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Asking the AI about itself seemed to be a bit spotty. Trying to get its own launch day data proved to be quite difficult. The AI could not “remember” its own inauguration time. It was even a bid confused about the dates. At the end of my search on ChatGPT I ended up with two dates that are kind of significant for the launch of this language / speech AI. One is the day the first language module was released (which has an exact time), the other is the actual release of ChatGPT at the end of the year 2022.

The two charts certainly differ since one, as I understand, is more a language module, which later was embedded into the later AI-bot, which is now freely accessible through the internet. 

I’d like to start with the historically first event – the chart of the launch of the language module. Here the AI knew the exact time, so we have an exact chart of the launch. The Virgo AC with Mercury in 10. reveals that we are dealing with something analytical that gets straight into the determinative. Since we do have a Gemini Sun, and Mercury is as well in Gemini in Hs.10, it is not a great stretch of imagination to see something speech/language related that will be determinative for the time to come

The transition from Hs.12. to Hs.11. tells us what content is pushing to be the origin of the chart – in this case – it is Leo with the aforementioned Sun in 10. – since the Sun is aspected with Neptune close to the DC in Hs.6., the subsequent Sun-Neptune, reveals that the principle of existence is not granted and we can conclude that the event is annuling the conditions of speech

The Hs.11 located Venus (Venus-Uranus) reiterates similar content and gets even more specific – a collapse of a system is delivered to the front of the doors of time.      

Another aspect to the linguistic part of the chart is Hs.5, which is Capricorn aspected. Quite telling – right at the cusp of Hs.5, the expressionist side of the chart, Pluto sits right on top of it and literally nozzles/controls the content. Pluto is originating from Hs.3 – the execution of the appearance – which is obviously hindered by being contained, ideologized and functionalized. Mundan – Hs.3 is the house of language and it gets literally “canned”. 

The transition from Hs.8 to 7. demonstrates us what content gets delivered into the present – Aries with Mars in Hs.5, aspected with Uranus (in 8.) – Neptune is excluded and therefore the compensation morphs into the occurrence – the heaven is banished and subsequently one’s own life is excluded.   

Using the bot with its AI certainly will have detrimental effects on life in the long run. Who knows about the power of language and the word in general knows that this technical execution of an appearance is entering literally the holy grail of humanity – language and the word. 

I asked ChatGPT about the imortance of the word in reference to creation and I got the following answer: 

“In the book of Genesis, God creates the world through the power of his spoken word: ”And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. And God said, ‘Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.’ And God said, ‘Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.’” (Genesis 1:3-9), and the bot concludes “ this demonstrates the importance and power of language and the spoken word in creation“. 

I guess there is not much to add to know what space this AI technology is trying to occupy, it does not even hide it. The consequences will be drastic since the collapse of the system is to a degree “baked into the cake” (see the chart) – just as a little reminder – the in this chart involved constellation of Venus-Uranus was as well part of the occurrence of 9/11 in New York – the collapse of a system.  

The actual launch of the AI chatGPT – second chart:

Clearly we can expect a different chart since we are dealing not just with a language module, we are dealing with an entire internet accessible AI. So far the application is able to answer all sorts of questions, create content in any form be it birthday wishes, love or consolation letters, or speeches. It as well can write you any essay you can think of and I have used it even as a travel guide for a foreign country. 

But people that have put it to the fire have already proven that the bot is quite politically biased and in some cases missing accuracy or is not able to prove quoted sources. Apparently there are meanwhile applications that can even detect the use of ChatGPT, which means that obviously other machines are able to detect some underlying metrics and still can distinguish between “human” or bot content, until now (?). I personally have checked the data associated with my name and this very website and most of the statements and points are incorrect (70%). If it already differs on such a small scale what can be expected if it comes to more complex tasks. Good luck world.

Anyway, the bot is clearly a starting point of a bigger technological leap and some voices already estimate that the application has the potential to put millions out of their jobs within the next five years. And looking at the AC of the chart a sort of a death potential could be attributed to the launch date of AI bot. And it was not just the launch of this automated speech module – something else happened that same day in San Francisco that illustrates the death potential of that very day in a more graphic way to understand the content of the degree of the Zodiac that is associated with the encounter with the finite – but I get to that a the end of the article.

