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The DSA – the end to free speech on the internet

“The Law is a noose the guilty use to hang the innocent.” – Marty Rubin

History has proven on many occasions that once the general interest by the populace in politics wanes, the corrupt take over, which then leads to the demise of the entire social organism. When in 1993 an unelected administrative organism took over the political caste in Europe the demise was already to be foreseen. Against the will of the majority of the European people, a group of highly clandestine organized individuals and groups, set up a pan European throne in order to cram down laws that would cripple and extinguish the multifaceted soul and source of the cradle of Western civilization. 

The administrative and bureaucratic cancer has meanwhile consumed the body of European identity and life. Like a cancer living off its host this non democratic construct with all its omnipresent, live suffocating tentacles that are comprised of armees of highly paid social leeches will fight for its survival. 

At the latest by next year, the Ukrainian war sideshow might not help to deflect any longer from the truth. The EU will be fighting for their own survival – bankruptcy. The elite knows that the end is nigh. In order to avert a possible end to the parasitic existence, the unconstitutional elfs of power preemptively have to suppress the communal immunal response. For that very reason they are already calling preemptively for a “RESET”.

The soon upcoming financial woes that will challenge their supranational system and pose an imminent risk to their life annihilating system. In order to dismantle the communal immune response the cancerous cells have already created in warp speed an assault on the “European immune system” to avert the threat to their parasitic sub existence. 

The Digital Service Act, in short DSA, is set to cripple any form of free speech on the internet that could possibly constitute common resistance to the dictatorship that presently runs and ruins Europe – so an outright danger to the dictator caste. 

To control and muzzle free speech is the center of this very vague, in Orwellian language cloaked act, that will soon be law in all of the EU. The aim is to shut down and sue any internet platform or provider that displays or hosts content that is …. – well and here is the problem — scripted in vague language, that would even make Orwell’s Big Brother envious about what kind of content and language is not allowed. Here is just one excerpt from the official website, that does not even hide its somber intend, if you want to read between the lines:

“The DSA imposes new mechanisms allowing users to flag illegal (??!) content online, and for platforms to cooperate with specialized ‘trusted flaggers’ (!!) to identify and remove illegal content”

Big Brother could not be more proud of these helper elfs that seem to be working so hard to accommodate and prepare the system for its dystopian future. By the way did you notice the word “trusted flagger” – the blockwards of bygone times will be back, in this case even legally sanctioned off, welcome back now “digital Stasi squadron”. 

According to multiple media sources the act has been prepared in an unprecedented short time frame (or possibly just copied from its very similar Australian brother). Quite obviously the puppeteers have learnt from the past few years of the Covid experience and how their planned pandemic played out, and how the public reacted and what kind of media was used to stem against their governmental decrees. To ensure that the next round will be even more successful the holes in the systems obviously got identified and apparently getting fixed right now. 

The proposal of the Digital Service Act

Here are the two day charts; one of the proposals for the act and the other one when the EU successfully adopted the proposal. Both share some core constellations. One is Mars-Pluto, pointing towards the negation of Neptune, reiterating the above mentioned denial of truth and the denial of a chance for defense. The other is Saturn-Uranus, which points to incompatibility

The chart of the proposal reveals a Taurus Sun that is squared with Pluto in 6. – communal life will be subdued/nozzled – Capricorn in 6. with Saturn in 7. that is about to be publicly recognized – a law.

The chart of the day when the act was adopted, the MC of the chart revealing that the determinative Cancer Sun is “pushed” into Hs.12, indicating like in so many charts of this website before, that life disappears into the sea of the unconscious and is not accessible anymore. Again combined with the aforementioned Mars-Pluto clearly this dictatorship is not about letting expressions of life prosper, it is an act of sheer submission and oppression. Certainly the internet has never been about development of life, it only allows for executions of the appearances thereof – don’t we use a net to catch living things.

The day when the act was adopted by the EU

An open, unbiased dialog, the foundation of any balanced and open society, is at the core of what could be perceived as democracy. These kinds of executions of appearance, which this Digital Service Act is part of, certainly are only an expression of the already prevalent mindset of the people and it certainly is not democratic.

Lets not forget that most of the social internet platforms people use these days were initially vetted and/or partially financed by secret service organizations and if there ever was freedom on the internet the DSA will certainly put for European users an end to it.

Copyright 2022 by Dirk Heinicke

07.11.2022and here it comes, they do not even hide their doings anymore – watch out Elon

11.11.2022so much to an attempt to rescue free speech on the internet

31.01.2023 – did not take long Elon – so much to that