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Turmoil in Afghanistan – The start of a greater collapse? – free content

Damage control all over western MSM – how to sell one of the biggest political foreign policy failures of Western Allies to their populace. After the run and flight of the all so “altruistic minded organizations” – like Nato, uncounted NGO’s and 15000 security contractor companies – the country has been left in shatters. Chaotic scenes of people trying to board planes to leave the country that was just taken back by the Taliban are dominating the news. After close to twenty years of Western countries trying to get a hold of one of the key countries of central Asia, the Americans, as the leading force, have abandoned their “democracy exporting mission.” 

Just some stats to make the sheer madness of the right-from-the-start unattainable operation more vivid. 2 trillion dollars spent, in some years equating to about 300 million daily. More than 20.000 allied soldiers have been injured and 3500 have died. Countless stories of both livelihoods and families being destroyed or being dismembered. No democracy for them – like with all wars, just despair, loss and pain. The result, a regime that has never bent to the more than four decades lasting Russian and American occupation has overtly taken back control of their land. For all those decades they never have lost influence and power over their own country – all occupying forces had to cooperate with the Taliban in order to survive or to get close to some kind of civil peace. So, one might wonder if democracy has really been at the forefront of Western allies to free a country that is known in diplomatic circles as the “Graveyard of Empires” and that for a country that barely is the size of the State of Texas. Very soon, time will tell, if that Graveyard moment even applies for the present Western allies – the exit from that region certainly does come at a time in which Western countries might experience the same fate or plan to start a new “fire”.

Aside from Afghanistan being a key stone in the geopolitical chessboard, a simple stat in a BBC article reveals one possible true economic interest for the West to be present in this arid, non- “industrialized” part of the world. Opium is the answer. Under the reign of the Americans and their allies the farming of opium has quadrupled – who has read “Fentanyl the origins of a silent and potent killer” knows that the masterminds of these Western powers, that have most likely influenced the decision to invade and occupy, have strong ties and vested interests in the trade of the poppy molasses. The peace and democracy promise Western countries gave the world as an excuse to justify the heavy handed military invasion and occupation is proving itself to be just a facade, actually a farce. But who really cares if you have the right media and henchmen at your discretion, nobody will question the real motives or even question if there could have been better public investments to dump 300 Million daily. What could have been achieved with all this money if it would have just been saved or spent wisely? 

The present exodus of the Americans and the subsequent failed narrative is a prime historic example of how plutonic constructs (systems) deflate and vanish in a matter of moments. Leaving their believers and supporters at mercy of the counter moving forces. In the Afghan case – all the local and foreign system facilitators that have been directly or indirectly connected to the allied forces and their money spigots are now running for their lives

History is full of those examples, when regimes collapse the masterminds have left the stage way before, and like in a cult, when it collapses, the followers do not understand the why and how it could have even been possible. 

Here is the annual chart of 2021 for Kabul, Afghanistan, which certainly reflects the present situation. The Leo AC with its planet (Sun) in Hs.8, which is aspected with Venus – “we are dealing with a dependency from a clan” – a content of time that “wants to be transported” into the present Hs.7. It is precisely that constellation that has triggered the events. Pieces transports the content into the present (Hs.8 to 7.), which explains the chaotic circumstances at the airport and the capitol right now. Clearly, Neptune has softened the ground and pulled the rug out from under the American military’s feet, so that they were barely able to (respectively) regain control over the airport.

Kabul, Afghanistan 2021/2022

House 11. – demonstrates the content of time that likes to attain origin – a combination of planets (Moon/Neptune/ Mars) are clearly hinting towards a national crisis of sentiments, originating from an intrusion (Mars/Moon) of their territory. House 10. – the determinative reveals that we are dealing with a freeing separation (the occupiers are leaving) – mirrored quite nicely with the cusp of House 4., offering the aspect of opportunity to independence, in this case can be seen as a kind of self governance. Returning to the aforementioned, Sun-Venus could be seen as the Mullahs taking over. 

The future for the Afghan people – the conditions and circumstances will certainly not improve – a Capricorn aspected House 6. foretells that the future will be sparse. The Americans have already laid the groundwork for that, since they already seized and confiscated the assets of the Afghan nation (according to Zerohedge 7 billion US$ of which 1.3 billion are in gold – not too bad for a nation that can only grow poppies and has been tormented by war for 40 years).

The American departure from this part of the world opens opportunities for others – the Taliban have, according to some news outlets, established contact with China and apparently, even the Russians are in contact with the Mullahs. 

The swift, exemplary change of political scenery has been possible because of the gained consciousness about the 20 plus years occupation. That in itself facilitated the departure of “the Heralds of democracy” and rendered their implemented regime obsolete overnight. Afghans have taken back control, but to their dismay the long wait for freedom will not happen anytime soon since the new regime is just a renewed, homemade facade of the actual oppressing content of time.

Considering present general constellations the hope for freedom and change will be a pipe-dream and that not only applies for Afghanistan. The present “oppressionist content of time” can be witnessed in almost any part of the world right now, just with different executions of appearances. In a way, the situation in Afghanistan could be a sign of times and is possibly just the first domino to fall. After all, the Americans and their Western alliance themselves might not be able to dodge the consequences that come from their involvement in the “Graveyard of Empires”.

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04.09.2021 – the real winners of the war – https://consortiumnews.com/2021/08/17/investors-in-us-weapon-makers-only-clear-winners-of-afghan-war/

17.08.2022 – nothing has changed – as predicted the Hs.6 situation is not easing anytime soon – conditions will not be improving anytime soon