IVERMECTIN – and it’s “timely” connection to COVID – free content  – part 1

People that are sceptical about the Covid measures taken by many countries have found some solace in a podcast that aired 22.06.2021. Joe Rogan interviewed Bret Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Kory. Some well known people in the medical profession, who were brave enough to give testimony in public. One of them, Dr.Kory, was even previously invited to Congress to talk about Covid. 

Unfortunately, like so many times before, the many accredited voices that take a more questionable stand towards the official Covid narrative are shut down. In Dr.Kory’s case, even his medical testimony is no longer accessible on Youtube or online. Shut down – vanished from the digital world. Obviously, the expressed opinion of a highly respected medical specialist was not to the liking of some people (or the industry) and “had to be removed.” Censorship on the highest level, but that is nothing new since we are at war … .

Why can the public not access specialist information/opinion that it has paid for and that has been presented in front of an elected committee? 

That circumstance alone makes it suspicious and sparks my interest. Since the war on Covid turns out to be another war on truth rather than on facts, that denies professionals and scientists the opportunity to discuss facts and blocks any attempt to find the most suitable solution or medical response, backed by real, not botched science, seems to be close to impossible. 

Thanks to a very well conducted interview by Joe Rogan, the involved specialists gave the listener a detailed testimony about their insight into the by officials created Covid world and the denial of a drug that already exists and whose properties seem to exceed any other known treatment or preventative Covid measure

The interviewees present compelling proof with empirical data and examples of entire countries that successfully cured or prevented Covid with that medication in a very short matter of time. Certainly, you will not find any rich Western countries under the mentioned countries – rather the contrary. The positive news that came from respective African or Latin American countries, that a drug, which already exists and can cure and prevent Covid are censored and suppressed – or has anybody read anything in the MSM about these successes?

The name of the drug is Ivermectin and was developed many years ago by Merck&Co. to treat river blindness and other viral illnesses (mainly in Africa). Apparently, it has been successfully applied many billions (!!!) of times and for its success and outstanding performance the drug has even made it to the WHO list of essential medicines. In 2015 their creators, William C. Campbell and Satoshi Omura, even received the Nobel Prize for Medicine. 

Since its patent has long expired, anyone can use the formula and produce the drug and with that Ivermectin is meanwhile even considered a “low cost and low profit drug.” But low and behold, if you want to buy, the apparently in many countries by now over the counter drug, no such luck. In Canada right now you’d find a notice online that the drug will not be available from January to December 2021 – it simply says “out of stock.” Isn’t that the same time frame the Covid vaccinations are sold to us as the only solution to the problem. And should I mention, if you can still get one, that the price of a single dose spiraled from two to three dollars at the beginning of the year to now about 10 dollars. 

Fact is, the drug meanwhile has not just cured many people in Africa of river blindness, Covid can apparently be added to the list. If you’d like to believe the interviewed physicians / representatives of FLCCC, that even applies to our southern neighbour, Mexico.

If you hear about it for the first time you will wonder why the FDA and part of the other “health managing” bodies and organizations are vehemently denying any positive Covid fighting properties. The MSM and the subsequent official science press including Youtube and other electronic platforms warn of “serious harm,” and categorize Ivermectin as “very dangerous,” that it can “cause seizures,” “coma” and “even death.” Not to forget to mention that it is “highly toxic.” Clearly, if you have people that buy the drug without medical oversight and choose the same product designed for animals you know that something will eventually go wrong.

Most of us are not experts who can fully understand all that, especially if entire countries apparently cured their residents from Covid or similar symptoms and in Western countries the officials try to deny the obvious. 

So, what is holding up the Western world from introducing Ivermectin to its citizens? The interviewees reveal, what is most likely the truth behind the so hard fought for official Covid narrative, to not allow the low cost drug to cure the world. At the end of the possible conclusions there is certainly money and lots of it. Billions are to be made – so keep the narrative going.

But there could be another angle to the story. The emergency act that allows these untrialed Covid vaccines to be “jabbed” into everybody that walks the surface of this world, would have to be immediately stopped, since there would be an already seasoned medical treatment available. 

So, all the “Covid investments” and grants would evaporate, the money spigots for pharma would stop to spew. What could be even worse for the people involved (health officer, pharma bosses, some physicians, … ), who vehemently defend the present narrative, almost seemingly with their life? If a group of people get their day in court and can successfully present their case, it could be that they will be found responsible for the vaccination programs and coercing the public into getting vaccinated. An international law firm is preparing for wide scaled class action lawsuits worldwide, it certainly will be interesting to hear the outcome of these legal high stake showdowns.

So much as to the prelude to the examination of the chart of the drug in question, which was approved by the FDA in November 1996. Before we look into the details, it has to be understood that this is the day chart of the approval of the drug Ivermectin by the FDA. ….. – part 2 next week

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