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PARIS, France – NOTRE DAME’s fire – first anniversary – free content

About a year ago on April 15th, 2019, in the early evening hours (6:18 PM), a fire was reported by a smoke detector in the iconic Paris Cathedral. The cathedral employee at the time could not detect anything suspicious and subsequently did not call for help. The fire must have progressed and became visible at 6:43 PM. By 6:51 PM, the fire brigade was summoned. At 7:49 PM, despite all efforts to contain the fire, the spire and roof collapsed, bringing down over 700 tons of stone. Within those 90 minutes Paris had lost much of one of their most precious and historic buildings.

As someone interested in this kind of historical occurrence, I could not resist myself from recording the times. With these times, I created the chart of the spring evening that touched most of France and many around the world.

Going through the progression of the eventful 90 minutes clearly revealed the development of the fire and its destructive course. I do not intend to spend too much time explaining the actual chart. What is more intriguing is knowing how the fire relates to the historical background of the building and the place.

The actual construction of the church dates back quite some time. According to Wikipedia, the church site had been used before as a Gallo-Roman temple. The actual construction started in late March/ early April 1163. Being that old, it had to endure and withstand many socio-cultural waves that swept through Paris and Europe. I guess the cathedral could be viewed as a cultural cornerstone of French culture. Many kings were crowned in the church, and it has served as a place for state funerals. It would be fair to say that the cultural and historical value of the church can hardly be overlooked.

Here is the chart of the tragic evening. For starters, my focus has been on the Mars of the horoscope, as it is the planet representing fire. I prefer not to mention all the aspects, since it would be too much at this point. The first chart, the chart of the initial alarm (6:18 PM), already displays some of the time content, but not quite justifying the event that followed.

06:18PM – 25 min before the fire started, once Mars will get to the red line the fire starts

I have put some pivotal historical points relating to the cathedral on the zodiac, so you can see where and when the planet (Mars) passes over a certain point.

The second chart, about 25 minutes later, gives the clear “get go” on the event and makes everything happen. It is almost like setting off a “trip wire”. The ascendent (AC) contains a “time quality”, indicating that the unconscious likes to come into time, and sets the stage; something from the past, that has been buried or we could say subdued, is about to surface and get into the minds of the people.

Mars, with its destructive and clearing properties (fire), becomes charged and over the course of minutes brings down the centuries old monument. The questions that arise next are: what made Mars so powerful? And what charged Mars to become such a destructive force?

The moment when Mars triggered the “trip wire” (point where it states “rededicated to the cult ….”) the fire became visible and unleashed its merciless course. It is noticeable, at least for me, that Mars is coming from the past and is just executing some unfulfilled “time content”. The historical point that Mars is connected to in this chart, is June 1st, 1793 – so well over 200 years ago. The day, according to Wikipedia, is the day the cathedral was rededicated to the “Cult of Reason”. After the French Revolution, the “Cult of Reason” was established, as France’s first state-sponsored atheistic religion. It was intended to replace Catholicism after the French Revolution. After holding sway for barely a year, in 1794, it was officially replaced by the rival cult of the “Supreme Being”, promoted by Robespierre.

06:43 PM – first fire visible – you can see, how Mars “triggers the tripwire”

Almost like a gauge, the historical point clearly reveals the voluntary, or forced abandonment, of the Catholic belief in France. That is for those early days, as well as right into our present times. The cathedral had lost its religious backing and support, which sustained it for centuries. Since 1794, it has been owned by the government and not by the Catholic church. The fire, destroying the physical structure, demonstrates and only executes the state of apostasy. The fire and its result, could likely be seen as an indicator for the present state of the Catholic church in France.

The fire had not even been extinguished and you could already see the internet filling with seemingly fitting conspiracy theories. This would have contributed in some form to the destruction of this iconic Christian house of worship. For me, it is not so much a question, who the perpetrators were, since the chart shows what’s going on and explains it very well. In the end, I personally do not care too much about who left a hot torch unattended after finishing the work on the roof or if someone deliberately set the fire.

Whoever contributed to the physical lighting of the roof or its trusses is close to irrelevant, they were just assisting a “content of time” to come to life. The real perpetrators are to be found in the past, declaring the Catholic house of worship to be their temple, dedicating it to a temple for the “Cult of Reason”, or in the later years to the “Cult of the Supreme Being”.

For me, the language sounds very like that out of an Orwellian set up. What is worrisome, is that the organizations that wanted to implement this kind of state ordered atheistic belief 200 years ago, still exist and are still at work, shaping the world up to present days.

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