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In its 50 years of history this international organization has never made so many headlines before as in the last two years. The Coronavirus and theories about the conspiring elite against the masses using the virus as means to implement a new form of (global) government, have put (at least in non MSM circles) the spotlight of attention on the WEF. Certain remarks from the WEF founder: Klaus Schwab on how the world will look like in ten years, have not helped to divert international attention of critics away from this illustrious circle of politicians and business leaders.

Lately it gets more obvious and more well known that many of our present political leaders, who are influencing and governing our lives are/were groomed and taught by the organization (Here in Canada the Prime Minister himself, and Rhode Scholar: Chrysta Freeland – the present foreign minister). 

The group of wealthy and influential people have met for decades, quite inconspicuously in Davos, Switzerland; but now the annual meetings have developed into full scale international mega media events that even Hollywood actors seem to be invited to. Mr. Schwab prides himself about this development, and proclaims it to now be more inclusive and transparent than before. 

Every year the event and its published media releases stir up the rumor of a possible hidden agenda of the forum. And who wouldn’t feel at unease reading Mr. Schwab’s predictions that in about ten years time, no one will own anything anymore

Since we are dealing with a club of very influential and wealthy individuals, we can guess that his predictions have a good chance to become (be made into) reality. But stay calm, and be assured that many predictions which are on the agenda will very likely never apply to the members of the forum. As a motto of the 50th annual meeting the WEF declared the “Great Global Reset”, which includes ground sweeping socioeconomic and environmental mottos to be achieved worldwide by the year 2030. On one of the almost by numbers sheer inflationary produced propaganda videos of the organization you get to know that our life, the life of a “commoner”, is about to change dramatically – slogans like “You’ll own nothing and will be happy” or “Whatever you want you will rent” or “We will print organs”, or “You’ll eat less meat”. 

Watching some of the many promo videos one can witness Royals, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies as well as countless “selfless samaritan elfs” of all sorts of World organizations vow their full personal and institutional support to the cause. 

One does not have to watch and listen too much to understand that this world, which is envisioned by these people clearly has a big socio, economic and fiscal change ahead of it. And I believe, not wanting to interpret too much in between the lines, the overall message is – “you hand us over all you got (the end of private ownership for all regular people), we will own everything, you can rent it back and we will govern what you earn, consume and eat.” 

If the organization would not so strongly advocate for private initiatives (companies) that will be at the forefront of all technological development: it sounds almost like the fulfillment of a communistic manifesto. It appears that in their vision for the future, the majority of world assets will still be held by the members of the illustrious bunch. They will certainly not give up their private ownerships and their private jets, nor their gas guzzling yachts – and  they definitely don’t plan to share a meal with you by decree ordered insect dinner.

All of it sounds like an “excellent proposal” and a “recipe for success,” since the present wealth distribution of 2150 billionaires owning more than 60% of the world population is one of the main reasons why we are in the present predicament in the first place. And now the same “leaders” are planning to expand their holdings and grow their wealth. The first step into that direction has already been accomplished. International Covid protocols have helped this group to exponentially grow their wealth over the last two years, while impoverished masses and some countries are fighting starvation due to Covid protocols. The present growing shortage of goods can in part be attributed and linked to the(ir) Covid measures; and could already well be part of the first visible steps of the: “You will own nothing and will be happy” roadmap.

The entire propaganda that comes from the WEF headquarter in Cologny, Switzerland – and their multilayered network of international hench(wo)men sounds brazen, and to a degree quite unrealistic at this moment in time. So I thought it might be worth having a closer look at this distinguished group of influentials and see their possible motives from a different angle. 

At the center of the organization, right from the start is its founding father and executive chairman: Klaus Schwab – who up to this day seems to steer and influence the course of the organization. A seemingly well researched article by Johnny Vedmore about Mr.Schwab reveals a likely easily overlooked past of the for over a century well connected and “foresighted” Schwab family – see article. 

Searching for the foundation date of the forum – Wikipedia writes that the European Management Forum, now known as the World Economic Forum, was founded on 24 January 1971 in Geneva – which according to the organization published history is not entirely true. The organization filed for registration quite a bit later, but the first inaugural meeting took place in Davos on the same day, which I used to calculate the midday chart of the organization. 

First Davos Meeting

The horoscope shows a Gemini AC with Mercury in Hs.8 and aspected with Venus (group) in Hs.7 – backing the managerial (mercurial) commerce aspect and theme of the phenomena and name of the organization. 

