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The TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE is a British non-profit organization, which claims to apply social science to contemporary issues and problems. From the outside it reads to be like one of the many institutes that is out there for the betterment of society. The present website gives it a rather innocent appeal (website as of June 2020). Colorful bubbles and excerpts of the presented topics of their work manifest an almost childish, playful first impression. Intermittently, pop up slogans like: “We work with overwhelming experiences” or “We work with hidden (sometimes unconsciousness) factors” appear. These slogans change that first perception quite rapidly. 

A considerable donation from the Rockefeller organization in the 40’s, gave the Tavistock Institute a kick start. Over the decades of its existence, the organization received a multitude of contracts, spanning from international manufacturing conglomerates to political clients (like the EU commission), which does convince that the organization is more than what it just appears online. Its reach and influence is far more subtle than many realize; most likely, no matter where you live, you have been and are subjected to some of their implemented protocols and methods. The institute, according to their own website, seems to cater to almost any kind of social or professional group worldwide. Here is their own list of fields, all which seem to provide “consulting work”: 

  • Central and local government
  • Employment and social inclusion
  • Commercial and banking sectors
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Health, public health and social care
  • Transport and sustainable transport systems
  • Training and professional development
  • European commission/European Union
  • Voluntary, community and faith sectors

You can easily tell the consulting work is clearly tailored to the top of the influential food chain – be it government, banks, or obviously even clerics (?). With all that exposure, their work and calculated societal change has not gone unnoticed. It surely has not escaped critical eyes – one of them, Dr. John Coleman, whose book The Tavistock Institute of human relations shaping the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic decline of America, social engineering, concludes that the institute attempts to control the education in America with the intent and purpose of utterly and completely destroying it. So, there is concern and evidence that the institute is influencing and meddling with social projects and social developments on a grand international scale. 

The formation of the organization is stated with 20 September 1947, as by Wikipedia. As for a horoscope, a London midday time should be good enough for an initial peek into the organization’s doings, and what it is actually achieving behind its well scripted veil of a non-profit organization. 

The overture of the horoscope, has a Sagittarius AC with Mars-Pluto on the Zodiac, already indicating that we are not really dealing with a life cherishing entity. The constellation is “perfect” for transmitting programmes. In this case, since it is an organization (organizations in general are strictly aligned not to cater to individual needs), it is not able to fulfill the actual time content. Therefore, the constellation morphs into Sun-Neptun, a constellation that is eradicating everything that strives for independence and individuality. Quite fitting to this context is: affiliates of the organization were involved in laying the foundation for the MK Ultra Project, later experimented and applied by the US and other governments around the world. 

Tavistock Institute, 20.09.1947, London

The Sun has a conjunction with Venus, hinting that the organizational life is very much “clan” orientated. Not knowing any of the internal management structures, but the constellation reveals a clan mentality is ruling the organization. In short – there seems to be a very strict protocol of what can be discussed, explored, and/ or apparently be taught. For sure non “initiated and approved members” will not be able to participate in the doings of the organization.  

Further telling is the Virgo MC, the unintentional effect of the chart, with Mercury-Neptune, which divulges an compulsive neurotic attempt to disclose the unspoken into appearance – creating a constant state of a threat expectation. The actual calling of the constellation (Neptun-Mercury) to verbalize the effective truth is annihilated, since Mercury is not able to grasp the enormity and bandwidth of Neptune. Quite telling of an organization, that I believe, predominantly employs psychiatrists and psychoanalysts, which by the way, fits into a Virgo trade – the analysis

House 7, the house of awareness, is “scented” with Cancer (the source/ the soul), which does fit to the above stated professions, as they all deal with the business of the source of life/ the mind, and even Uranus, that is enclosed in the same house, which would be contributing life enhancing qualities. However, the quality of time comes up with a different content, as Uranus is positioned on a grade of the Zodiac that indicates disorientation and a weak impetus. The zodiacal grade is known as “The road to nowhere,” and that is, to make matters even worse, where this quite reputable organization is most likely leading us to.

In house twelve embedded Jupiter underlines that mission – that all of the content of the fourth quadrant – the effective truth and the connection to it – is sunken into the unattainable and inaccessible. In short, from my astrological view, the organization is clearly working against a free minded world and warrants the suspicion of conspiracy and the intentional execution of a deeper plan.

I invite you to dig around and educate yourself about the organization. The internet is a good starting point, however, there are also quite a number of books published about the “works and doing” of the organization. I can assure you that you will be amazed by what you find and read and some of the subject will sound very strange or familiar to you. You will find quotes and articles like:

“… talking about the modification of cognitive structure …” or

“ … it is conceivable that one persuasive person could through the use of mass media bend the population to his will …” or

“… to control your behavior everyone is divided into religion, race, class to keep us from unity … “ (- isn’t that playing out “nicely” right now, with the divisive situation in the US).

I find the most troubling, “deep tissue” involvement of the Institute is that their ideas and ideologies have shaped the post WWII era in regards to schooling and teaching curriculums, most likely more than any other known organization out there. The effect and its accomplishments can already be observed in North American society with its present cultural and societal descent. 

Rather fitting as well, and the reason for writing about the Institute right now, is that the present, very dominant constellation (Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter), which is in part the trigger for the societal situation of the predominantly Western world. The same aspected constellation is present in the Tavistock chart as well. It allows the astrological notion that the chart of the organization has a strong connection to our present times. Since the position of that constellation indicates that a superimposed law, or higher power, wants to be delivered into the common conscience

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31.01.2023 – I admit just got the news today – quite late, but …. https://segm.org/Tavistock-closure-the-times