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Covid news does not seem to subside and the virus story mantra is certainly upheld by the mainstream media. I guess by now even a toddler has been sufficiently indoctrinated by the ongoing TV campaigns and a terrorized public to believe that handwashing and wearing masks is the fix to curb the spread and if you don’t – you are considered reckless, uncompassionate, or a potential murder.

The daily news and world health officer briefings with stats of new infected ensure the world stays paralyzed, inapt to react with common sense and what is even more concerning – divided. The virus has not just divided communities, friendships, and families everywhere – it politicized entire nations and in the United States it has already morphed to an expression of political orientation. Even professionals that tried to bring reason to the discussion lost their jobs and / or were publicly shamed or entirely banned from online platforms. Division and accumulated anger, no matter which side you look at. Breaking up the unity of the populace has always been a good way to govern, that was even known well before Machiavellian times.

The even more concerning part of the entire development, that already carries the smell and looks of a dystopian world, the virus story is carried forward and seems to heat up again (as already stated in on this website in the April 10 article, Covid-19 predictions and the return), the media and politicians alike ensure that the communal fright keeps everyone glued to the media outlets and is forced to respect their authority. This phenomenon has reached almost every part of the world and everyone seems to go in sync, following the same agenda and story line.

There seems to be only one country that did not get lured into the media frenziness, nor were they corrupted by higher powers and industry influencers. The shining star that seems to have mastered the “corona health crisis” is SWEDEN.

Why does the mainstream media especially here in North America deliberately ignore the success story? And why don’t governments change course and adopt the Swedish recipe on how to deal with the flu? Especially if their own “educated” fix is obviously not helping the situation, actually to the contrary dragging it out to an unknown date in the distant future – for a vaccine with a most likely very questionable efficacy even according to “the US specialist Dr. Antony Fauci.

If you have not noticed or heard, Sweden never shut down or penalized their business communities nor the Swedes with draconian measures. From day one, their citizens were able to move freely, congregate, and work, as they did not lose their jobs or businesses. No psychological scars, frightened eyes of confused school kids having to wear masks, confused seniors, split society, or financial hardships. And no bailout or state indebtedness to insane levels.

The man that stemmed against the tide and stood his ground against almost the entire world and most of his medical colleges is, Dr. Andes Teqnell, the current state epidemiologist. He has been at the center of the decision not to succumb to the presently still held up mantra of handwashing and choking the economy, which subsequently with its fallout will decimate the middle class. Andes Teqell is the silent star behind the Swedish response. It should not surprise that his birthday is stated as April 17th, which falls into the star sign of Pisces (Neptune). In the Zodiac, Neptune represents the immune system. Having a representative from that star sign as someone who decides on important national health questions is more than appropriate and fitting. Congrats to the Swedish administration for the excellent choice; or was he just the fitting character who had to fill the job at the right place and time?

Attracted by the Swedish news I questioned: What could astrologically be seen that made Sweden stand out of the herd of all the other countries and enable it to resist the obvious wrong fix and misguided approach the rest of the world seems still to follow. It seems as though nobody wants to hear about it, or should we say, taught about it.

Understandably, the ones who caused mess do not want to lose their jobs, just like the many millions they caused to lose theirs, who lost their livelihoods, ended up on the streets or in financial distress due their unmeasured response. And since they do not want to share their fate, it seems that they all follow the motto of a well-known political individual of the thirties – “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

So, what caused Sweden to stand out? Since the situation in this case affected the entire country, it should be found in the country’s annual chart.

Stockholm 2020 – 0 degree Aries chart

This zero degrees Aries chart can be used to see how the country is fairing over the course of the next twelve months. The AC points to an occurrence that has an encounter with the finite or at least is dealing with that kind of content. House seven and all the planets of that house and their content are present in the first house – Consciousness of life and the energy of life is becoming real (visible). The obtained (house 10) is sunken into house 12 and with that unrecognizable. The planets, that are in many other similar zero-degree Aries charts for other countries, and some of the pivotal points for the Corona phenomena are sunken here into the world of Neptune, and with that they are not visible and not present in time. So, one could conclude that it seems that the Swedes skipped the outfall or the “real” impact of the Coronavirus. It could be added that another favoring factor at play is one axis of the astrological coordinates (as per finding of Wolfgang Doebereiner) put Stockholm at a 90-degree aspect to the AC aspected with a Sun-Jupiter which surely helped to abate the in some cases deadly impact of the virus (AC).

My astrological take on the Swedish situation – the Swedes are “positively” (if there is such a thing) aspected and that the main Corona influencing planets are “well stashed and/or positioned away”. So, in a way, more fortunate than other countries, but that should not be the excuse to ignore, not to adapt, or have a closer look at the Swedish Covid response. Since Neptune is fairly prominent and visible in the first house of the country’s annual chart, it can be interpreted as being representative for Neptune to make a real appearance. So, to some degree there is reason to believe that the Swedish model offered a platform for Neptune to become real – and with that, the approach taken by the Swedish administration can be seen as exemplary.

Dr. Andes Teqnell can in this case be viewed as the forerunner, but the time content of the chart had already prepared the way, he had just to step onto the stage, that had been set up from a quality of time perspective well before he did. He was “the right man for the hour”. Still, it took guts and certainty to stand in front of the world to announce and defend a different approach. In the end, that approach even proved to have worked and put most of his colleges and their still questionable handling of the situation to shame.

All countries should have latest by now a Dr. Andes Teqnell at the helm of their health authorities and if not, well then get rid of the others, they have already created far too much of an irreparable damage.

And just to prove my point, even high caliber health professionals share the same opinion – “He has done admirably well,” said Johan Giesecke the former chief scientist at the European Centre for Disease Control, who hired Dr. Teqnell as the state epidemiologist. “Sweden is doing it right. Everyone else is wrong.”

So, what is the rest of the world waiting for?

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21.02.2021 – so months later – here is the graph how a Covid response worked with and without incarcerating everybody – Britain, with extreme Covid protocol compared to Sweden with an open approach

14.03.2021 – obviously it is not just the Covid response that Sweden does different – or could it be called just “normal” – if all other countries just keep one narrative up and do not allow anything else, shouldn’t we be at least allowed to be suspicious that something about the Covid narrative is not right

01.09.2021 – nothing to add to these news –