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Taiwan – just a question of when

Poking the Russian Bear to the East and poking the Asian Dragon to the West – you could call it a media stunt or just a big PR campaign for war, but certainly Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan heated up an old, decade-long smoldering contentious political issue in Asia. Recently the US seems to play an ambiguous international role. On one hand Uncle Sam promises allegiance to its Asian ally, on the other there are words and motions coming out of Washington that allow speculations that in the worst case scenario of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the US would not engage in a war with China. Quite remarkable is even a present discussion in the US to possibly give Taiwan some sort of a Nato affiliation. Similar to the Ukrainian conflict – by getting NATO involved all, mainly European allies would be dragged into the conflict. It all seems to be straight out of the recipe book – how to start WWIII and weirdly orchestrated by the self proclaimed world “peacekeeper” itself. 

The, formerly by the Portuguese called “graceful,” island might soon be on the bloody chopping block of modern geopolitics. Not that the former Chinese island has seen these kinds of tensions before, but Beijing’s pressure seems lately to be rising and the Chinese political caste certainly could use some diversion from present economic challenges. A possible military conflict would certainly divert attention, elevate national pride and be helpful to stay in power. So, it might be just a matter of time that the island is swallowed or should we say overrun by its relatives from the Mainland. Especially after the lately announced softening American stand on the issue a military conflict in this part of the world might well be in the cards.

To get a lay of the land and try to find out what time has in store that could be possibly activated and delivered into the present, we have a closer look at the equinoctial charts of Taiwan from this and next year. Starting with this year’s chart (March 2022 to March 2023) two planetary clusters stand right out – one at the cusp of Hs.4 (Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune) and the other a quite accentuated Hs.2. 

The potential of the chart, a Sagittarius AC, with its planet Jupiter in Hs.3, in conjunction with Neptune at the cusp of Hs.4, quite obvious, accentuating that the timely content of this chart is about questions of origin and home in general. The underlying Neptune-Jupiter constellation is revealing that we are dealing with unresolved business. Mercury, which originates from the DC of the chart, tells us that this kind of unresolved business is about to be put on display. The Neptune-Jupiter is pointing to a compensated timely content in the form of Saturn-Uranus – the division or separation. In short – what is about to be delivered into public recognition is a division (or separation) of home/origin.    

The entire home/origin “theme” is accentuated with Sun in Hs.4. Going forward from here by looking at Hs.5, which should tell us how all this is about to “come to life” – Aries with Mars in Hs.2. A quite real, phenomenistic  Mars which is appearing even in the house of territorial aspects. It is a Mars-Venus – similar to the one from the Russian invasion of Ukraine chart, the cut into tissue/social fabric. The, in Hs.2 situated constellation is even squared with Uranus in Hs.5, which is derived from Aquarius Hs.3, the situation when these planets unfold could not be better described other than “explosive”

With the main planetary actors all placed in the lower part of the chart, predominantly in the first quadrant, there is a “good” chance that China will make its announced move to regain the island until the chart has run its course (until March 2023). Periods to watch – mid/end August 2022, late October, and the first months of 2023.

Just on a side note – Hs.12 to 11. Scorpio (transporting Moon) – to Pluto in Hs.2 – an ideology or plan of home and origin that manifests itself in real terms (Hs.2) – it would be quite fitting – the Chinese plan to “unite” or annex what is considered to be part of theirs. 

The second chart is the chart of the following year – 2023 to 2024 – for Taiwan. I thought it might be worth having a peek at what lies beyond the previous chart, so to speak the ground or result of the previous year, to possibly get some idea if the above described content unfolds. 

The potential of the chart shows us a pretty dominant Sun-Moon-Neptune right at the AC – since much content is based in the first house, we could say that these constellations affect the entire chart. The conglomerate of planets points to an experience of a “same type inferiority”. Another hint of discontent and pointing still to some sort of an interruption of national integrity – Mars in Hs.4 does not really stand for peaceful, quiet times – rather an intruder type of situation. Hs.2 again mirrors just in a more deciphered form the Mars-Venus from the previous chart. 
The chart could fit to a country that got occupied or is about to get occupied. For me, the conclusion of these two charts; something is up in Taiwan in the next months to year and half, the two charts clearly demonstrate that the people of Taiwan, to say the least, are and/or will be challenged with territorial questions. The process is not going by without a certain martian input, either from within or external.

Copyright 2022 by Dirk Heinicke

P.S. the coming event is already foreshadowed and to a degree confirmed on a different level

30.08.2022some heated moment – as predicted above mid / end Aug. – first shots fired towards a drone