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Fabrication of a Climate Change Story ? – free content

Looking into the matter we first would have to ask ourselves: what makes us believe that we are experiencing a rapid change in climate? Clearly, the constant news, backed by images of forest fires, drought, increasing storm activity, depleted reservoirs and dying species have their impact on everyone’s mind and subsequently will mould your opinions about the matter. Since most of the news channels that massage our minds daily are either outlets with pure corporate agendas or in some countries outright government controlled and financed, a real “reality check” will be hard to come by. 

Before dwelling a bit deeper into the matter – I’d like the reader to ask themselves, if they think that it is plausible that some of the weather we experienced might not be sheer coincidence. 

It is a fact that part of the weather we experience these days is to a degree man ‘made’ or should we say manipulated. Even if you like to be on the sceptical side, there is meanwhile ample proof that man is altering local weather or entire weather patterns – and that not just for some years – decades (!). Since the middle of last century, the entire complex of weather manipulation is deeply rooted in military funded operations and trials. The reasoning behind it – who can control the weather has undeniably gained a huge advantage over their enemy. With deep roots and interests in the Defence apparatus, it is clearly a subject that has been vehemently denied for many decades. 

Clearly, for anybody new to the subject the scale of those operations is immense – the outcome very likely devastating for many areas in the world – just imagine being able to influence or even control local or continental weather and it’s economic and subsequently political impact. For some readers that might be not really groundbreaking news, but I’d like to make the point – if there is such activity happening – what is the value of the “fact” that climate is changing since much is already manipulated – meaning before we look and try to gauge of any sort of climate change, wouldn’t it be prudent to first stop all the weather altering activity before, to then get a clear picture of what really is happening? 

And, even better if the present weather we experience is already a product and to some degree not a natural occurrence should we not highly doubt everything that we are presented by these Gretas, NGO’s and these so inspiring and so altruistic minded international organizations like the UN. I doubt that any of these highly bribed (paid and perked) slaves to the system come up with anything that resembles a truth based solution to the problem. 

I am aware that the form of argument I’m trying to make is very much first quadrant based (Causa Materialis) similar to any “scientific” discussion; it will not lead to any helpful insight or even come close to a solution. But it is a good opportunity to point out the different forms of executions of appearances the apparatus of the technological complex has meanwhile created. Decades ago, any activity of some sort of altering or experimenting with the weather was outright labeled as a conspiracy – more recently it seems that the system does not even need to hide their intentions anymore. Meanwhile, you can even study this type of “conspiracy” – just sign up for a course in geoengineering and you will learn how to screw up the world even further. 

If you still doubt it, here let the leaders of this movement be advocates of “the good cause” – here is a link to an MIT technology review article. Still not convinced that those activities are being performed. Here is the other, more critical perspective without pink glasses to the matter. What is happening can be categorized as most likely the biggest crime on humanity ever pulled off and even dwarfs the latest medical (still in progress) assault on human dignity and health. 

In short, I like to encourage everyone reading this article to do their own research of these (not only) weather altering projects and their subsequent outfall, there is meanwhile a lot of credible material out there. In some of those reports you will even find that those activities are anchored in certain laws, so no conspiracy, real legislative backing.

So, do not fall for the simple lines of a screaming teenager asking us, pardon my language, to “poop less” (use less carbon) nor listen to the corporate slaves you elected as your officials and sign agendas they know they can only fulfill on paper.

Enough of the dualistic based wake up call, let’s have a look at what is behind these activities from a more holistic point of view. As usual, to get a better idea of what is happening we need to find a day, preferably even a time, when certain activities were executed for the first time. 

Finding a day of the first weather manipulation is close to impossible since there has always been a “big cloud” of secrecy around the military matter. One day that seems to be, at least if we want to believe wikipedia, recorded is a weather manipulating trial in Thailand. The wording of how it is categorized in wikipedia already tells us a lot – it is called weather modification

The word itself already tells us that we are dealing with something that overrides the “by time provided order” – since something that should be “holy” (the sky) is being modified. The question that should come up right here is: why does/ did it need to be modified in the first place?    

The project is known as the Royal Rainmaking project. Wikipedia explains it as follows: “The king discovered that many areas faced the problem of drought.[2] Over 82% of Thai agricultural land relied on rainfall. Thai farmers were not able to grow crops for lack of water. Although scientific evidence seems to suggest that cloud seeding does not ameliorate droughts,[3][4] the Royal Rainmaking Project debuted on 20 July 1969 at the king’s behest, when the first rainmaking attempt was made at Khao Yai National Park. Dry ice flakes were scattered over clouds. Reportedly, some rainfall resulted.[5] In 1971, the government established the Artificial Rainmaking Research and Development Project within the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.[6]

Even if the project might have started with agriculture in mind – “In February 2018, with Bangkok suffering under a haze of ultra-fine dust, the government turned to the DRRAA to seed clouds to create artificial rain over the city. The Pollution Control Department issued warnings that particulate levels had soared to 94 micrograms per cubic metre of air in some areas, far above the safety limit of 50 mcg. The prime minister assured Thais that, “…[rainmaking] should bring some relief at least in the short term,…” (wikipedia).

