2023-2024 Another crucial year for the US

The last year has not been a particularly good year for the US. Not that we could have expected any other since last year’s chart already foretold many of the timely currents that brought certain phenomena to life. The analysis from last year’s chart on this website foretold the many things that did occur or which future groundwork has been laid in the past twelve months. 

Once certain pointed out constellations prove to become a phenomenon I will put a link at the end of the article and let the news article or commentary do the work. The prediction of last year’s (2022-2023) aequinoctium for the US has to be proven quite accurate and since basically all the points of the article got “checked off” I like to take a moment to regress on certain points and comment on the accuracy myself. The chart revealed that the territory of the US will be challenged with:

A notion of the execution of community is disturbed” – the divisive political climate in the US between the two parties, not really finding any meaningful consensus on key issues – except the war in Ukraine, Midterm elections and a questionable voting system and the subsequent results

A lack of drive and inaction” and “a point of mental paralysis” – even the ruling party itself can not deny that the present administration is not really up to speed on their own national issues; not even talking about foreign issues, it starts at the top with a frail president that appears not be at the top of his game. This is certainly indicative for what is happening right now all over the US as many more issues could be listed under this point

A lack of goods paired with financial damages” – mass layoffs of Silicon Valley communications companies and many other start up companies, shortages of certain basic foods, particular produce from the agricultural sector still persist, at the end of the aequinoctium even culminating in the bankruptcy of 16th largest bank, different trade agreements to circumvent the dollar trade (e.g. Brazil-China, Russia-India oil agreement, … ), more countries are ditching the dollar – the death blow to the US currency certainly has already begun,

Dealing with the potential of an existential threat” – the above currency issue is certainly falling into that category as well, but more we could see the imminent danger of the Ukraine war going global and certainly the US would be the first target for Russian hypersonic nuclear missiles that the US has no defence for, by the way the US just cancelled the development program for their hypersonic program with one of their contractors because of unsatisfying results   

Certainly the “groundwork” the aequinoctium of 2022-23 has laid for the future of the US is significant – what happened in the last 12 months will shape the North American continent for years to come.

Anyway, enough reminiscing of things that have already gone by. After completing the last aequinoctium two weeks ago it’ll be interesting to look into the next one for 2023-24. 

The potential of the chart like the previous is Mercury accented, only this time it is a Virgo AC that “facilitates” and powers the chart aiming to be present. Meaning this time it is about awareness that gets delivered into the house of consciousness. Since the other Mercury dominated sign Gemini is at the MC, we could even say that the content that gets delivered into Hs.7, the present, will be, to a degree, the determinative as well.

The content (planetary cluster around the Sun) that is about to be delivered into the conscience reveals that the nation is going to deal with an imminent expectation of a threat. Since the planetary cluster around the Sun is squared with Mars in Hs.10 – we can just guess; the present until now very well groomed headline of having to win the war in Ukraine will be upheld. Considering that the AC of the chart reveals as well that we are dealing with a “martial word” and the aspectation of the Moon in Hs.7 indicates an inferiority to something similar, to a degree there is even a scent of flight in the air. Adding to the covert war with Russia, that just got officially confirmed by the present leak of secret service information, we could even speculate that a possible Pandora’s “war-chest” with China could be opened and/or that the realization of  US-dollar demise might be moving front and center of US public consciousness. All things considered – I’d say it does not look good at the center of the universe. 

None of the planets are at first sight pointed to the first quadrant, the only one that could be seen to potentially morph into something is, the from Hs.3 originating Pluto in the Capricorn Hs.5. – since it connects the execution of the appearance in a kind of chain link with the expressionist side and the encountered conditions of the chart – it could mean some circumstantial hardship since it would annul conditions. 

As pointed out in the quantum articles – Hs.7 and 6. “nourish” the phenomenon. Both houses have quite heavy planetary aspects and only the future will tell if the potential of the chart, gaining conscience about the US (precarious world political and economic) situation, will be reaching the conscience of the US populace. If the process is denied it has a good chance to transform the content to be pushed into the realm of a more phenomenistic experience.

In short, it almost reiterates the opening of this article and the content of the last cycle (2022-2023), which seems to be progressing – the question will be if the American public and elites are ready to accept the fact that they have been dethroned from world leading position, they are not the leading nation of the world anymore, they will have to learn to share and cooperate with other nations. 

At least from a US perspective the world has changed overnight. As pointed out in previous articles, like …, the end of the US hegemony is nigh and other countries have been waiting and preparing for that moment for a long time. The fighting and maintaining war around the world and the internal US politicking keeps political minds busy with domestic issues and numbs them to see the bigger picture. A quote that comes to mind “Rome will exist as long as the Coliseum does; when the Coliseum falls, so will Rome; when Rome falls, so will the world.”  
It almost seems to be too late, but the country’s leadership would be best advised to wake up, accept reality and change their foreign policy directive from seeding war around the world to rather building bridges. As the chart indicates – they have a chance to create consciousness about the situation, if they don’t – there will be a lot lost and destroyed. But just by looking back the last two years – it does not look like the present administration with its subjection to military apparatus will do the desperately necessary 180 since there is too much money to be made.

Copyright 2023 by Dirk Heinicke