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US – CANADA – WHAT TO EXPECT in summer and fall 2020 – free content

Geographically the US and Canada are not just neighbors, they share the longest international border and their economies are strongly connected. With both of their political centers, Washington D.C. and Ottawa, in the same geographical hemisphere, their annual charts almost make them astrological twins. The two countries truly share a lot of similarities, but not enough to not be different and distinct from each other. 

If you look at the 2020/2021 charts of the two countries, they almost look alike. The differences you can spot are minimal by some degrees and mainly at the cusps of the houses of the subsequent chart. There lies great significance in the cusps and their positions on the zodiac. It would be difficult to differentiate between the charts and the two countries’ politics and destiny, if it were not for the differences in their cusps.

Keep in mind, the charts are spring solstice or 0 degree Aries charts, which start and end around the 20th of March each year. Examining the positions of the cusps of the houses and the axes of AC and MC I come to the following conclusion for the remaining nine months of those charts: 

Ottawa 2020 / 2021

Canada already received a dose of what is embedded in their chart – the AC offers a not too cheerful time potential, giving national events / occurrences of this year a somber underlying tone. It is an encounter with the finite or some would say death – so meaning most of the time content that develops over the course of the year will have this kind of undesired potential and will be publicly perceived as such. The multiple deadly accidents of downed airships of the Canadian military (in Greece and British Columbia in April and May) and the Nova Scotia mass shooting in April partly find their source here. A clear “sign” for the “lost life time content” – is on wide display across the country – the maple leaf of the national flag is replaced by a heart.

Washington D.C. 2020 / 2021

Due to the geographic distance between the two capitals, the AC of the US chart is a couple degrees apart from the Canadian AC. The few degree make all the difference for the future courses of the two countries. While they share the same star sign at the AC (giving them the same starting point), the outcomes are distinctly different. The AC of the US chart offers the potential for change, which is fitting to the present American political situation. Be it the upcoming election or the current course the country is taking (the present administration pretending to wean the US from Chinese dependence), both bear a possibility of laying the groundwork for a financial / political uprooting.

In Canada, the issue of financial exhaustion is visible in house 2, whereas the States are exhibiting a constellation of an attempt to gain more economic “independence”.  Clearly, the U.S. believes they will be able to achieve this by printing unfathomable amounts of money, buying derelict / bankrupt companies (Hertz Car Rental for example), and acquiring undesired bonds no one wants to buy anymore. The move for greater independence from its main trading partner China could be placed here as well.

The MC, “the unintentional effect” of the Canadian horoscope, hints towards a common realization that the form (of community / government) is undermined and deemed unfit. In the case of the US, the MC points towards a general change in milieu. I do not want to go so far as to use that as a prediction for the upcoming election, but it should be understood as a change in the overall political climate. This is possibly due to a new economic reality (very likely) or as a result of new implemented policies or controls. It cannot be denied that the charts of both countries show some indicators of public malcontent which could, to a degree, lead to some kind of civil unrest. 

The inauguration day of the 46th president next year in January 2021 does not fall onto a very fortunate constellation. A constellation that indicates whatever happens that day is forced by “higher powers” or will later apply superordinate law. Presently it does not appear as though the next nine months will be easy. I leave it up to everyone to interpret that their own way. On a conciliatory note for both sides – whoever will win has to fit into the “roster of time” and will be subjected to it. The circumstances, and to a degree the result, are already laid out. Red or blue, in the end the color does not matter too much. The constellation indicates: whoever is elected, will either, by intent or being forced by circumstances, not deliver what they promised the public in the first place. This is certainly not something new, but the changed environment (milieu) around them will be.

Below you find some dates of events or announcements that I believe will create news of broader significance (approx. +/- 1 day) for North America. Those dates should either be understood as the day, the start or the “peak” of an event or occurrence.


01.06.2020 (as I write, unrest & demonstrations in Montreal), 14.06.2020, 01.07.2020,  21.08.2020, 08.09.2020, all +/- one day


31.05.2020 (as I write, unrest in multiple cities across the US with riots and looting), 16.06.2020, 02.07.2020, 21.08.2020, 10.09.2020, all +/- one day.

Once we will have passed each of those dates subscribers will be able to read my updated “PREDICTION CHECKER” below this article.

Currently, there is no need to revisit and be more specific about the upcoming election, since my prediction from the beginning of the year is still accurate and Trump seems to follow the laid out script.

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      PREDICTION CHECKER for 14. – 17 June 2020: both countries have “passed” Mercury in the chart – Mercury in both charts is aspected from the Zodiac as an experience of rejection or a legal confrontation – for Canada it meant that the bid for getting a chair at the prestigious UN security got lost. For the US, well here I almost would say the news story most fitting to the aspect is the expected legal confrontation between President Trump (who personifies to a degree at the moment the US chart) and his former security advisor John Bolton. The book will most likely create some sort of a public sentiment of rejection of Mr Trump.

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      PREDICTION CHECKER for 01.-03. July 2020: as we know by now the two countries move almost in sync – last week both transited over Neptune in the fourth house – the fourth house is the house of origin and for a country it could be viewed as its identity. Neptune in that house would point towards an event that dilutes the perception of your country or question the countries identity. For both countries I guess the same “current of time” can be identified – the movement of questioning the past with taking down statues and demonstration lead into that time content and seem to fit it. Parallel to that motion – in Canada we had the failed attempt by the Prime Minister to award the “WE organization”, which has close historical ties to the PM’s family, with an 800 Mil. dollar contract. It should have distributed money for youth volunteer jobs across the country for community work projects. As you might recall the AC for Canada (as explained in the above article) is limiting everything this year. It gives almost everything an experience of limitation – meaning the PM’s intention was already a dud, before he even expressed his intention. I would suggest his advisers to subscribe to my pages 🙂 to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. In the States – here it looks a bid different since the AC is not like the Canadian one – here it really is more to be understood as a question of identity and past. Since Neptune has been “triggered” this week its “time content” will stay with us and reoccur periodically in different revelations for the next 8 to 9 month.

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      PREDICTION CHECKER FOR the days around 21.08.: transiting over Uranus in House 6., could be seen as a renewal of conditions – for Canada the most fitting event has been the announcement of the leader of Conservative Party, Erin O’Toole, and by the sounds of it – the Conservatives now with a new leader might challenge the minority Government of Mr Trudeau and trigger an early election in the fall of this year. For the US the circumstances are similar and quite as a similarity the GOP started this weekend and nominated Trump to run for Presidency – and it seems the Republicans or should we say especially the entire Trump clan tries to redefine Donald Trump’s image as more personable and to be a good listener – so renewed conditions here as well and “funny” enough in both countries with the conservative side of the political spectrum.

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      PREDICTION CHECKER FOR the days around 08.09.: transiting over Venus in House 6. – for Canada it has been the announcement of the Parliamentary Budget officer that Canada will not be able to afford the deficits with over 300 billion for another year or two – let’s remember the headline for Canada is financial exhaustion and with that this that date is connected to these news. On the US side – here I could not really identify a fitting event other than President Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (Venus in 6. – conditions hint towards an acceptance by a group)

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