The Aquarius Sun clearly gives the chart the aspect of something new. As far as I understand similar organizations existed before, but syncing businesses and politics together to that degree and level has been new. 

The DC of the chart is heavily aspected – Mars-Neptune combined with Jupiter, “a well assembled dissolvement of territory”. Since Hs.7 is completely enclosed in Sagittarius – “a well arranged notion of a dissolvement of territory” – in short “the Globalists”. Adding a bit more content to it, the Hs.7 enclosed Venus gives it the group aspect. 

Just on a side note, the formerly known: European Management Forum organization has been renamed to the World Economic Forum exactly, when transiting over that very Saturn which is in Taurus Hs.12.

What is being created? Hs.5 – it certainly is no joyful fiesta, nor fireworks. The aspects of Virgo points rather to an event that is quite calculated, well dosed, calculated and analytical. The forum creates perceptions. The Hs.5 enclosed Pluto, which originates from Hs.6, tampers a bit with that process and adds “a scent of an ideological imprint”, which overrides the awareness-raising movement that is created in Hs.5. In other words the day of the foundation in Davos reveals that the forum is not free of ideology: since Scorpio from Hs.6 feeds into Hs.5 and influences that process. Adding more content to Pluto, the planet is aspected with Moon in Hs.8 – Pluto-Moon indicating that at an earlier point Moon has denied to accept Neptune (truth), and due to that – any experience is missing, the forum is just living off information (not lived life). Subsequently it can be assumed that there are a lot of stats and mind tweaking happening at these events, ever repeating executions of appearances.

Getting back to the initial reference of the forum: that in 10 years time we will not own anything anymore. As laid out, the Mars-Neptune constellation (the dissolving of territory) certainly does fit the point, but since it is not at the MC, it is not the organization that follows or aims for that kind of goal. Content of that sort is certainly discussed at the forum and made public – like we can see/hear in this short video clip. The determinative of the chart – Hs.10 – with Aquarius in Hs.6 reveals a bit of a different picture. The unintended result is rather the annulment of perceptions, or/and the creation of new perceptions, which does not sound that bad – actually rather refreshing. But considering that at the base is a not accepted Uranus (see Moon-Pluto) we can assume that Uranus is functionalized and subsequently suspends Hs.6, which translates into annulled conditions. I believe that describes more fitting what the forum is radiating to the world.

As I stated in an earlier article – the process of globalizing the world is a byproduct of technologizing the world, both go hand in hand. Who on one hand is asking for technological products/using them, on the other, trying to get rid of the elite of technocrats, has not understood that both are strongly intertwined and inseparable. 

If you want to advance on a technological level, you will have to accept that this process is contrary to the individual inherent needs – and there is no halfway. One is coming with the other.

Part of the progression is that the individual will lose its territory, which can be understood as well as losing your own rooting in your soul and gradually, step by step, giving up to be centered in yourself. On a physical level it will find its parallel in the loss of property (ownership). At the end Mr. Schwab and his predictions are not necessarily wrong, he just is consciously or subconsciously aware of the process – and uses his forum to convey that message to the members of that group

Members of the Forum are consciously or unconsciously very much aware that the progress of technological advancement will at the end lead to a society they claim to envision. Be it a communistic like construct with a constantly encroaching technological apparatus, or a completely new “socialistic” form of governance. It will make no difference – man is going to be diminished to a mere number-like being, with no rights left – a being exposed and dependent on an apparatus that only offers a state of being without meaning, nor purpose – only function. Very little will be left that resembles life. Be it with the help of AI, social credit scores or commonly shared goods, people will be losing/giving up their individuality and consequently be soaked up by some sort of “organism” that will administer all aspects of social interaction

Contrary to much of what we read about this Swiss forum, and accuse it of making sweeping changes to the world, many of the minions of the organism do not even understand what they are part of – they are just here to facilitate a process that is to a degree consequential to the present state of mind of the industrialized world. All that would not be possible if humanity as whole would not offer the fertile territory for that kind of development. 

We can assume that the leading members of the forum are aware of the process and make good use of that kind of knowledge; using it to their advantage, especially when they create new companies or business models. And for that very reason Mr.Schwab stresses that at the forefront of all: will be privately owned companies that further the technological development. He understands too well: that without technological advancement the entire “progress” is in danger – and if the progression would come to a halt or stall at any moment, private ownership and property will return/stay and the forum members would lose their fortunes. So he/they know that this part of society (the forum members) still is required to be run by sane independent minds, while the rest of the masses are trapped for exploitation in the ever increasing forms of mindless execution of the appearance.

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