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It started around May 7 clashes between Jewish groups and Muslim worshipers broke out at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. The area around the mosque is considered one of Islam’s most sacred sites — an area also revered by Jews as the Temple Mount. It is most likely one of the most disputed pieces of property in the world. People around the world are meanwhile used to these kinds of headlines. This time the differences could not be settled peacefully and the rift has so far ended in rocket attacks and airstrikes destroying property on both sides of the Gaza/Israeli border. 

According to this week’s news, a brokered ceasefire by Egypt has put an end to the 11 day bloody and destructive dispute that killed over two hundred people and destroyed many buildings. Examining the present situation from an astrological point of view shows that the quality of time had all starry tools ready for deployment to instigate a military type of showdown between those two sides.

Transiting Mars over the present annual horoscope of Israel, Mars – Aries messenger delivered a warlike appearance for two weeks for the Capital and the neighboring region while transiting

At the base of this observation is the annual horoscope for the Holy City – inner circle – and on the outer circle you can see the transiting planets. I’d like to direct your attention to Mars, close the AC (highlighted in blue), that is at the beginning of the conflict, first shot fired 10.05.2021 (exactly three degrees away from the AC). The conflict peaks on May 11, exactly when Mars is transiting the AC. The fiery discourse slowly subsides the further it gets away from the AC. Three degrees “later” around 15./16. the actual conflict is overshadowed by a “new” rocket attack / retaliation on the Israeli / Lebanese border. The by Egypt brokered ceasefire comes at the fitting point where/when Mars leaves the sphere of influences of the AC. 

Where do we go from here – for the moment, the situation seems to calm down, but for the next six to seven months “this transiting Mars” will bring quite some restlessness to the first (Causa Materialis) and second quadrant (Causa Formalis) of the Jewish State – translating into possible similar  repeats of the same kind of content of time. Mars is known to be an “expeller”. For fragile situations Mars can certainly be the trigger to make the un-welcomed appear or bring the subdued come to light and in this case; it is happening in the “real” (physical) part of the horoscope.

The situation and its corresponding chart demonstrate quite clearly that what is happening and is visible in our real world is connected to something way deeper. The executions of appearances of our present are connected to something that is rooted in the past, appearing in the present and can reach and radiate well into the future. Like in this case – appearances are not happening just because – all and everything is triggered on a large scale, almost clock-like, and can be observed by simply using a chart.

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