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Hailed by some as the only hope for mankind by others it is described as a rather wasteful bureaucratic behemoth that does not accomplish much and wastes a lot of money. To be precise its budget for 2022 has been $3.12 billion and to agree with the critics these 3 billion do not buy the majority of the people of the planet very much. The organization is certainly spread out internationally, keeps over 40000 people employed, but at the end, the impartiality of the governing body is quite questionable. 

Even more so if one realizes that the five permanent members of the security council coincide to be representatives of the five biggest arms producing countries. Not really a good starting point for an organization that is apparently all about peace and preventing war, fostering friendly relations among nations to achieve international cooperation and be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations. 

Most likely the UN “business” is very similar to its own health agency – the WHO – where the ties between big pharma and the executive got very apparent with the latest plandemic. The similarity could not be better chosen since in the founding years of the UN – one of the richest people in the world in those days – Rockefeller Jr. – donated the land for the UN headquarter in New York and wasn’t it Bill Gates, presently the fifth richest person, that basically keeps the WHO alive. Certainly all this engagement by the very rich is to be understood as very altruistic even if Gates himself admitted that investing in health care and particularly into vaccines was one of the best investments he has ever made, but that certainly has been just uncalculated and just sheer luck of the draw.

The predecessor of the UN, the League of Nations, was found to be and characterized as ineffective as the now present new body, so that the powers to be decided in 1945 that it was time to create a supranational body with far reaching influence and power.

The original charter was signed by fifty countries and came into force in October 1945. 

Just the Leo AC in combination with the Taurus Sun at the MC does not make a big hiding of the intentions that were coming into force on that autumn day in San Francisco. Almost like short circuited, one donating its creative energy, the other bundling these powers into some sort of social process. Since the Sun is as well aspected with Pluto, the tendency to gigantism can already be foretold – an exclusion of natural restraint indicating already life sucking and annihilating force that will emanate from this organization. The decentralized growth, with its multiple international centers spread around the world, pays tribute to this kind of false greatness. Knowing that the Sun of the charter sits on a zodiacal degree that is known for the annulment of territory – the spread of this organization can be likened with the mestatizes state of a cancer that spans the globe. 

The United Nations

As a parallel to that – the source (Scorpio Hs.4) mirrors the same timely content, which is indicating that the groups and movers behind this organization did not have any sort of respect or tolerance for individual sovereignty in mind, when they created this overarching international construct. Just on a side note – catering to all this – Hs.4 is as well the origin of the aforementioned Pluto in Hs.12 – which even explains the elitism that clouds the entire organization and most of their employees and diplomats – “we are godlike”. 

If one ever wondered why the organization has never really been able to “pull it off” and is so highly inefficient and unproductive – well, we might want to look at the constellations Mercury-Moon, Mars-Saturn and Mars-Neptune that explains this highly in regulations buried and misguided body, that will constantly passively wait for the change that it believe has to occur from the outside.

From a starry perspective this organization certainly will never live up to its (by the public perceived) expectations, the chart does reveal the deeper intent of its masterminds and the organization behind it and is just fulfilling and representing that kind of mindset and to no surprise it has fittingly itself subscribed to corporate agendas like climate change and a worldwide medical dictatorship

Historical events on the chart of the UN

P.S. Just to demonstrate how accurately the zodiac connects to different events. The same chart with some historical milestones of the UN – the highlighted events happened when transiting corresponding planets.

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