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War in the Holy Land

It is a sad affair, hardly a month goes by without the news reporting a new war or military confrontation somewhere in the world. Just this year alone, multiple countries in the Southern Sahel, then in Central Asia (Nagorno-Karabakh) and now (again) in the “Holy Land” itself, that is just counting the last couple of months, not even talking about still ongoing military confrontations in Ukraine and Syria.

But it is not much of a surprise, if the, by more than half of the world population considered, “Holy Land” never seems to come to peace, how should the rest of the world find it? 

In May 2021 I already demonstrated how clashes between Jewish groups and Muslim worshippers in Jerusalem could be found in the annual chart of that year. Similar to the warlike situation that keeps unfolding between Palestine and Israel right now, and like in 2021 it again clearly shows in the annual chart. Needless to say, since we are dealing with a wartype scenario, planet Mars indicates what is going on and what we should look for. 

This year’s annual chart of Jerusalem shows Mars in the same house as another; on this website’s already documented recent military event – the chart of the Russian invasion into Ukraine. In both instances Mars is located in Hs.7. What is so compelling, both charts have Mars at the same place (Hs.7) and in both instances we are dealing with an invasion style of military operation.

 Last time when examining the astrological background to the clashes between Jewish and Muslim groups I used the transiting Mars over the annual chart. This time I will have a look at the 2023 annual chart of Jerusalem, dissect it a bit and then we will look at another historic chart, the chart of the first Zionist Congress in 1897 and have a look how the present military action is corresponding to an event that has happened well over 125 ago. The first zionist congress was the foundation stone of the present state of Israel, and we will see how the “spirit of 1897” is amplifying into the present.

The basis of this year for Jerusalem is an event, whose content is to become consciousness for the public (quadrant of the Sun – Aries/Taurus/Gemini is bridging from Q.2 into Q.3). 
A “fiery” Aries of an obviously “disturbed” patria (Hs.4) and a reactive, aggressive expression of life (Hs.5) – is delivered into the public consciousness. The Sun-Mercury (Hs.4), which, hereditarily can be traced back to a captivity under Saturn-Pluto, delivers the impact of that captivity as the determining factor of a process. The involved Jupiter from the Sagittarius AC “imports” a notion of separation into the house of the “homeland” (Hs.4) and Mars in Hs.7 clearly transports all this content into the consciousness (Hs.7). 

The level of execution – Taurus (5./6/ with Venus in 5.) – the collapse of a system is created and de facto affects the environment. The connection to Pluto in Hs.2 – certainly adds a taste of a plan to the entire occurrence since it stems from Scorpio 12./11. – the planned, or better said denied (or orchestrated), origin

The result is the aforementioned Mercury in Hs.4 – with the overlay of Sun and Neptune – forming an image of the principle of the Gestalt of a homeland that is functionalized and tampered with. The agitated Mars in Hs.7 brings all that content to the forefront of the (worldwide) public consciousness. 
The determinative of the chart – a Virgo MC – the modulation of the questions of homeland / or we could say settlement, which has the underlying constellation(s) of an imminent threat expectation of a King’s competition. 

The description fits well to what is unfolding right now in between Israel and Palestine. I understand for both sides, or I should rather actually say three sides (more to that in the second part of the article), the situation is well laid out. The chart is even that precise that the present confrontation, which was triggered by the Palestinians by invading a desert festival, taking hostages and killing people, was happening right to the day at the point when transiting over Mars of the annual chart. 

The territorial feud and subsequent confrontation between Israelites and Palestinians goes back to 1948, when David Ben Gurion announced the creation of the State of Israel, resulting in the displacement of over 750.000 Palestinians. Followed by a 15 months long Israeli war against its Arab neighbors. By now the pressure on both sides has certainly been building up over the decades and over time has led to a lot of bloodshed on both sides. I believe it can be said that Israel most likely would have never developed that far from a territorial aspect if it would not have benefited from its very close ties to the US and its unwavering promise to defend the interests of the State of Israel like their own. 

As already mentioned before; the entire situation finds its root in the first Zionist congress that aimed to address the goals and aspirations of the Zionist movement, which sought to establish a national homeland for the Jewish people. The congress took place in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897, with the primary purpose to bring representatives of various Jewish groups together to formulate a plan for the establishment of a Jewish homeland and address issues such as the immigration to Palestine. 

The congress resulted in the formulation of the Basel Programme, which outlined the Zionist objectives and became a foundational document of the Zionist movement. The call for this movement was driven by the growing concern for the well-being and future of Jewish communities, particularly in face of the rising anti-Semitism in Europe, and that well before the two World Wars. 

The chart of the congress can be viewed as the birth chart of the State of Israel and in light of the recent developments in the “Holy Land” it certainly is worth having a closer look at the chart and see what the quality of time the foundation of the State of Israel is made up of …

next week part 2

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