The “Light of Life”

The book of Genesis opens the story of creation on the first day with; “Let there be light,” and “there was light.” Since it happened on the first day of the six day creation story we just can surmise that light is at the base of everything. One could get the impression that everything else is just built on or is a consequence of it. Meaning light is one, or perhaps the main building block of life, or of the world around us.

Just about a month ago Astrum, a youtube contributor, posted a video about nine experiments with light that will certainly amaze everyone that has watched it (see link below). The quite stunning findings are dealing in parts with  quantum theories as well the physics of light. For me the video revived similar thoughts and observations that I already expressed in a sequence of articles about quantum physics a year ago. From a bystanders point of view, who views the world not only to be limited to the phenomenon – like most scientists or physicists – it is quite amusing to see how scientist perform experiments that at the end leave more questions than offer answers and clearly unintentionally come to a point, where one has to understand that the world is not just an outcome that is purely based on formulas and equations.

The documentary demonstrates that the world of light shares a lot of the unanswered questions from quantum research. The nine experiments prove that light behaves differently when it gets observed. Again, like already laid out in the previous articles on this website, the world of potentiality comes only to fulfillment, if it is observed or – more in my lingo – the potentiality only will be visible/be Gestalt, if it can reach the seventh house, the stage of consciousness. The seventh house has an intricate connection to the first quadrant – the quadrant of the phenomenon making the observer an integral part of the process of creation, or possibly I should rather say its execution, that enables the world around us. As mentioned by the commentator of the video “energy and matter are linked” and that kind of process can be understood and to a degree demonstrated astrologically as well. 

At one point the commentator poses the question, why the universe behaves differently when looked at, compared to when not. He even muses if the universe is playing dice? Clearly from a scientific point of view, which is by design solely based on the phenomenon, that kind of question is understandable, since hardly anything can be explained through the phenomenon on its own. 

The demonstrated experiments prove that there is a “lot of world” out there that is not just calculable or physical. The ancient Greeks and specifically Aristotle knew perfectly well that the physical realm is not sufficient to “build” nor to explain the world. The astrological chart, which is devised of four quadrants, appears to be a fitting graphic concept of that kind of knowledge. In that regard I can only recommend the quantum researchers to study the Artistolian take to gain further insight into the “dice” of time, which ultimately will lead them to the field of astrology. 

Getting back to light. As laid out in the documentary and demonstrated in the multiple experiments, light can be viewed as a, or possibly the, building block of everything around us. The German language even has that knowledge for centuries linguistically embedded into it. In German “light” is “Licht,” which is by its etymological understanding, describing a state of having “Gestalt” – being illuminated. 

The “Good” has always been associated with light, be it in literature or religious texts. Light means fulfillment, consciousness and awareness, whereas the dark usually stands for executions of appearances that lack Gestalt and lack any sort of truthful component.  

Not wanting to sidetrack, but for that reason we can find people who were considered holy often depicted with a halo around them, indicating that they were able to transform/develop their potential (or potentiality) as a Gestalt as it is expressed in the AC and fourth quadrant of a chart. In German the suffix – lich – is often embedded in nouns as well. Words like Wirklichkeit (reality) or Herrlichkeit (glory) are indicating that something has been “illuminated”, has reached its potential in a sense of a larger context, or should we say – the completion in the form of the Gestalt. 

Looking up “Lich” in the English world, it apparently referred in the Old and Middle English language to bodies that were either alive or dead – meaning both languages obviously expressed with “lich” the similar kind of associations with the Gestalt. 

In that context I think that it is conceivable that light is the potentiality of a chart. It does not just fit sequentially the first step of the creation story in the book of Genesis; it does even fit to be the AC of a chart – the point of potentiality – the point of the ascending Sun (light). It is the point in the chart  when the Sun (light) comes over the horizon (AC-DC axle) and is illuminating the rest of the zodiac and its constellations. It is the starting point of life even in a zodiacal context. 

On the contrary a world without light is for good reasons often perceived as evil and cursed, since it has not exhausted its potential. But we need not to forget that the interplay between light and darkness (day and night) is an ever revolving phenomena and one seemingly can not do and be without the other.
At one point the commentator asks, why the universe is behaving differently, when looked at, compared to when not. I believe the answer to this can almost be found in one of the last articles on this website – “The Gate into Time” .

Another amazing find of the demonstrated recent studies of light – light does have different speeds, depending on the medium that it permeates, but exits the medium at the same time as it would not have been slowed down. Remarkable were the stated facts that light is slowed down in the atmosphere (Hs.11) as well as it loses considerable speed once it penetrates water (Hs.12), both of the two mediums make up most of the transcendental fourth quadrant.  

At one point the documentary explained models of waves, interfering with other waves, which was particularly interesting, since it reminded me of the basic principles of the Munich Rhythm Theorie. To explain how certain occurrences transmit through time, Mr. Doebereiner often referred to the circular wave pattern of a stone thrown into water, which in the documentary is referred to as interference. 

The speculation of the commentator that one possibly can travel back in time seems a bit far fetched. As mentioned numerous times before, potentiality exists in a multitude of possibilities, but it needs a suitable place (locality) to come to fruition, just traveling back on a beam of light does not provide that kind of prerequisite. The present is certainly connected to the past and the present has influence over the times to come. Going back in time and changing the present is certainly more fitting a script for a Hollywood movie.  

The documentary is worth watching, it offers a lot of stimuli for the thought about the “Quality of time” in general, even if it only showcases a phenomenological proof of the mysteries of the process of creation. The documentary will leave most viewers with the impression that there is “something” out there that is way bigger, complex, and more powerful than the world of the phenomenon that everyone seems to be chasing.

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