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Ryugyong Hotel

The Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea is just another example of a mega construction project gone “wrong”. Like with other numerous examples of failed iconic building projects portrayed on this website, who’s future demise could have been foretold astrologically even before they were started, it serves as a nice example how the quality of time always will come to light at the end. Not any different with this intended Mega hotel with its over 3000 planned hotel rooms and its 300 meters in height. 

The hotel certainly was thought to be a shining star for the communist regime of Pyongyang. It should have been a showcase project for its economic might. But the ruine like state of the unfinished building, which by the way meanwhile has been airbrushed out of many skyline photos of the city, has only achieved world recognition by being called the ugliest monstrosity ever built. After the many decades since its construction start no guest has ever overnighted in the building and up to this day the inside has never been finished.

The initial start of the hotel is recorded to be on 28.08.1987. The subsequent midday chart of the day shows a Scorpio AC with Pluto in Hs.12. As such the actual potential of the chart, of being sunken into the realms of Neptune, never really had a chance to see the light of day in its intended form. Needless to say that whatever followed would accommodate the potential to get “realized”. It should be mentioned that the potential on the energetic, phenomenistic side (Hs. 1), contains a Saturn-Uranus, a blockage of Uranus, just reiterating the Hs. 12 content, forecasting the limitation of flow of uranian content. 
The Neptune-Uranus, with Neptune in Hs.2 literally cements the “sunken truth”, into the structural, physical part of the chart. Just by the potential, the beginning of the developmental cycle of the chart, we can already tell that the moment of the start of the building pretty much contained already the later outcome of the building. 

For many decades it would not reach its intended state and for that reason some called it a silent tomb or a luxurious symbol of deprivation. In light of Uranus, the potential of the chart, which can be viewed as the interrupted energetic flow of the people, which gets literally “banned”, enshrined into the building – a demonstration or metaphor of the state of the populace. Truth never hides and the building shows what is really behind the curtain of the oppressive regime. 

Some other takeaways from this midday chart – the Sun, which is aspected with Mars-Venus – meaning in a larger sense that the Virgo Sun animates, powers a Mars-Venus constellation. The compelling part about that is that Mars is situated on a zodiacal degree which is known to deliver or result in financial losses / challenges – in this case overlaying the Sun of the chart, forecasting the financial stresses and blockages the endeavor has been faced with over the decades. 

Mars always attempts to correct at some point the “wrong”. In this case it is connected to the “life”, the Sun of the project. The project can be seen as an indicator of the state of the regime, meaning the more truth is choked the more constraint is experienced on the construction side of the endeavor. At some point in time over the decades the project alone consumed more than 2% of the national GDP.

 The plutonic angle (propaganda) of the potential finds at the end its fitting outcome to some degree in 2018, when LEDs were added to the in 2009 by an Egyptian mobile company finished facade. By now every night the facade is lit up and displays images, flags and slogans of the present regime, serving as very likely the world’s tallest and biggest billboard – one world record at last. Metaphor like an empty building with no one, no live inside certainly not hiding the truth about the state of the state. 

Some nice little takeaways from this chart – the construction is coming to a complete standstill (1992) when transiting over the Saturn in Hs.1 – literally experiencing a energetic roadblock, and the facade is finished when transiting right over the planetary cluster Sun-Venus-Mars (2008-2009). 
The chart is a very good illustration of a in Hs.12 sunken, Pluto presents itself at the end.

The “propaganda” angle of the entire project does present itself today much clearer than originally planned 3000 room hotel. The construction does not serve as a house, filled with life. The chart says so, right from the start, that the building with over 300 m in height would serve as the largest projection surface ever created, overtowering the entire city and its population. Pure propaganda – with no life in or behind it.

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