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The BIS – the mother of Central Banks

According to Wikipedia – “The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an international financial institution owned by central banks that fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks. The BIS carries out its work through its meetings, programmes and through the Basel Process – hosting international groups pursuing global financial stability and facilitating their interaction.” – so much to the officially carried storyline.

Since its inception, the mother of all banks has lived fairly quietly in the shadows of the Swiss Alps out of sight of public recognition. With the looming introduction of digital “money” (CBDC) the bank and its official campaign has a hard time downplaying their intent to switch to a digital fiat system on steroids. Meanwhile there is increasingly more news about the bank than some years ago. 

The crypto crowd is especially on high alert and is beating the libertarian sob drum since the switch would signal the end to their digital playground and “wealth” creator. As written in a 2021 article – the cryptomarket will eventually succumb to newer innovative applications. If it is not innovation at the end the bully in the room might just eradicate the by-the-people-run trial of a digital payment system. In the end, it will be the mother of all international fiat systems with their international affiliates that will use its force or technological superiority to end the by its peons conducted trial run of a digital currency system.

Existing unrecognized in the shadows (Neptune at the AC) for decades the organization has served the technocratic system well. It survived questionable gold deals with the German Nazis with no real public scrutiny and according to the Dutch economist and author Ronald D. Bernard numerous transactions that were bordering on ethics and legality that have been passed through the BIS since its founding – “Everything that could not stand the light of day, passed through it, by a devious means”

If you read up on the history of the “bank” aside from the apparently shady side of the business ethics you should not be surprised to find out that it has or had a similar semi private ownership structure like its famous offspring the US Federal Reserve. The organization was initially set up to deal with German war reparation payments from the first world war and was slated to be shut down after. But the British (very likely not the country as such more likely the City of London) opposed, and the “bank” was kept in business and is even up to this day enjoying jurisdictional immunities.  

As already pointed out just by looking at the AC of the chart of the day of inception – the proximity to the Hs.12 located Neptune, fosters and protects the clandestine dealings and “shady” existence of the organization. The Virgo potential of the chart is all about utilization aimed at the Taurus Sun-Mercury – the determinative. In a metaphorical way we could perceive Mercury consuming the Sun, which is coming from Leo (Hs.12 to 11.) the origin – the “bank” of all (fiat) banks, regulating the origin and exploiting it – it could not be described any better what banks in general do. 

The, in the determinative (Hs.10) contained Venus-Jupiter, affirms the widespread (Jupiter) centering (Venus) execution of accumulating “wealth”. At first glance – it is a “dream chart” for the organization and it is no wonder that it has never been abolished, because it could not have been chosen any better for creating an organization like that. 

The in Hs.11 – the origin – contained Pluto, which is squared with a Mars-Uranus in Hs.8 – brings light to the unrestrained growth of subjugation that is emanating on a worldwide level from this cancerlike, lifeblood succing entity

Let’s keep watching what will be happening at the end of this year when Saturn is transiting in opposition to Neptune, since it will activate the Uranus aspects of the chart. Another waypoint, certainly still some years to wait for, is at the end of the decade, when Neptune will transit over the Mars-Uranus constellation, which is certainly the neuralgic point for this operation. 

If the crowd of self-acclaimed climate activists really want to make a difference, these would be good dates to truly initiate change. Put this institution on the agenda, and create awareness about it. Yeah, but right … I almost forgot – aren’t it the same people that are funding this green agenda movement that oversee the organization as well. 

So, I guess we will have to leave it up to the constellations to take care of it. Eventually transiting constellations will find their ways to the foundation of the organization to loosen up the timely content of what is constrained and “buried” in it. 

In parts, this organization is one of the main root causes for most of the plight the world has to endure – the worldwide operating fiat system and all the subsequent destructive executions of the appearances of thereof. And if the world do gooders ever wonder how to really help heal and free the planet of the world – here is certainly a good point to put your hands and minds on, but again, why revolt against the hands that feed you?

Copyright 2023 by Dirk Heinicke

03.06.2023all with the excuse preventing money laundering – yeah right !