NYSE – going over the cliff, when will it hit the bottom?

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3 thoughts on “NYSE – going over the cliff, when will it hit the bottom?

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      The described “flickering” has showed – the graph does not only go down and had now some moments of an upward trend. Weirdly enough – the best gain on a day when the unemployment report in the US jumped to arecord 3.5 Million people – but nothing surprises anymore. Someone on a website I occasionally follow (silverdoctors. com/ Author Rep Massie) made the simple math for an household of four. The bailout package that has been approved equates to round about $17.000,- of new debt for every citizen (!!) in the States. For a family of four the total is $68.000,– and the money to be received for the family through Government programs is $3.000,–. Like Mr Massie, I like beg to question – where is all the rest of that loaned and future owed money and who received? I guess the exorbitant double digit interest rates from loan sharks compare to that as incredible cheap.

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      The Dow ended this week around the 21.000 mark – so clearly up from the low. The on March 16 expected “flickering” with ups and downs is obviously happening. Let’s keep watching.

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      referring to the end of the article where I wrote – “what will happen towards the end of April, since there will be more transiting planets” – the DOW experienced a considerable uplift ending 29.04.20 reaching 24.600 points that day – so clearly some action and up to now it remains the recovery high after the 2020 crash earlier this year. So I feel of ok with pointing out the timing of the “action”. Check, case closed.

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