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Recession, inflation, bankruptcy, ballooning deficit, possible sovereign default, farmers that will grow less amidst a shortage of fertilizer and high fuel costs – the present economic news are filled with these words that spell “doom and gloom” over a once prosperous nation. The question: does the annual chart of the US hold and match the same kind of content? I thought it might be worth having a closer look into what time does “hold in store” for the Nation of the Stars and Stripes until spring 2023. To get an idea what potential time has staged to be brought to life for the territory of the United States – I had a closer look at this year’s aquinotial chart. 

The chart proves itself to be a significant one since the Gemini AC with its planet Mercury in Hs.10 tells us that the potential is aiming straight into the determinative, meaning there is no detour via another house. The potential (AC) of the chart is directly aimed at the determinative. Quasi a shortcut – the potential indicates we are dealing with some sort of depiction that is and will be determinative, a theme that should last until spring next year 2023. 

Since Mercury is paired with Neptune-Jupiter in Hs.10, we can say that Mercury is depicting the issue that is caused by the two planets – Neptune-Jupiter, which is pointing towards an issue of a tampered or lost Uranus. In this particular case, Uranus is at the border of Hs.12 to Hs.11 – the point tells us what kind of content comes to the origin. 

It is Taurus with Venus in Hs.9, which is quite dominantly aspected with Mars, which originates from Hs.11 to Hs.10. Putting it all together – a notion of the execution of community is disturbed. Finding its recent real world parallels in discussions and topics like gun rights, school shootings and the unanimity in the case of abortion rights and likely more to come.

Adding even more gravity to it, the degree of the AC reveals that the potential of the chart that is delivered into Hs.10 carries another weight – we are dealing with the potential of an existential threat. Since we are dealing with an annual chart of a nation we can assume that it will, in a broader aspect, affect most parts of the population. It will influence how the government works and reacts. This kind of “timely” content is known to very likely result in a lack of drive and inaction – all that content is pushed right into the determinative of this chart, which will be so to speak the result or outcome of this period of time.

From an outside perspective, I believe the United States is finding itself in a situation that can be described like that. Just observing how the present Biden administration is dealing with international matters, on a variety of national issues or how actual issues as homelessness are addressed. (see as well Biden presidency forecast article)

But the “icing on cake” of constellations is revealed by the MC of the chart, which does not bode well for the nation. The cusp of Hs.10, the determinative, reflects what will most likely be felt and experienced right into the beginning of next spring all over the US – the lack of goods paired with financial damages. Since the point is not just influencing the determinative, it also influences Hs.4, the home, the homeland or patria, we can assume that the themes and images of financial woes and goods shortages will not go away anytime soon and certainly will not go unnoticed. Since this chart is good until March 2023 – many Americans do and will experience situations that are completely new for their class/ generation and/or have been unthinkable for them for the last eighty years. 

Not really helping either – the DC of the chart – the point where we can see what is delivered into the present and how conscience and awareness receive the period of time – it is a point of “mental” paralysis

In short, the Nation is and will be challenged with the above layed out content of the chart. The present administration, with a frail President that in some situations is not even able to respond adequately or does not appear up to his game, is just a mirror of this kind of timely content that the Nation is sharing right now and that it will have to endure for the next coming nine months. 

Periods that I will be watching:

June 18 to 25 and December 19 to 25time periods that demonstrate the peaking realization of the lack of goods and financial woes. These two periods should be the highs for this kind of content of time. The shortage of goods and services will be felt for most of the year.

Around the first week of August there is a good likelihood of facing some sort of a nationwide, passionate experience or moment, which is fed from the appearance of the execution of community as well as from the part of the chart that resembles awareness or in a broader term the overall conditions.

The first half of July, as well the times around October 20th, promise news or event(s) that reveal the disturbance of the notion of community as per earlier described aspects of the chart.

Copyright 2022 by Dirk Heinicke

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