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In 2009 the WHO changed the definition of an influenza pandemic – free content

Did the news sources you trust and follow tell you about this very undiscerning part of the coronavirus story? In 2009, the WHO changed the definition of the influenza pandemic. Not to sway the reader’s opinion on that worldwide hot topic – to give you an idea, here is an excerpt directly from the WHO bulletin page.  Even then the change was considered controversial and experienced a wide range of critiques:

“Since 2003, the top of the WHO Pandemic Preparedness homepage has contained the following statement: ‘An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.’ However, on 4 May 2009, scarcely one month before the H1N1 pandemic was declared, the web page was altered in response to a query from a CNN reporter. The phrase ‘enormous numbers of deaths and illness had been removed and the revised web page simply read as follows: ‘An influenza pandemic may occur when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity.’ Months later, the Council of Europe would cite this alteration as evidence that WHO changed its definition of pandemic influenza to enable it to declare a pandemic without having to demonstrate the intensity of the disease caused by the H1N1 virus.”

Does this not sound to some degree familiar? The issue and controversy regarding the WHO is obviously not new and had stirred up some concerns already eleven years ago. So why was the change done? An examination of the day chart when the new definition was uploaded onto the WHO website should give us a bit more clarity. 

Influenza pandemic astrology
Geneva, 04 May 2009

Here is the chart of the day that the new definition was posted and published online (sourced from the WHO website). Telling at that point is where the quadrant of the Sun (Taurus) is positioned in the horoscope – whatever is happening here is being pushed into the intangible part (IV) of the horoscope. Meaning that what was before explainable is now transferred into the unexplainable; unobtainable and with that losing its “Gestalt” – if you can in a larger context connect a definition with the word Gestalt. 

The earlier definition of the pandemic influenza “…with an enormous number of deaths and illness ….” was changed into “a pandemic may occur when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity …” – clearly, very vague and non-descriptive language is used to keep it as wide open as possible. Which should currently prove to be rather convenient for industry stakeholders who have an interest in quickly selling “remedies” to the world. 

And you might have noticed that the present Covid storyline portrayed by the media and government is sticking to that very blueprint of the new definition. Here in Canada the news outlets mainly focus on the numbers of newly infected cases and not on the mortality rate – % (!). No wonder – if you are not even able to test with certainty up to this present day and do not even know the ratio between infected and dead.

Needless to say, it seems very handy to have a broad definition, so that the healthcare industry, since it does not have to wait for any sort of death rate to build up, can “react” right away or even better, preemptively come up with an “adequate remedy”. Quite fitting to the present Covid scenario. Even better – the Venus-Pluto, which readers already know from the “Event 201 horoscope,” appears here in plain sight, which should be quite concerning since it allows the very same conclusion

At that point I like to add that by now the US alone has already spent 9 Billion on a potential Covid vaccine – divided by the seven companies that received those funds – and that’s only for the US – not including other contracts other countries signed up for. Certainly, a good “industry” to be in right now or own shares of the involved companies. I’m sure that certain investors have already noticed their portfolios going up. 

Another strong cluster of planets (Pluto/Mars/Venus/Uranus) gives us quite a concoction of content that the eighth house wants to deliver into the present. Here you find clear indications that the effective truth is negated and with that, a tampered immune system is delivered into the seventh house – the public conscience. That entire content is squared with Pluto in the fifth house (Sagittarius), which indicates that insight can be achieved – only here overlayed with Pluto and with that transformed into a model – you could almost perceive it as “delivery of a distorted insight”. The chart is clearly revealing that we are not dealing with an improvement nor transparency of how to define a pandemic – rather the contrary. 

The most telling and very obvious constellation (Neptune-Jupiter both colored in the chart) at the DC of the chart, which is reiterating the previous theme, that Neptune, including the entire fourth quadrant, is denied and with that there is “no chance of being,” which applies to all of us. The most compelling part of that constellation is that it is known to be the constellation of deceit. 

Mmmm …..

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