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COP 26 – on the road to nowhere, the UN climate change conference – free content

No, it is not just another big All-Saints day gathering, even if its deeper roots pretty much resembles a meeting of the dead. 30.000 modern “witches and spell masters” meet for another one of those “altruistic” conferences that supposedly will rescue the world. I guess the world could already start breathing better if all those attendees would not fly in on their carbon spewing broomsticks. The world would not just breathe better – the world would even be better off without any of these conspiring events – since again, it will be another one of those meetings that are “oh so very important for the planet”, that again will happen behind closed doors. Isn’t it already sufficient enough that all the expenses of these events are paid by taxpayers? The public should at least be able to listen in on their oh so important decisions. 

I notice that it seems that most of the meetings/events covered on this website are weirdly enough all cloaked in secrecy and from which the public is usually locked out. Just a honed press conference statement at the end will do, to assure the world – “we are doing the very best possible for you to save the planet”. For me, they could even save those propaganda statements. It would even add more reprieve for the planet, so no system journalist would need to travel to the event on top of the thousands of participants. And here again, another half a planet has been saved 🙂

Personally, I do not give a thing for those worthless press and media statements, they build an entertaining contrast to what time reveals by just looking at the chart of the event and understanding what’s really behind it. 

Initially, the event was scheduled for later in the month and for some sort of reason was pulled nine days ahead. It certainly would not have changed the Scorpio Sun. Readers of this website might have noticed that many of these events have strong Pluto accentuation, meaning the makers and shakers of these events either deliberately or unintentionally always chose a Scorpion influenced background, which is quite telling.

Let’s see how this event will fair by checking what time has in store for the start date of the event and what the outcome will be. If you look up the event online it says – “The COP26 summit will bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change”

I have already covered the Paris Agreement in an earlier article and do not intend to repeat myself, but one thing can be said: the Paris accord is not what it claims to be. As already outlined in the “Fabrication of the Climate Change Story”, the complex of altering and manipulating climate is a big business field – big profits are made and in the future even bigger profits will be made if their agenda(s) are forced onto every place on earth. What can already be said from my point of view, is that the publicly offered technological pseudo remedies will not do anything other than delay the necessary change of conscience about the matter. 

Getting back to this meeting; the agenda points these 30.000 try to achieve a consensus are secondary – see agenda. They are simply plain “green sweet talk” – electric vehicles (we do not even have sufficient raw materials, everything is hinged on new battery technology), more trees (most likely accounted for by a highly lucrative and fishy carbon trade), recycling projects (why produce it in the first place), away from coal and oh yes fossil fuels, ….. – yawn, really? By the way, how did these 30.000 participants get to Glasgow in the first place – certainly canoe and bike.

Two sovereign heavyweights that decided not to join – China and Russia. Weirdly enough, those are the two countries that supply the energy and manufacture the products and technology that will supposedly make the planet “sustainable”. To a degree, those two countries are more honest, pragmatic and closer to reality than all the rest and at least they did not waste any energy sending a delegation. 

Reading through the list of the so genius green solutions, point 3 on the list is most likely the closest to what the “All-Saints-Show” is all about – mobilize finance – according to the website, more than $100 bn (!!!) are apparently on the table to be siphoned off and funneled into (their) very questionable half witted solutions. If you read a bit more into the stats it is actually way more. According to a Zerohedge article by Tyler Durden, the Bank of America estimates that an annual investment of $5 trillion would be needed to create that green utopia. Just to give the reader a perspective – $5 trillion is about two times the annual global (!!!) GDP – so how should that even work and talking in first quadrant terms how is that even possible? Taxes on our future consumption of food and energy will pay for the travesty – modern tracking abilities will ensure that your energetic fate is regulated by an omnipresent personalized carbon calculator and you will be taxed accordingly or no longer allowed to eat the food of your choice.   

To get a bit more clarity, let’s take the chart and see what the content of time tells us about this seemingly preposterous meeting. Starting off with a Sagittarius AC – the shiny, unsparing world of the Archer of the Zodiac.

COP 26 – on the road to nowhere

Nothing about this meeting is petty – big fanfares, big media coverage and big ideas and the expected costs for their plans – at least that is how it starts. Herein contained is Hs. 12, which is completely enclosed by it and with that the content of Hs.12 gets placed in Hs.2 (Jupiter) – translating into “a real (demonstrated) perception of the principle of life” which is presented in real terms. Adding to that very conclusion is that the fourth Quadrant (Heaven) is condemned to be limited to Hs.1 and Hs.2 – the “real world”. The infinite, reduced to the limited world – “life in the form of charts and statistics”

The, in Hs.1 situated, Saturn gives the event the underlying storyline – the encounter with the finite – “if we do not act now it will be too late and we will face dire consequences”. That content is accurate, since there is no question that the world presently is in a dire state. If it would not be for Pluto’s neighboring Saturn in Hs.1, the message and reasoning for the meeting would be closer to the truth and possibly even believable. Pluto, which originates from the MC, indicates that the entire event is merely a programme. In short, we cannot expect any meaningful solution nor understanding of the deeper underlying issue – the event is sheer propaganda nothing more, nothing less. 

On top, Saturn is squared with Mars further emphasizing that the determinative is excluded, which will usually lead to misguidance

The DC of the chart (content that will be noticed in the present) adds one more piece to the puzzle – known to be “the path into the void” – so the road to nowhere.

Clearly, these 30.000 participants could have done a way better service to the world community by not participating in that “ideological spell meeting”. 
Kudos to the ones that were honest enough to not partake and leave their brooms at home – since you cannot have it both ways – a world run by technology and an intact environment. Both exclude each other and there is and will be no way that their “taxes, green machines and inventions” will be able to rescue mother earth.

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