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Over the last two weeks the international media, in a concerted effort, outright condemned the warning of some high-ranking French military brass that the country is heading for civil war. An open letter signed by 25 retired Generals warned “The hour is grave, France is in peril.” It is not the first time that a warning of this kind was expressed from active and retired military members, but this time it hit the international headlines. As a response, the French Defense Minister, Florence Parly, has vowed to punish soldiers that signed the open letter. We could call it damage control from the highest level. 

Nothing new these days – be it Covid, climate change, the denial of an unsolvable looming economic / monetary crisis, social unease – almost anything these days is getting stomped out by the overpowering streamlined private and government media, ridiculed, torched and just simply eliminated. The political behavior that is on display by many governments of perceived democratic countries is certainly nothing close to a democratic society that fosters and grooms an open dialogue in the quest of finding the best solution for the majority of the populace. You don’t have to be very interested in political theater, but just listening and watching what is on display in many houses of commons or parliaments around the world these days can only be described as a charade.

It would be worth listening to what is happening in France right now. Everyone knows it is here where in 1789 the blueprint of modern revolutions was exercised for the first time. France is synonymous as the cradle of this type of uprising of the populace. Many European monarchies fell victim to the same kind of political recipe, the recent Western political system is just the last cancerous growth stage of this very kind of development.  

It does not surprise that societal pressure is building, not just in France, and even high military brass raises concerns and warns. This does not only apply to country that is known for general strikes and a more “rebellious” populous – these so-called “democratic systems” are on the verge of collapse and these French Generals just express what is on many people’s minds and with that it seems that those soldiers are closer to reality than their “democratic elected” bosses and that situation is mostly likely not just isolated to France. 

To bring the proof of the underlying connection to bygone revolutionary days, here is the chart of the French Revolution and the latest transiting planets over the watershed chart of European history. And if you do not believe how these days of history are connected to the present, you should perhaps read an earlier article that sheds a bit more light on that kind of connection. (Notre Dame fire)

Horoscope of the French Revolution – the outer planets show the currently transiting planets ( quite refreshing to see Moon passing Mars – some angry / upset potential, with Mercury in aspect with Sun/Mercury and Neptune conveys the message – and since it aspected to Neptune some sunken truth is trying to come out)

As you can see – the transiting planets of the last days correspond to some planets of the chart (inner circle) of the revolution. Is it something significant or not? That is hard to determine at this point. One thing can be said – the Mars of the French Revolution chart “tickled” or should we say aggravated the French soul (Moon) and that got expressed and even recognized by international media. At least from my end, it is kind of telling to see that this constellation triggers such an event. It shows that there is a lot buried that has not yet come to light and life. The ghost of the past will haunt the future and the fire of Notre Dame has just been an event that proved and with that indirectly forecasted more than these Generals or the Minister are aware of. 

As already hinted towards ( Notre Dame article ) the currents of events that are historically at the heart of the fiery collapse of the world renowned structure are the same ones that have laid the groundwork for the present unstable social situation, they are eager to soon reap the rewards of the situation they purposefully have created and shaped for a very long time.

And a message to Mme Parly – the forces she and her government is trying to control are way deeper, more powerful and hard to oppress, the pressure will just keep rising. One day these forces will not just be subdued with a letter of dissent and an international round of a media offense.

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(If you want to get a bid more of an idea to see who are some of the people and how “these forces” are at work – check as well my Tavistock article from last year)