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Covid 19 – Just the beginning or no end in sight?

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2 thoughts on “Covid 19 – Just the beginning or no end in sight?

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      Coming back to the mentioned Mars-Pluto constellation – getting a bit more Mars accentuated. Since yesterday the Italian military took over the control of the streets in parts of Northern Italy. A quite fitting occurrence – as mentioned in the above article, starting with the sun transiting into Aries, Mars will be more prominent and charged. As such the army (Mars used to be the Army god for the Romans) the army shows up and enforces “law and order”. With those preliminary signs already that apparent – it can be just assumed, that police and military presence around the world will significantly increase over the next coming weeks. Mars is clearly instrumentalized from the system (Pluto) as the system is trying to enforce its power and will onto the people.

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      May 25, 2020 – Yoram Lass, former director of Israel’s Health Ministry, on the hysteria around Covid-19.

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