Postcard from the past

The Bilderberg Meetings

The internationally held annual meetings are comprised of about 120 to 150 political and industry leaders. According to the official website, about ⅔ of the participants are coming from Europe, the other third from North America. Since its first meeting in 1954 in the Dutch Bilderberg Hotel, the group is commonly known as the Bilderbergers. Particularly in the last decade this group of highly influential people has been in the center of many conspiracy accusations, which have led to sizable demonstrations at the respective venues in past years. The organizers seem to be increasingly aware of the public pressure towards these kinds of meetings and try not to conceal the place of their next meeting.

Lately, the public focus shifted more towards the doings of another “herd” gathering of the powerful, the WEF. With the Bilderbergs seemingly  enjoying drifting into the shadows of public attention over the even bigger media circus the WEF is stirring up. The place and time of this year’s meeting is still not announced, nor are the potential discussion points of the potential discussions. 

I thought it might be worth having a look at the quality of the time, when the group of highly influential people met for the first time. Similar to the chart of the WEF, it should give us an idea of what the carrying motives of these annual gatherings are. It is, so to speak, an almost simplified birth chart of the organization, which should at least give us some clues. Such as, if the accusations of some calling it a cabal or illuminati meeting is granted. 

I have chosen the official start time of the first gathering, which gives the chart a Leo AC. The point on the Zodiac already reveals that we are dealing with a potential of some kind of process that is not integrated into the herd, a milieu difference and/or something that is socially controversial. Not bad for a start, or, in other words, the truth never hides

First Bilderberger meeting

Since we are dealing with a Sun in Hs.11, it can be said that these meetings are about questions of the origin, which in Gemini’s fashion of conduct would or, better said, should be articulated. Similar content is confirmed from the movement of 12. to 11. – Cancer with Moon in Hs.10. in the determinative – Moon-Saturn and Moon-Neptune, both about origin, indicating some issue with planets of the fourth quadrant – one bearing the temptation of living the image of oneself rather than their own, the other, trying to deny, regulate the flow of life.    

The impression supports the theory that the group perceives themselves as elevated above others. Two constellations that underline that kind of impression – Pluto right at the cusp of Hs.2, which can not better describe a Leo (Royal) herd that is hermetically closed, impervious to outer influences, with a scent of self-righteousness and feeling quite smug about it. The second constellation, the MC, the determinative points towards a status without herd integration

Clearly, we are dealing with a bunch of self anointed individuals that believe they are the chosen ones to deal with, to control the origin. For good reason the public senses it and is understandably opposed to whatever spills out from their meetings.

What is concerning is that Mars, the planet of the Aries MC is aspected with Venus at the cusp of 12. Some readers might remember the constellation of the Russian invasion into Ukraine – Mars-Venus – invading territory – telling us how the group gets to their origin – by cutting into the fabric of legislative conditions. I would not call it conspiring, but clearly the determinative points to meddling with “legislative” frameworks and the in Hs.12 sunken Uranus that is derived from a Aquarius enclosed Hs.7 points towards an ideal that denies Uranus (origin). 
For the public that is portrayed definitely obviously in a more socially accepted speech – on Wikipedia it reads as follows: “The group’s agenda, originally to prevent another world war (Mars-Venus) is now defined as bolstering a consensus around free market Western capitalism (how to regulate origin) and its interests around the globe … “ – as written before, the truth never hides, it is in plain sight

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