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The United Nations website describes the Paris Agreement to combat “climate change” as following: “The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change. It was adopted by 196 Parties at COP 21 in Paris, on 12 December 2015 and entered into force on 4 November 2016. Its goal is to limit global warming to well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial (?!) levels.

To achieve this long-term temperature goal, countries aim to reach global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible to achieve a climate neutral (??) world by mid-century.

The Paris Agreement is a landmark in the multilateral climate change process because, for the first time, a binding agreement brings all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects.”

The golden bullet and solution to the perceived problem according to the gigantic international treaty is: “… it establishes a technology framework to provide overarching guidance to the well-functioning Technology Mechanism. The mechanism is accelerating technology development and transfer through it’s policy and implementation arms.

In short, technology should fix what has been destroyed by technology in the first place. So, would we believe if we were told that more refined sugar would cure diabetes?

It is in stark contrast to what you can read of a real forward thinker and observer of the live annihilating process of the technological process – “Technology can be expected to solve all problems which can be mastered by technical means, but we must expect nothing from it which lies beyond technical possibilities. Since even the smallest mechanical process consumes more energy than it produces, how could the sum of all these processes create abundance? There can be no talk of riches produced by technology. What really happens is rather a steady, forever growing consumption. It is ruthless destruction …. . All theories which overlook this fact are lopsided because they disregard the basic conditions which in the modern world govern production and economics” (Friedrich Georg Juenger, “The Failure of Technology”).

It is easy to tell what the driving forces were that coerced the world into signing up for in “science” cloaked and reasoned agreement. Certainly it is not the forest and flower loving league – this agreement is all about sheer technological business and dominance. Remedies like: weather manipulation, blocking the sun, carbon sequestration, hydroelectricity, wind turbines, carbon taxes, electric cars, and many others, marketed as “green”, require an increasing technical apparatus rather than reducing technological influence and penetration. This process can only translate into more money and profits for technology companies, nothing else.

What is even worse, it not just allows for, it even forces the continuation of the unreduced destruction of whatever is left. The “green” process has new, so far fairly untapped, resources of our environment in sight. The accord made it legal, even binding, forcing all nations to exploit and destroy the last intact parts of our environment.

The demise of the technological system is and will be unstoppable, it is just a matter of time – see article “The Grand Conjunction of 2020”. We can detect similarities of sinking systems, mainly political ones, which in the end always call for “total war” before they collapse or their leaders vanish.  

According to an interview that I followed on CBC, the recent book by Bill Gates (who I have covered already in an earlier article) – “How to avoid a climate disaster” – should give the reader a very good understanding of how a technocrat believes to fix world’s problems (even though I personally do not intend to read it). There is already enough of that kind of technological propaganda material out there, that is hindering the development of achieving consciousness about the matter.

If we believe that these new “green” industries have no impact on the remaining, still “intact” parts, then we are no different from a person a century ago believing the caused damages of the just starting mass industrialization and rising international commerce as well as international travel would have no environmental consequences. As already laid out in an earlier article – the root cause of technological dependence started a long time ago and we will not be able to fix it with the, in the accord subscribed, technological remedies. 

I have created the chart of the day the Paris Climate Accord came into force, which should give us a better idea of what we are dealing with from a quality of time perspective.

Paris Climate Accord, entered into force – 04.November 2016, UN-Headquarter New York

Fitting for a law or an order is a Capricorn AC with its planet Saturn in Hs.11 – “a law originates.” Saturn is aspected with Venus and Pluto, which dominantly influences the AC – all that translates into – “ no right to self-determination by higher powers” – society is lacking the determinative and with that it is diminished to an empty shell of an execution of the appearance. This is the content of time, which is at the start of the process and powers the chart. Adding to it, Mars is enclosed in Hs.1 and is aspected with Uranus in Hs.3 – the measure of life is missing and all that content experiences unrestricted growth. A bit of a Saturn-Mercury aspect gives it the technological orientation. The unrestricted does not need to be explained since the agreement is spanning the entire world. 

Quite telling is the Mercury aspected Sun right at the MC of the chart – we are dealing with a constellation that could be described as regulated (Mercury) life (Sun), meaning all life, not just human life. Since it is regulated, life is without the determinative (Saturn) and with that it is bound to wilt and eventually perish

In short, we are not dealing with what the UN likes us to believe. The agreement is contrary to what it is sold to us for, to no surprise, since the drawn and stated conclusions of the cause are already based on a false premise (see earlier article).

As we know – hope always dies last – since the agreement seems to be so overpowering and in clear favor of a technological approach – is there hope that the agreement might fail? 

There is a point in time that might enable the failure of the agreement and could enable the accord to fall apart.

Hs.2, which can be interpreted as the state of the binding forces that hold the agreement together and offers some sort of solace. As it does not promise a solid foundation of the accord – it displays an aspect of failure / bankruptcy, built right into the accord at the implementation date

To a degree there is hope that the entire agreement has a good chance of failing and if you would like a date for that – it should be around the end of 2024, beginning early 2025

Even the DC of the chart is heralding an outcome of the agreement that the accord orchestrators can not yet foresee nor will be happy about. The DC of the chart reveals the content of the chart that will be on public display. In this case – that incompatible worlds were put together and that in turn alone will lead to the accords eventual partial or complete break up and its demise. 

It is all a circle and everything is connected – the Ascendent, the energetic potential of the chart, could have already foretold us that right from the start. Since the degree (acc. to W. Doebereiner) on the Zodiac holds a content of time, that tells us “The right thing (logos) is perceived as truth”.

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2021.03.19if this whole “saving the planet movement” would be serious about its proclaimed mission statement the chosen road and choice of remedies would certainly look very different – a documentary by cowspiracy.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SRPk6gB3g0 – gives a glimpse into the shady and shallow world of multiple self proclaimed planet saving NGO and organizations and their one side solution models. Quite astounding, to some degree very revealing and telling, is the shallow knowledge level of some of the interviewed CEOs of those quite well known NGOs. Aside of that gives the documentary a good perspective on the climate discussion and points out to real cause of the climate issue.

2021.03.20 – it is those kind of “inventions” that they want to sell to the public – https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-56428984 – it certainly is not about saving the climate