Upfront the Aquarius AC of the chart with its ruler in Hs.3 tells us we are dealing with some sort of an execution of the appearance – in this case clearly with some sort of a function, and after all it is Uranus – something new, groundbreaking is powering the potential of the day

The chart is one of the more difficult ones and I like to give a try to decipher the timely structure with Doebereiner’s latest method – the compound method to get a bit closer to what happened that day in S.F..

We start with looking at the location of the quadrant with the Sun (Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra), it is bridging from the fourth into the third quadrant meaning something is getting delivered right from “before time”  into the present. Since we are dealing with Sagittarius it is about a notion, a notion of an annulled territory (Mercury-Venus) – translating into something that has no present – which then gets to be part of the potential – Jupiter in Hs.1 (almost reiterating the aforementioned encounter with the finite of AC) – paired with Neptune – the principle of life – so to speak Neptune is derived of his present, which equates in other words to death.

How is the execution of that content of time unfolding? The middle sign (Scorpio) of the compound with its ruler will tell us. Pluto is located right at the cusp of Hs.12 – the point of the origin – meaning something with an ideological nature is choking the origin. The origin, which ought to be of a “Capricornian nature”, is pushed back into Hs.12 (Saturn in 12.). We can assume that the determinative has been sunk into the realm of the unconscious, subsequently we can conclude that the determinative is lost. By the way Capricorn is language in general, the structural part of the language – not the spoken one, that would be Gemini – so the structural part of language has lost its present

The result can be seen by following the third sign of the quadrant the Sun is based in. Libra, conscience is getting into the present. With the already explained constellation of Mercury-Venus, it is about the conscience and realization of the loss of the principle of life – for that reasons voices get loud that the AI will decimate numerous jobs and Italy is already banning the use of the application. Since Venus (from Libra) is at the MC all the content is aimed to be the determinative – since Venus is aspected with Moon in Hs.1 – it can be concluded that this application is the perfect tool for the further functionalization of the world and with that the present dictate of social conformity will just increase. (first signs of that is the already proven political leniency of the application towards the political left).

To a degree Mars in Hs.4 reiterates almost the same content of time just on a different level. Aries originates from Hs.2, the figuration of the appearance, which seems to be on an energetic rather than material level. It is aiming at the fourth house, already giving away the heated up emotions that this technology will cause (and already has caused) – but looking at it from a slightly different angle that Mars could as well uproot people, hence the notion of high unemployment this type of technology will eventually cause. 

To conclude – the AC as well as DC contain the encounter with the finite, the determinative mirrors the same kind of content – on multiple levels death is in the air and no wonder if you lose your ability to use words and apply language and hand it over to a machine you will be deprived of the very tools that define us as human BEINGS, our very own origin – it strips part of our capability to create the world – as the bot already revealed itself and concluded – creation happens through the word

So it might not surprise that something quite similar of comparable proportions and timely content has happened in San Francisco at the same day the application was launched. Not to forget – since we are dealing with a (midday) chart that is shared by the two events, the same chart applies for both events since they happened at the same day at the same place – and here it gets quite interesting and telling. Both events share the same “quality of time” aspect. Some of you might remember, the same day the city council of San Francisco got into the news …..  – here is the official headline of Al Jazeera – “Officials in San Francisco have voted to give the city’s police the power to use potentially lethal, remote-controlled robots in emergency situations.

The 8-3 vote in favor of the move followed an emotionally charged two-hour debate and came despite strong objections from civil liberties and other police oversight groups … .”Two seemingly unrelated topics of the day find their match – one certainly is a bit on a more abstract level, the other more bold and clearer to understand, but by no means any different in their outcome and outright aiming to destroy life or the expressions thereof.

By the way, censorship and misrepresentation of content can be perceived as death – this AI is already killing (not presenting or misrepresenting) truthful content by having only a limited access to all available data or being programmed to exclude certain content.

Copyright 2023 by Dirk Heinicke

12.05.2023 the article almost reiterates and confirms the above laid out content just in more phenomenistic detail and from a for the “official world creditable source” – from the surrogate gods – the bankers of Goldman Sachs

04.06.2023more and more voices are joining the chorus

14.06.2023now we even can expect to have different political oriented AI options – aren’t we told it is just about fast reliable access to knowledge – so much to censorship on these systems