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The Chinese tycoon Pan Sutong decided in the early 2000 to build the tallest skyscraper in Tianjin, China. His holding Goldin Group bought a sizable land for development on the outskirts of the city. To increase profit of the development the terrain around the almost 600 meter high apartment and commercial tower was designed to cater to the ultra rich. Mansions and a race horse track were planned to attract the super rich, but like many times in the world of property development – following the old developer wisdom – “build it and they will come” did not substantialize for the developer. The contrary happened – the centerpiece of the development is now known worldwide as the tallest ghost scraper, meaning it never got finished, nor did the development create any profit for the Goldin Group. 

I was not planning to look into the matter, but got lured into the subject by a youtube video and thought, what would the chart of such a business endeavour look like?

It did not take minutes to figure out that the moment of the start of the building project already displays a “content of time” that is now on public display – a modern ruin, an unfinished skyscraper being now categorized as the tallest ghost scraper worldwide. Even if the holding of the owner tried with external financial aid multiple jump starts to revive the project it never got finished and probably never will. There might be many other reasons that the owner, or majority shareholder of the Goldin Group, Pan Sutong, who once used to be the world 21st richest man has now fallen to 437th place, but quite obviously, the failure of a project of that magnitude contributed to the accent of decline and drainage of money, the life blood of his fortune. 

The question that always seems to come up in these kinds of situations – what would have been different if Pan Sutong would have known beforehand? Just imagine what would contractors and business partners would have said if they get word that due to an astrological consultation a project of that magnitude is on hold or even cancelled. 

For some cases I have tried to find a more fitting date and many times, if alternative dates are available, they contain similar outcomes or content of time. In most cases it seems that time can not necessarily be bent to conform to personal desires. Not to forget that at the end it has to be the person and not the “advisor” that makes the decision since it has to fit their outcome, meaning their destiny – a bankruptcy always has its deeper root cause and meaning – it is to a certain degree part of an experience cycle that has to be encountered and endured. 

In Mr. Sutong’s case, the failure to complete the project, resulting in billions of losses, had to fit and match to a degree his personal chart as well – so trying to avoid certain experiences does not necessarily work. Certain experiences are and will just be a part of life and detouring around them, to avoid pain or hardship, only works to a degree, hence knowledge about it might lessen the severity of the outcome. 

In this case obviously losses had to be experienced. I do not know Mr. Sutongs personal chart, but I’m certain that a loss of that magnitude might matches his personal trajectory, so excluding it from his personal destiny possibly would have not worked, but after all the magnitude of the loss ($) could have been minimized by understanding the charts. 

Coming back to the initial question, if he could have been spared the experience, would he have known? Certainly hindsight is close to a hundred percent, but in the case of this chart – a call and a short consultation could have saved Mr. Sutong billions, provided he would have understood the pretext leading up to the situation and would have accepted the advice.  

As mentioned above – looking at the chart of the start of the construction would have revealed that the project was ill-fated or, in other words, “being built on sand” (German expression). Which brings me right to some cornerstones of this doomed building. I have highlighted one of the most contributing factors to this malaise. 

Just the day – position of the Sun on the zodiac – of the building start exposes the resistance oriented outcome of the project. Other aspects like the composition of Hs.10, the determinative, should have been enough to cancel and change the start date of the project, since the cluster of planets already foreshadow a future financial exhaustion. 

At first sight, Jupiter in Hs.2 almost would sway the reader of the chart to believe that the planned business endeavor is of “good fortune” and possibly even has a good chance to yield a nice return. But not even close – the Jupiter in this case does not gift its generous properties to Hs.2 – the materialistic house of substance – in an accumulative way, since it is aspected with Venus-Mercury-Saturn (part of the financial trouble) constellation in Hs.10 – it does the opposite, it widens and magnifies the loss. In this case Jupiter’s gift of broadening and sizing up blew up the constellation for the financial exhaustion, which it is favorably aspected with, creating the tallest ruin worldwide. 

So, next time, Mr. Sutong, to avoid billion dollar losses, you might want to consider picking up the phone. I’m pretty sure your remaining wealth of 4 billion will still be enough to pay for a consultation :).

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