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2 thoughts on “UNITED STATES – 2020 Election year – will PRESIDENT TRUMP BE REELECTED ?

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      Got already one of the above right – Donald Trump survived the impeachment and his polls seem – depending who you want to believe – to look better by the day. Well, now let’s wait and see how the rest of the year progresses for him and how his path will follow my prediction – I will have a closer look at it his chance of reelection once we know who will be the candidate for the democratic party.

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      Last weeks stock market corrected and showed strong losses. The reason given for the clear southbound trend of the week is the Coronavirus and its potential impact on the world economy. This for sure is hitting clearly the most important selling feature of Presidents Trump administration – the economy. So to avoid further damage he announced that the impact of the virus will be insignificant and all the downward momentum is in a way a overblown reaction to the global health news. That might be correct. It is hard to tell right now if the taken measures are good enough to contain the virus. Clearly listening to some US news – categorizing the virus as a minor incident has not been received well. Announcing that Vice President Pence will oversee the task force is even more seen shutting down public scrutiny since from now on the voice of the task force will have a only political voice and not the one of a group of accredited health officers. He might have already started to prepare the ground for the in my commentary mentioned “hitting the roadblock” situation. Trying to save a highly over prized stock market with politically coloring a national health crisis is a high stake game. We’ll keep watching.

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