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FUEL DOCK and BOAT EXPLOSION – free content

It is something we almost do weekly and don’t waste too much thought on: fueling our vehicles with highly flammable substances. Rarely do we think about what could go wrong. 

It did not make national news, but the Times Colonist, our local newspaper, reported on the story offering the exact time and some details. In the afternoon on Sunday May 10th, someone had just finished to fuel their recreational vessel and shortly after departing from the fuel dock, the boat caught fire. Almost simultaneously the fuel dock caught fire as well, exploded and burnt down. According to the Victoria Times Colonist one person died and two were taken to hospital. The cause of the initial fire is unclear and still under investigation by the police. 

I would like to start by explaining the somber chart, but in an atypical fashion. House seven is ruled by Aries, whose planet is Mars (both highlighted red). As you can see, Aries spans the entire seventh house. The seventh house is the content of time which is delivered into the present and/ or in other words, how the event will be publicly recognized. 

Boat and fuel dock explosion May 10,2020, 3:47 PM, at the North Saanich Marina, BC, Canada

Mars is generally the “fiery” part of a chart depending where it is positioned. In this case, Mars is situated in the fifth house (expression of life), meaning that the fiery energy is set free and becomes “live”. Since the fifth house is ruled by Aquarius, that fiery energy comes to life in an erratic fashion (explosion or sudden combustion). The cusp, the point where the fifth house starts, is indicating an encounter with the finite or death. You have to keep in mind that the zodiac is rotating clockwise (see short clip for easier understanding), meaning all the planets and houses are gradually moving in that direction. The moment the explosion happens is exactly when Aries spans the entire seventh house (prerequisite one). After that it just needs to move a couple of degrees further to hit the “point of encounter with the finite” (prerequisite two, blue) in Aquarius. The stage is set. The fire starts and is followed by a couple of explosions. The chart, like many others of tragic accidents, demonstrates quite clearly the “cold” and inescapable precision of constellations and how they release their contained energy. 

Tragically, that day one man lost his life in the inferno and two others were injured. My heart goes out to the affected families and I would like to express my sincere sympathies to them.

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