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Quantum Physics – the scientific quest to look beyond the Causa Materialis – the first quadrant – part 1

Since the late 1920’s an increasing number of physicists have opened a new chapter of physics. At the beginning of the quest were theorists like Einstein and Heisenberg that have opened the doors to an entire new world and perspective of science. The more you listen to contemporary presenters of this school of thought you’ll find that there is suddenly not much of a common consensus between scientists anymore. Since Quantum Physics does not offer much of the usual scientific formula tool case anymore. All of a sudden opinions and findings differ. You suddenly can witness factual and stats-based scientists starting to philosophize about certain outcomes and coming to vague and very speculative and contrary outcomes. 

It seems like the formula based school of physics has at some point hit a wall since some of the phenomena that have been observed do not fit and can not be explained with the formulas of their traditional schools. Scientist morphing into “philosophist”. Scientists that were usually very distant to accept irregularities and unpredictabilities, suddenly have experienced a kind of “quantum leap” in perception, attempting to leave the confinement of the first quadrant behind.

Quantum is in. It is so ‘in’ that even marketers and advertisers have meanwhile discovered its cutting edge common perception. According to a quick search on the internet the definition for – quantum – is the smallest discrete unit of a phenomenon, which is not necessarily an adjective that can instill superior properties to a product. 

The attraction to the word stems most likely from the perception of superiority since usually the discussions and findings are exclusively  discussed by academia and scientists. Reading and attempting to comprehend the subject proves for many very likely confusing and quite overwhelming. And from the more humble representatives of scientists related to the matter you often hear confessions that they do not even know exactly where all this is going and what its final conclusion will be. 

I certainly do not intend to make the attempt to challenge or trump them nor their theories, but by listening into the different trains of thought and theories of the quantum world I came across Dr. Amit Goswami’s “science with consciousness”. His approach and his multi decade long effort to clarify quantum physics makes the subject understandable and puts it in a more universal context. What I value about his outstanding work is that his theory has clearly left the realm of the first quadrant (the world of the phenomenon), which is so emblematic for the entire present science and technological community. Dr. Goswami brings the basic principles of quantum findings into a larger context of life and connects it with the human as the integral and possibly even determining part. 

Listening to Dr. Goswami’s model I realized that his thesis and observations do match Mr. Dobereiner’s astrological interpretive method, he once called the “Aphrodite approach”. The synchronicity is stunning and reveals that for both of these approaches consciousness is the ultimate final goal of shaping time and space.

If you are interested in exploring these two schools of thought with me I’d like to suggest listening first to an interview with Joe Rogan and Dr. Amit Goswami #334 and/or read “The self-aware Universe – how consciousness creates the material world”. Certainly he has more to offer – Dr. Goswami has published, I believe, more than 25 different books.

The parallels between these two schools of thought center both around consciousness and awareness and how we and “time” get there. I will compare the two approaches and work out the similarities between the two methods, both explaining and describing how the evolutionary process aims towards consciousness and awareness – both form, and sustain our environment that we perceive as the world we live in. One admittingly cloaked in a scientific, these days the more socially accepted, palpable approach, the other represented by an over millennia handed down explanatory model of the evolutionary development of the Zodiac. 

To not get lost in the very vast and in parts confusing topic I will use the interview Joe Rogan / Dr. Amit Goswami as a guideline, adopting some of his language and words, leaning on his very methodical approach that he never seemed to have lost despite being in an open two hour long conversation, leading the listener to a good understanding of his thoughts and findings. 

On the other hand I will point out where his conclusions and findings can be related to the Zodiac. This comparison is not thought to judge one over the other, because of the many similarities I’d rather see in the context, that both schools of thought carry validity, compliment each other and, what is even more so intriguing, pointing towards the same reflections about life and the “quality of time” in general. What is so exciting about it is that both schools of thought, that originate from diametrically opposed starting points, come to very similar findings and a common conclusion.

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