If you read the numbers of the involved number of pilots and flights (annually about 5000 to 6000) conducted since 1992, until today, you can just get a vague idea what even bigger countries (e.g. China for the Olympics) than Thailand have done or are presently doing, and be assured it is certainly not using ice flakes anymore (see silver iodide and / or consequences of cloud seeding).

In lieu of an exact time, here is the chart of the day of the first conducted flight for the Royal Rainmaking project. A project that the Thai King received recognition from the EUREKA organization for “an invention that is beneficial for the world”(!!??). A quick lock-up confirms that the EUREKA organization is a group of mainly industrialized countries (EU, Canada and others) that tries to foster cooperation between industry and researchers.

Royal Rainmaking Project, Thailand

At the first glance there are three remarkable focal points of the chart – the most prominent is clearly the planet cluster of Moon-Jupiter-Uranus and to a degree Pluto at the cusp of Hs.12, the second is the MC with Sun-Mercury and third, the Neptune-Mars right at the cusp of Hs.2. 

The chart starts at the AC with Libra, the airy side of Venus, with its corresponding planet Venus in Hs.8 – a strategic (Libra) plan of a regulated disposition (Gemini connecting it to the MC). The MC emphasises this very same potential of the AC with a Sun-Mercury, telling us that the potential of the Sun (Life) is reduced and the regulative attempts to reproduce the determinative. In short and in other words, playing God

In a clockwise movement from the AC to the DC, the first evolutionary step is the cusp of Hs. 12 – border to Hs.11 – which in this case is “occupied” with the aforementioned cluster of planets, telling us about the content that is about to come to origin. In this case, Moon-Jupiter, hinting towards the denial of their own life to avoid their destiny and the second constellation (Uranus-Moon) setting the tone of that movement and indicating that the reception from heaven is excluded

Getting to the third point of initial interest, the Neptune-Mars constellation at the cusp of Hs.2, reveals the conceptional (Scorpio) cleansing attributes (Neptune-Mars) that substantialize in the form of a plan. Just as a nice little visual – Pluto, originating from Hs.2, represented by Pluto in Hs.11 (heaven), rounds up the appearance – “a plan for the sky”. There is even a bit more to it – Mars coming from the DC, being accented as a Mars-Pluto, and finding its physical and concrete base in Hs.2 – explains the entire appearance and how it was sold to the public – using the cleansing properties of the Neptune-Mars as an explanation to wash down the rampant contamination of the Thai skies. In plain language, a giant atmospheric washing machine.

Some readers now might say, what’s so wrong about it, we have gained clean skies and even got some rain, which is good for our fields. And on the surface that argument is plausible for many – the only catch to it – the pollution is not noticeable anymore – no realization of the process can and will happen, no realization of the impact and price paid for the industrial development – just “the world is good” feeling. Pushing out the problem, handing it over to the next generation, that’s what these actions or geoengineering are aiming for. Like with modern medicine – getting rid of the symptom does not equal healing. Hiding it does not make it go away. But this way people will not realize what’s happening and “thank God (or the King)” the industrialization and destruction can progress. No wonder that the King got noticed and awarded by mainly industrialized nations for his idea. 

This chart event can serve as the blueprint for the entire Global warming agenda and the call for carbon sequestration and all the other mechanical and chemical “solutions” – they will not fix a thing. At the root of the cause is a development that is in its core against the fourth quadrant, gradually excluding time and being; subsequently, on the long run, it will annihilate and consume everything that still has some lifeblood left. So the motto seems – “let’s go and conquer the new frontier since there is not too much left to destroy down here anymore – let’s modify the sky or even darken/dim the sky” (which by the way is already a standing operating practice and the Pluto in Hs.11 delivers the equivalent in the chart). 

The dimmed sun (life / Leo) equals the experienced expression of life down here on earth. Life on earth will diminish to the same degree the technological apparatus will interfere with the weather or dimming the skies – “as in heaven so on earth”.

Some “techno folks” obviously already noticed the change – please read the article – and especially their conclusion or assumptions. That’s what we are getting for our tax dollars – really ? 

Any form of cult that denies forms of superior forces and is trying to fade them out will at the end be reckoned and if it is not them it will be their children paying the price, in this round we might already be those children.

Good luck to us all if these mental paupers can convince the public that their presumptuous plans and actions will save mother earth.

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