Postcard from the past

The day when money was no store of value anymore

It certainly is a date that most would not even recognize as historically important. Many up to today do not even realize the implications that arose from this White House decision, which would change everyday lives more than most other political decisions made over the last four decades. It almost does not matter where on the planet, rich or poor, it influenced every economic and financial development and transaction that followed after. It was so significant that it reaches even into our present days and very likely (way beyond) into the future.  

The argument could be made that the decision enabled a system that generated wealth and a standard of living never seen before. Others could argue that it is/was rather a perception of wealth it created and silently eroded actual wealth. 

In the evening hours of August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon announced in a national TV broadcast the suspension of the dollar’s convertibility to gold. It was the moment that the US-Dollar could not be exchanged to gold anymore. Meaning overnight the US-Dollar abandoned its real money status and morphed into a fiat currency. The change laid the groundwork for a monetary system that solely is based on a sole belief in printed numbers on a piece of paper.

The moment laid the groundwork for the monetary situation that we are presently experiencing. There is hardly anyone right now that is not talking about or realizing rising prices on all fronts. What everyone calls inflation is in simple terms boiling down to an oversupply of dollars (printed numbers) that is chasing a more or less unchanged or even diminished supply of goods, particularly groceries and energy. 

On a grand historical scheme that is nothing new. Empires, at the end of their lifespan, always end in this kind of scenario. It is actually the norm. Overspending particularly for military purposes and unsustainable social programs are the root cause, usually wrestling any empire at the end to its knees. We can blame it rightfully on a corrupt political system, but at the core is still the unwithering truth that the empire abandoned its money system to replace it with (worthless) currency. 

If you wonder what the difference between money and currency is, please watch the linked Youtube video sequence by Mike Maloney. His contributions are already a decade old and the explanations of the differences between money and currency are now almost more relevant than they were ten years ago. 
There is no doubt that we are approaching a hyperinflationary cycle soon. The implications of Nixon’s announcement 1971 will very likely be felt most in the coming years, when the real debasement and abandonment  of the world anchor currency will unfold. Since most currencies worldwide, to a large degree, depend on the dollar we can surmise that when the dollar goes down the entire monetary system goes with it. 

The first of a ten part series – do not miss #4 – particular reveiling how the currency scam works

The decision by the Nixon administration to unfix the dollar to gold was explained by gaining more flexibility to counter the inflation of the seventies. “Gaining flexibility” in regards to having the ability and freedom for politicians and bankers to print more currency – not backed by gold – just let the printing press run. And that’s what they did and still do to this day. These days we meanwhile got used to the almost monthly announcement of more, seemingly unrestricted, currency printing, the cause for the present inflationary environment. The US is presently preparing for a 1 trillion borrowing binge, particularly to finance their own (and other countries’) war machines. A sound money system would have never allowed this to happen. 

If it would not be so dramatic and bear so much impact the “sing song” of the political caste to their followers would be almost amusing. No matter which country you are tuned in, the excuses seem to be all the same. The systemic (monetary) issue that these individuals with their subsequent parties are an integral part of are conveniently overlooked or even outright denied. The blame and reasoning is put onto other “evil” and ill minded international players, sometimes neighbors, that are either politically or religiously motivated. The only possible remedy that the leader cast seems to know is to buy arms and prep-up the military, either their own or one of their proxies. However, most important of all is to make sure that your ‘in-house,’ national problems are understood to be an outcome of external forces; which allows your caste to put your people further into the debt tower of a null and void system that actually would not even have to exist.

It is the biggest deception scheme that was ever invented and almost everyone is falling for it. Soon the curtain will fall and the public will possibly understand for a moment what they have been praying for for decades. But the currency caste has already been proactive and has prepared for a digital currency system to replace the existing one. Once the flares of distraction in the form of an international crisis have burnt out, the internationally organized currency pied pipers will start playing their new tunes and everyone, meanwhile everyone, deprived of their actual wealth, will eagerly follow.    

