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What happens when man is merged with a computer? That’s the question Prof.Kevin Warwick tried to answer. On Monday 24th August 1998 at 4:00pm, Prof.Warwick had a silicon chip transponder implanted in his forearm. The project known as Cyborg 1.0, enabled the carrier to switch on lights, open doors and to be trackable. According to wikipedia, the implant was removed nine days later again. 

Since the nineties many trials with this technology have been conducted: and it meanwhile seems that you can even buy these ricecorn sized mini antennas by mail, and program them to your liking. Consumers and technophiles alike use them to replace their car fobs or appartement access keys – wow – what a selling feature – “you can never lose them anymore and be left standing in the rain”. 

But since the entire worldwide Covid agenda and discussions seem to morph more into a public and private data gathering operation, the idea to chip everybody is at hand. If public attention would not be focused so much on who is vaccinated and who is not, they should rather focus on how to actually cure someone. But that would defy the purpose and goal of the “exercise”. And how fitting, the timing could not be better. 

Shortly before Christmas a Swedish company, DSruptiv, announced a chip capable of replacing your Covid passport on your phone, and again, oh so convenient, it can be placed right in your forearm. According to some news outlets, a strong interest in the product has already been received – and let’s guess from where? – China. The offering of these kinds of products does not surprise, the time is “ripe” for a product of that kind and I believe the owners of the company will have some golden days ahead if they can defend the copyright of their creation. 

As explained in articles before, we are in the moment of time when body-parts and functions gradually will be either replaced or controlled by a machine. It is not a question if the carrier appreciates being part of the technological web that has already entangled him, the situation is inevitable. And if consumer comfort is not a compelling reason to convince, then the system and their minions will come up with some legal, possible medical (?), requirements that will “persuade you” of the necessity

According to wikipedia, the chart of the moment of the first implanted chip shows a Sagittarius AC with Jupiter in Hs.3 – the house of the execution of an appearance. Not just the AC: the potential of the chart – Sagittarius arches over the entire Hs.12 – indicating that this very content gets “placed” into Hs.3. including Pluto. Pluto is aspected at a 90 degree angle with the Sun of the chart – Pluto-Sun – subdued life. Sagittarius takes that disposition of unlived life and depicts it in Hs.3. In short – subdued or unlived life gets depicted. That very content of time gets even further pronounced by being Neptune accentuated (Hs.3 Pieces). 

Aspected with Pluto: the Sun is as well connected with Neptune and Mars, giving us a further detailed insight of what kind of content is being depicted. Mars-Neptune in Hs.2, the loss of territory; in real terms Hs.2 means the device is depicting something that has no “present”. Quite easy to understand since switching lights on and off has nothing to do with life, it is just an execution of a form of an appearance. Similar content of time is expressed with the Hs.9 situated Venus-Mercury, which at the end gets delivered into the present (Hs.7) Gemini. 

Getting back to Prof. Warwick’s initial question: “What happens when man is merged with a computer?” In short – the loss of life, or better said: the depiction of that very progress. Meaning if someone’s life is already without a “present”, being a mere function of sort: they will get a chip, and the chip has all it’s connections to a bigger apparatus, (e.g. remotely switching a light on) is just an expression of that very content. The functions of the chip just fill the void of the already before lost vacated part of life of the individual. The prerequisite for wanting, or feeling the need to receive a chip is nurtured by a long evolutionary succession of advancements in technology. The cold yearning of the mechanized body of technology is asking for an ever increasing deeper penetration of mechanization; consuming not only our environment, even us. We as a species are falling more and more prey to the “Deus ex machina”.

And as long as people around us maintain the almost childish belief that the more you hand over to the machine, the more freedom and comfort you will get, the world we know now, including ourselves, will all be lost.

Prof. Warwick himself had the implant removed and “returned” to being a human. So at least for him we could just call it a trial, since obviously he felt the need to get his life back.

Having a chip embedded in us makes us part of the big machine that is consuming the world, be it our “vaccination status” or believing that new contraptions will make our lives easier, or even rescue the world – is very infantil, actually quite egocentric. With all these inventions and promised snake oil applications – we only gradually give up what defines us as human. 

It’s all in our hands. It certainly would need a complete rethink of our relationship towards technology. Which is not impossible, but very unlikely since most of the world’s population has meanwhile lost belief in any form of “heavenly” superiority and respect towards it (fourth quadrant). The result of it, a mounting loss of respect or acceptance towards some form of creation is on a constant rise. Presently we are in uncharted territory, day by day we are getting deeper entangled in the technological web, making it increasingly more unlikely to free ourselves and the world of it. Getting chipped for whatever reason, be it “health” or the very primal motion of comfort or “security”, none will ever be worth what is at stake on the other side of the scale.

Copyright 2022 by Dirk Heinicke

23.05.2022 – apparently it even gets much “better”, now even medication gets “computerized”

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