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The Great Reset – the coming bank holiday

You would have to be well over 90 years of age to remember when American banks were closed for days to stem against an impending bank run by its clients. On March 6, 1933, towards the end of the great depression, a bank holiday was declared by the, at that point only 36 hours old, Franklin Roosevelt administration. The intent of the proclamation was to bring confidence back into the monetary system. 
For a week people were not able to access their bank accounts nor withdraw any money. According to the Federal Bank website the “holiday” resulted in the death of over 4000 banks. It could be perceived as a kind of coup d’etat by bigger banking institutions to get rid of the smaller unwanted competition and if you really wanted to follow the moneytrail – not surprisingly the banks that were shareholders and owners of the Federal Reserve were not among the 4000 banks. Nowadays we call these kinds of banks “system relevant” and they enjoy a unique status, having access to an endless supply of money. 

I’m sure people that have read about the history and design of the fiat money system are aware of these occurrences. With all we know now we would think we should avoid a similar situation again, especially since our  system minions (politicians) make sure that with any (orchestrated) crisis (e.g. Covid) or market correction these system-relevant banks get taxpayer money to keep them afloat. Actually we should not say that they get our taxpayer money, we rather should say that, in the name of all of us, billion dollar loans are taken out in order to keep these entities alive. Resulting in an increasing debt burden for all of us (with exactly the same banks) – just to keep the monetary fiat merry go round turning one more time.

The people in charge of this by now very well proven business model, know the time is nigh for a collapse of the system, since the present monetary fiat system has approached its shelf life, which is known to be usually about max. 80 to 90 years. And we just can guess, whoever pulls the levers of this hyper successful business will not wait until the collapse has erased much of their long attained wealth, and particularly power. One will actually develop a plan to take the “old” down before its collapse – a controlled demolition if you want, only then you can be certain that the situation does not get out of (your) hand and that the solution has a good chance to run again in one’s favor.

The controlled demolition is now commonly known as the “Great Reset” and Mr. Schwab of the WEF does not even make a great secret of the planned event, even if the public associates the Great Reset with quite an array of different kinds of topics like Global warming, a Carbon Credit system, a Social Credit system, ESG, a new enhanced global and national security system and many more. 

It almost seems like the list of these smoke screen catchphrases keeps growing daily. All this serves one purpose only – so that no one is talking about the fiat monetary system and the imminent changes that will soon come to your bank, your personal or business account, or your investment portfolio. So far the diversion is working well. The topics are keeping the critics and masses busy, polarized, divided, and focused on unnecessary, almost meaningless fluff, while at the core of the “Great Reset” is a fundamental change of the monetary system that will affect every human on this earth. 

The Great Reset, if it pans out like planned, will transfer almost all of global assets to the pockets of a very few people or their organizations – shares, real estate, money, investments … – that’s why Mr. Schwab once confidently could make the statement – “That by 2030 you will own nothing”
In case you think, how should all that work, and how is all that possible, how will I lose most or actually all of my wealth / savings / money / real estate – you’d be surprised to know that some people have been planning this event for over decades (actually even got paid by the US taxpayer for doing so) and prepared a worldwide legal framework that enables this kind of wealth transfer and foremost of all has paved the way to “legality”. 

And if you wonder how all of this is going to play out – have a read of “THE GREAT TAKING” by David Rogers Webb. If you are looking for his book – you can order through his website or download it for free directly from there. Mr. Webb lays out in great detail how this next bank holiday / reset has already been prepared for decades and what legislative steps have been taken to give this significant day its legal blessings. 

The trillion dollar question – when is it going to happen? Well, Mr. Schwab already gave us a clear idea of the timeframe – the entire coup obviously is expected to be history latest by the year 2030. 
Looking into the chart of the US bank holiday from 1933, which according to the Federal Reserve bank website was issued by Proclamation 2039 at 1:00 a.m. and was effective immediately, there are a couple of waypoints that soon are coming up and could possibly prove worthy to be put on a kind of “watchlist”. 

On a timely progression we will transit over Mars-Neptune (Hs.9) in the time of the first half of 2025and the Sun by mid 2027. Mind you though that both of these points do have a certain influence sphere of about a degree plus or minus (meaning plus or minus a year). 

Even though the monetary system is already in deep trouble and has received by now numerous monetary life buoys, in form of financing wars  (e.g. Ukraine), a worldwide “pandemic,” countless company bailouts of “system relevant entities,” injecting money in almost everyone’s pocket (e.g. Covid funds, student loan relief …). It is quite plausible that the Great Reset is just waiting until our wallets are completely digital. If one reads up on this subject a switch to a completely cashless society is still a couple of years out, so the timeframes of the two transits could be fitting. 

Once all our money is digital there will be even no need to call out a banking holiday and close physical bank doors in front of your nose – you will just have no access to your funds anymore. And since there would be no official minted or printed medium (currency) in circulation anymore, you will not be able to buy anything without a functioning / permitting intermediary (bank); and that right away from the first minute of the Reset. 

Interesting will be what will happen to gold. If history does repeat itself, the blueprint of 1933 might give an answer to that as well. Gold and holdings thereof were declared unlawful. For over 40 years the ownership of the shiny metal was “verboten” in the entire US. Times have changed and our fiat money of these days is not backed by gold anymore. For that reason, in particular the gold investors, like to believe that the government will not be after their metal. But after all, gold is the only (real) money that exists and has no debt attached to it, and that reason alone might be worth chasing pockets for.

Copyright 2023 by Dirk Heinicke

About three weeks ago Rogers Webb video contribution was put on YouTube – well done – hopefully many will get aware of the raised issue and what is at stake (Dec.23)