Anyway let’s have a look at the chart from August 1971 and after that the chart of the dollar itself. 

The Pieces potential of the chart with Neptune at the cusp of Hs.9., a resulting Neptune-Jupiter, indicates that Neptune is denied, the constellation is often part of situations of deceit. Jupiter denies Neptune – as such Neptune is disavowed – which leads Neptune to “water down” the form (Hs.8) of a defining notion (Jupiter from 10.). The potential – Hs.1 – contains as well Aries with Mars in 12. – “submerging” the appearance into the waters of Hs.12 – so a hidden, not be seen deceit?
In short the potential of the chart already tells us that: whatever is unfolding has dissolving or disappearing properties. That very sunken Mars of the potential, (Mars-Venus – a territory in danger) is delivered via the origin (Aquarius 11./12.) with Uranus into Hs.7 – the house of public consciousness, where it will be received as something that is about to be lifted/removed

Gold is generally associated with Leo (Sun) and quite telling that the topic of that moment is expressed with a Leo Sun, which is implicated with the aforementioned Mars-Venus, telling us that the Sun (life) has lost its territory. This kind of content gets even emphasized if you know that by zodiacal degree the Sun is located on a point that is known to be an encounter with the finite

Looking at the MC of the chart – Sagittarius with Jupiter cusp 9. – a notion of a system is being delivered into the public consciousness – a system that does abolish, or should we say, dissolves a territory for life.

The decision to end the convertibility to gold has certainly diminished the territory of a modulation of life (Hs.6) – in real world terms – looking at the second house – the house of the state of substance (wealth) – which is Taurus aspected – that connects it to the Venus of the Sun-Venus in Hs.6 – that has lost conditions to have a territory, meaning substance in a sense of physical wealth (money not currency) is dissolved by this decision

The, by this chart represented kind of process has been gnawing away at the real wealth of past generations all around the world. Whoever denies that fact and only believes in a “MacMansion kind of consumerist world of wealth,” particularly in the West, will not have to wait that long anymore until the ensuing hyperinflationary cycle will make all the shortcoming of the “currency regime” apparent and visible in plain sight for everyone. The tragic part, the pain that will be experienced on the day of reckoning and after it, which is by the way inevitable, will unfold in an ever increasing velocity. It will be the precursor for an upcoming bigger political shift and change, like it historically always has been. Possibly that will be the moment Klaus Schwab and his cohorts from the WEF will roll out their global reset agenda and will be celebrated as the saviors of the world

Who knows, but hyperinflation usually leads to unstable political circumstances, which tend to nourish rather extreme characters particularly in the political arena. The plight, that will create the failing currency system crisis, could have been averted by sticking with money. But like almost everything that modern systems have fostered and created, nothing exists within its means anymore. It is the constant absence (denial) of heavenly content (Q.4) that has allowed for presumably limitless excesses in all aspects of life. The laid out scenario can be perceived as the big regulative that will bring back experiences of limitation on a large scale. 

The decision to change the dollar from money to currency should be as well reflected in the over two centuries old chart of the US dollar. Here is the chart of the fourth oldest currency in the world.
The above laid out moment, declaring the US dollar basically to worthless paper, is falling from a transitory aspect right onto Pluto in Hs.2 of the chart (marked yellow). Who has followed my pages should already be able to associate an image with this kind of “timely” content. It clearly illustrates on one hand the constriction of adhesive, collective abilities of the monetary construct, on the other, the plutonic aspect of it could be interpreted as the moment the construct was hoisted on the pedestal of being the currency of the world. 

Quite telling, Pluto is fed from Hs 11.- Hs 10. illustrating that determinative aspects of the construct were abandoned and turned the process into an execution of the appearance, that has no chance to survive other than getting replicated in an ever increasing manner (inflation). On its inevitable way down the dollar will take all other currency systems with. The regulative side of disobeyed and non respected fourth quadrant content will have to be experienced. The corrective forces of that correction will radiate and be felt all around the world.

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