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AIN Dubai – what is wrong

After exploring the chart of the Museum of the Future in Dubai I found another recent event that took place in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is yet again a structure that is trying to chase worldwide attention. In this case, it is the biggest ferris wheel in the world. With 250 m (820 ft.) in height it certainly must be quite a structure; it is three times the size of the London Eye. Built with 9,000 tons of steel, almost 25% more steel than used in the Eiffel tower. The rim alone weighs as much as 16 Airbus 380s. The 48 cabins have a total capacity of 1,750 passengers. The most likely quite scenic and breathtaking ride would take close to 40 minutes to complete. The only caveat – months after the inaugural first spins, the operation of the wheel was halted. “Periodic enhancement” was stated as the cause. After that the wheel did not make a move anymore, and in March 2023 it was announced that it would be closed indefinitely. According to multiple sources, the only things that seem to be operational and giving the structure some sort of technical life, the close to 65.000 multicolored LED lights, which give it quite an iconic appearance.

From an astrological point of view it would certainly be interesting to see why and how this once moving steel monstrosity came to a halt. Clearly, the potential shows a Gemini AC with Mercury in Hs.5 – it is about a depiction of an experience of some sort of a function that is coming to life, since it is based on Libra, we could even say that we are dealing with an experience that will be consciousness at the end

Mercury is originating not only from the AC. The planet (Mercury) sharing co-partner star sign Virgo in Hs.4 gives it not just a very reduced and calculated emotional base, it even influences the mercurian (Gemini) potential of the chart to that degree that the potential will be experienced as such. To top it all off – the cusp of Hs.4 is located on a point of the Zodiac that Mr. Doebereiner once pointed out to be a point that is prone to financial uprooting or bankruptcy. The failure, in this case the functional failure of the contraption is already baked into the potential of the chart at least from an emotional angle. There will be no way out – the lack of functionality is about to be experienced and everyone will become conscious over it. 

The chart is so compelling because all the other planetary content of the chart is executing what the potential has embedded into time and what wants to be experienced. For instance, let’s just have a look at the Sun, which is Sun-Saturn accentuated by zodiacal degree, and could have foretold the initiators of the project that it would be financially doomed or at least would contain a miscalculation of some sort. Since it is squared off with Pluto in 8. – we can assume that some structural design flaws are at the heart of its indefinite closure. “The axle of the wheel was at that time surrounded by scaffolding, and the German TÜV Association, which was involved in the Ain’s construction, withdrew its safety certification for the structure…” – Wikipedia.

Another little waypoint to the financial doom of the project – the MC of the chart could have foretold that the project would end / result in some sort of legal dispute. The Pieces MC with Neptune in 10. certainly does not help the aspirations of that technical project, it annuls all activity that is directed against the transcendental. 

Amusing and quite descriptive is the Moon-Uranus constellation right at the cusp of Hs.12.. In mythological terms Aquarius (Uranus) is often depicted drawing with a ladle a part of the principle of the Gestalt from the Sea of the Unconscious that is destined to become Gestalt. Almost like a metaphor, Uranus and Moon are right at the point of that very point of origin – Uranus, lifting Moon, a world of impression, out of the water of the unconscious. The chosen picture for the AIN Dubai with the mirror image in the water almost resembles the same progression, the cabins, like ladles seemingly dipping into the water to then be uplifted into the air. Aside from all that, the constellation is telling us that the contraption (the ferris wheel) is about to bring the exclusion of the transcendental into a vivid form of consciousness. At the end – the potential that already contains failure and the annulling properties of the Neptune MC with its own planet in Hs.10, as the unintended consequences, seal the deal for the malfunction of the AIN Dubai.

Like in numerous examples that were previously explained on this website – the content and quality of time is relevant for the outcome of any project, building or any entrepreneurial endeavor. Again, in this case, the initiators could have saved their 1.6 Billion US dollar “investment” with just a short astrological consult to optimize the timing – since timing is everything and in this case it could have saved literally billions of dollars.

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