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Day of the approval of the first Covid mRNA vaccine – free content

About a week ago something happened in London that supposedly will change the world and will free it from the scourge that has plagued it for almost a year now.

For readers that follow my articles, they by now know that the constellation of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto is, at least from my end, the presumed quality of time for the Coronavirus. And as you can clearly see in the London midday chart, the constellation is centered in Hs.12, meaning the content of time is sunken into the nonvisible. The content does not come to life – it is subdued – not “allowed” to be present and sits on a “scheduled” release for a later moment in time. Just not in the form of Covid – I could already tell you, when and how, but since it is a health matter you will have to ask a doctor, but good luck with the answer.

London 2.12.2020

The Aquarius AC certainly indicates something “New”with Uranus in Hs.2 – aspected with Venus. For many, that constellation does not say much. But, this constellation has been one of the main building blocks of what happened 9/11. I know this time it is not two collapsing iconic high-rises, but the changes of that day in September still resonate until today and the entire “security infrastructure” that has been created since 2001 has almost erased the memory of how times were before that day – a new normal. This event and its chosen route of response will leave an even bigger scar and lead to even more profound changes of our future daily lives. 

This is not a flyby – here is the vaccine and tomorrow you will be allowed to return to your “old” life – situation. The WHO is already openly saying that this will not be the case – vaccine or not. This crisis and its response has been well orchestrated and the “war” governments declared, is certainly not against a virus – war is always against people, that at least by definition. And if they are using the word they might be revealing the truth more than they are aware and part of. I know it sounds like I’d like to hype it up – but no. 

The constellation indicates that the determinative of space and time is about to be cancelled, wiped out, and that in a very concrete, physical way. Since it is even right in the house of the figuration, I’m quite certain that we will eventually even talk about cellular side effects at some point later in time.

Also quite telling is the opposing Venus, which is located in Hs.8 in Scorpio, both underlining the genetic exposure of the process. Uranus is aspected with the same time content of the encounter with the finite that Mars experienced in Coronavirus-Wuhan chart – even if they are not at the same grade – it almost seems like they traded places. And in this case, my prediction is that men (again) will experience a higher intolerance to the substance. 

My prediction from 03. February 2020, that more men will succumb to the virus than women, has meanwhile been confirmed by the end of July by a Havard study.

Mars, almost right at the cusp of Hs.2, does not help to have confidence in the process either – since it is after all a Mars-Pluto (transmission of programs) coming from Hs.12.. That Mars can very easily be seen as an intruder into tissue, a vivid image of a needle piercing flesh would be quite fitting. 

Not really cheerful either is the Pluto aspected Sun, letting us know that life is being contained and subdued, but I save you the details as I have covered that in some other context on this website. 

So, for the first look and impression – it is what it is – a vaccine, which is always a program that is physically entered into your body. The chart confirms this. 

Do not get me wrong, I’m not by the new language an “anti vaccer”, I have received and intend to voluntarily receive basic vaccines and would not like to live without them. And as always, it should be about weighing benefits against risks – a very personal decision. Like many, I have no interest in having this unresolved content of time injected under my skin, since I already know that this Venus-Uranus will haunt the world for some time to come.

The content of time, of the day the vaccine was presented to the world, is one side of the story. Extremely concerning is the change of tone and language from some government officials and even representatives of the medical field. Already calling people who might not chose to get vaccinated potential murderers and that not being vaccinated is an act of terrorism. People using this kind of language that loosely, should look up the definition of the word, before revealing too much of their own motivation and disrespecting victims of those events. 

Definition of Terrorism (from Oxford Languages):
“The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

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