves from the technical world, that so much depends on: a highly developed “security complex”, industrial medicine, a fake economy, corporate agriculture, … . It will be a shift that will not come through a voluntarily gained or achieved conscience. Instead, it will more likely be forced by circumstances – self inflicted ones (war) or possibly even a natural event. That event will lead to an experience and realization of limitations and to an acceptance of higher forces. The emotional imprint of the experience and the likely endured hardship and pain that will follow, will enable a new conscience and understanding for a more balanced and again exoteric world, which needs to come back in order to grow again and to access the beneficial side of the new – Cancer – era. 

The access to truth will stay blocked as long as the human mind is not willing to let the existing world view change. The present activities and cult belief of engineering us out of the created damage do not promise that we are even close to a breakthrough. Just by looking at the recent world response to the Coronavirus or the ill destined attempts of the “global warming” hype, are real life validations that the world is not yet ready or has not begun to change direction. Even that the latest rift between the two different scientific poles around the “Covid-science” – one shut down, muzzled (physically, like all of us) and censored, the other propagandized and politicized – gives hope that the unavoidable self-destruction phase of the “pseudo scientific” tumor that plagues the world has begun – but we are talking of bigger time-frames, not just a couple of years.

This year’s constellation of the Great Conjunction certainly has some rejuvenating, possibly “loosening” energies that will eventually contribute to that gradual change. We will see if that “Aquarius tickle” of this year’s Great Conjunction is sufficient enough to cause cracks in the chitin shell of the Gemini tech beetle and contribute to its downfall in the next twenty years. The different world charts of the Grand Conjunction of 2020 might already give us some insight.

Since the Grand Conjunction is just one moment of time, places around the world with their distinct longitude/latitude will have the Sun and planets in different quadrants and will show different sized houses and positioned main axles. In short – a base theme for all, but aspected differently for every part and place on earth and affecting it accordingly.

My intention is to examine the main centers of the political hemispheres that seem to presently influence the course of our world:

Washington D.C. (U.S.),  Berlin (Germany), Beijing, (China), Moscow (Russia), London (Britain) and Tokyo (Japan) will certainly be part of this sequence.

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18.03.2021 – did not expect headlines about the language subject so quick. The writing is on the wall. The calls and sentiment will just get stronger, even so – I guess it is a bit early in the game and Latin does not seem to be me a fitting replacement for English, especially if I remember my grades in that ancient language 🙂