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Lahaina – Inferno in Paradise 

According to the Maui Fire Chief, Bradford Ventura, the fire that at the end of the day would have destroyed most of the town of Lahaina, Maui, had started around midnight the night before. Due to high winds in the area the fire spread with such high velocity that people were barely able to flee or unable to put any resistance against the rushing flames that eventually caused the entire town to burn down. By now, the monetary damage is already estimated at 5-6 billion dollars. The media has been fairly quick in finding the culprit of this disaster – climate change is to blame and possibly an imperfectly executed disaster response.  

The local fire chief stated the time of the center of town catching fire at 11 AM. The chart of that moment delivers a Scorpio AC that is aspected by degree with a timely content of an encounter with the finite. So much to the deadly potential of the moment, which is, with a Pluto in Hs.3, delivered into the quadrant of the appearance. The, in two ways present constellation, Pluto-Saturn (one with Moon) in the house of the execution of the appearance – telling us that the moment has the potential to bring a denied Uranus into consciousness (DC). Uranus has its origin in Hs.4 – since we are dealing with execution of an appearance it does not take much to visualize a home being “lifted up” or in different words – a homestead uprooted

Looking at the house of the conditions / environment (Hs.6) with a fiery Aries – with Mars in 10. – actually a Mars-Mercury – that is the determinative for the moment. The constellation again points to the already encountered theme of the chart, almost like a loop indicating an issue with a repressed content of the origin (Uranus). The constellation is usually known to have a certain aspect of cleansing and that kind of content is emphasized by Pieces Hs.5 with Neptune right on the cusp. Nonetheless, a functionalized Neptune is laying the groundwork for this “structure dissolving” process. To provide a better visual for understanding: if hypothetically Pieces were to arch over Hs.5 and include the cusp of Hs.6, it would not have been a fire that destroyed the town, but rather water, possibly in the form of a tsunami. 

I don’t want to go into any further detail since the chart is so compelling, I’d rather explore a different aspect of the chart. With phenomena and disasters like this there is always the question, why did it happen and where to find and look for the root of the cause? The official story line that got conveniently picked up and portrayed right away by multiple media outlets is that global warming is the culprit for the inferno that took place in Maui. 

In the present environment of concocting reasons and a sales pitch for a worldwide carbon credit system the explanation is not surprising. Almost everything that happens right now and will happen in the foreseeable future is and will be brought down to that very same storyline, true or not. It does not matter, the propaganda is and will be hammered into everyone’s brain, the mantra has to be kept up till the last one falls prey to it. 

And since all that is so badly bent towards the one narrative I feel free to present my take to that story. My take may sound prosperous and crazy, but is free of any industrial and power hungry aspirations. 
Anyway, getting back to the chart, the question that arises is, where do we find the cause for the destruction of this 200 year old town? We already established that a repressed origin (Uranus) is the leading cause for this inferno. It caused the triggered Uranus content of time to not deliver its nourishing and refreshing properties, at the contrary – the Regulative delivered the destructive side – executed by Mars, leading to the fiery annihilation of the entire town/settlement

Short and simple – content of Pieces/Neptune (Hs.5) has been repressed; subsequently, the Regulative side of the chart is triggered, which lamentably leads to the loss of many lives, structures and existences. Clearly something with the Principle of the Gestalt is “off” and longs to be re-balanced
We have to go back in time to find out what this particular repressed Neptune is all about. According to one of the town’s websites: “In 1802 the King Kamehameha made Lahaina the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The King built a brick palace along with residences and other royal buildings. Lahaina served as the center of the Hawaiian government for over 50 years, until then permanently relocating to Honolulu… . So much for a very brief history of the town. 

As we can gather, the town served as the center, more or less capital, of the Kingdom of Hawaii and was also the residence for the King. Certainly the course of history never stalls and as history goes, particularly for smaller nations, they tend to be a playball for the bigger powers around them. To make it short – July 1898 the US American 55th Congress passed a resolution, known as the “Newlands Resolution”, to officially “annex” the Hawaiian Islands. To complete the annexation process more than sixty years later on 21.08.1959 the islands was “converted” into the 50th US-State – the moment the Hawaiian Kingdom ceased to exist.

You might now wonder what all this has to do with the fire that destroyed basically all of the former “capital of the old Hawaiian kingdom”. On an astrological timeline, going back to 1898 we find Neptune at the cusp of Hs.5 and right onto Mars in 1959, the year the Islands were made the 50th State of the US. Not to forget and as laid out before, both planets are the integral parts and driving forces of the chart leading to the destruction of the former capital of the kingdom of Hawaii.

It almost seems like the fiery inferno has been the conclusion to the former annihilation of the former kingdom, just on a more physical level. The fire physically finished off what had happened many decades / centuries ago. As such, the historic church, a historic tree and other historical structures as storage and expression of content of foregone times vanished. The paradise was lost long ago – the life of an independent kingdom was extinguished by an empire that has no identity or center.
The latest news from Lahaina: residents complain about getting pested by potential buyers and real estate agents, everyone seems to want their (destroyed) properties. How times have not changed. Like in the old days the locals get pushed out and uprooted, and the land is taken over again by outsiders. 

Copyright 2023 by Dirk Heinicke

My heart goes out to all that have lost their livelihoods, friends and family members and now experience hardship.