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“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before” – Rahm Emanuel (former advisor to Barack Obama).
Particularly the US and China are trying to follow this kind of script right now. Each one of them is blaming the other for being the originator of the virus.

The US is slowly ramping up its media power to persuade the public that China is the villain. That they were the ones concocting and brewing up the formula in their level 4 bio lab in Wuhan. And through some accident, the virus escaped the lab. The US president emphasizes that it is the “CHINA VIRUS”. As a consequence, multiple billion dollar lawsuits are being filed in US courts, all trying to sue China over the economic impact of the virus.

China, on the other side, is keeping rather quiet, since the “smoking gun” seems to be left in their hand. To their defense, traces of the virus lead right back into US and Canadian level 4 bio labs, with connections that almost parallel James Bond movies. Including occurrences such as: a dead lab biologist at a conference in Kenya. And high ranking employees from leading US universities detained by US authorities for trying to smuggle out bio hazardous veils.

As usual, a whole load of conspiracy theories and ideas are floating and occupying the internet and social media platforms. For the one who follows these kinds of stories the question arises – where is the origin of this virus? Before I wrote the first Covid-19 related article (February 3rd), I asked myself the same question. I then proceeded to do some astrological “digging around”. I never intended to write about it, since the findings can be a bit complex and difficult to understand for new readers. But with the latest developments, ever rising flurry of articles, and daily progression of political propaganda, this may be the right moment to try and explain the phenomena from my side of the spectrum.

The most important point to remember in all of this is that what you see and perceive as real is just part of a story. Another point to keep in mind: what happens around you and how you react to it, is impacting the future. In a way, this could be referenced to the butterfly effect, even though I do not completely subscribe to it. The other side of the coin, the intriguing part for me, is that in addition to going forward in time, you can also go backward. In other words, trying to figure out what “butterfly” in the past created or contributed to the present phenomena.

To start off, we have to revisit Wuhan’s chart from last year. Since Wuhan happens to be the epicenter and “birthplace” of the outbreak, the content of the chart is connected to the place. Meaning, no other place at that time would have had the prerequisites to birth that virus. In this context, it doesn’t matter who had the gun and who “pulled” the trigger. If the place and time do not offer sufficient prerequisites, the gun either does not work, misfires, or the bullet misses its target. (I know and understand that some readers will have a hard time accepting this). The more interesting part: what happened in the past, will enable the present to deliver a specific outcome. In this case, a world spanning virus.

Annual chart 2019 for Wuhan, China

Depicted is the 2019 chart from Wuhan. The circled Mars and Venus both indicate an encounter with the finite, despite having occurred at different times. This is highly unusual for the two planets to have the same aspect at the same time. I could not resist examining this a bit closer. I thought it might be worthwhile to go back to the Zodiac to see what moment in time those positions relate, and what happened in Wuhan/ China around those points in time. The Venus incident happened in the year 1994; while the Mars incident in 1953. Now let’s see what happened during these years.

I have to admit this find has been quite rewarding for me, since it is so clear and precise and I hope, that you as a reader, will at the end be as excited as me, once you understand the entire connection and relation between those incidents and how it unfolds and reveals itself in the future.

Stay tuned for PART 2

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