R. Oppenheimer – father of the atomic bomb

It is one of these moments again, when the “Quality of time” could not manifest itself in a better way. Living presently on the brink of a possible nuclear war, the western world, which was masterfully coerced into a proxy war, entertains (consumes images) itself with the latest Hollywood production that attempts to shine some light on the personas and reasoning behind the creation of the WWII (!!) first nuclear bomb. 

The movie develops as the usual story – good (and smart) against evil (not so smart) – and attempts to coerce the viewers into the understanding that evil can only be extinguished with even more evil. If movie goers do indeed stay right to the very last minute of the movie and do not busy themselves with just cleaning their lap of popcorn and focusing on a quick exit, they might notice that right at the end of the movie the start of a world wide nuclear war is depicted. Despite that kind of self reflective moment of the movie creators I still classify the movie as a piece of very refined sublime war propaganda.     

The plot is hinged on R.Oppenheimer bio, as one of the masterminds behind the creation of the first nuclear bomb. The movie hit the screen some weeks ago and very likely many now believe to know more about the man, who’s name is associated with the creation of the first nuclear bomb. 
In case you missed all that or like to get a different angle about the individual that came up with the most destructive weapon the world has ever witnessed – here we will have a look at his chart. 
Robert Oppenheimer was born into a wealthy German family in New York. The wealth of his parents allowed Robert to get a good upscale education, which enabled him to enroll into Havard when he was eighteen. He first studied chemistry, later philosophy and theoretical physics.

Rober Oppenheimer’s offered birth time is not verified therefore a degree of caution using these kinds of times is certainly warranted; and to gain a bit more certainty I layered some biographical data over his chart. Some minor waypoints, as well as his most famous one – the detonation of the first thermonuclear bomb near Alamogordo seem to match the chart of the provided time.

His birth quadrant (Aries/Taurus/Gemini) is stretching from Hs.10 (Q.4) into Hs.1 (Q1), something is about to come directly into the world of the appearance without the completion of the formation of the Gestalt

Aries is the starting point of the development – the basis. Aries (10. to 11.) with Mars in 11. – it is about a determinative energetic potential aiming at the principle of origin of the figuration. The involved planets (Venus-Jupiter) explain that Mars is targeting the figuration. All that gets even further “described in detail“ – Mars encountering Venus – energy against the collective – the added Jupiter, derived from 6./7., the notion of a new (Hs.11) energetic process (Mercury) of breaking up the figuration

After having established the basis, the question arises how is he able to execute that kind of “timely” content and to bring all the above “into action.” The level of execution – Taurus (12./11.) – the content of time of the basis gets realized by creating a functionalized (Mercury) assault (Mars) of the point of the origin (11./12.), which repeals, destroys figuration

The result – modulation (Gemini) of Hs.12/1: The principle of the Gestalt and its energetic potential get modulated by denying the environment to exist (Scorpio with Pluto in 12.) or we as well could also call it “sunken forms of conditions” – meaning whatever he does results in conditions disappearing.  
Hs10 – the unintended result or consequence R. Opperheimer achieves – the determinative principle of the Gestalt (Pieces 10.) with Neptune in Hs.1 dissolves the appearance of the executions of the figuration of life (Cancer 1./2. and Moon in 2.), in other words death. And if it could not fit any better, the degree Oppenheimer’s MC (basically what he is known for and will be remembered for) is situated on the zodiac on a point that is known to be an encounter with the finite. 

The entire chart is conclusive with the outcome of his doings. The impression gets even more graphic, when I tell you that Oppenheimer transited right over his Uranus(-Neptune), when he (and his team) detonated the first atomic bomb – the TRINITY BOMB. And trinity for a good reason – since the content of the mundan representatives (Neptune/Uranus/Saturn) of the fourth quadrant are repressed and herewith functionalized. The energy of the repressed fourth quadrant gets released the moment when he transits over the Uranus in his chart. Uranus acts like a detonator – setting free the functionalized energy of the repressed heavenly content. The destructive, “phenomenistic underbelly” of the “Holy Trinity” finds with Mars the avenger its conduit to burn and melt everything with over 6000 degree Celsius. Quite descriptive – Mars is located right at 11./12. located right at the point, which usually described the mitosis of a cell. 

Certainly a blasphemous, diabolic phenomenon – a phenomenon of an execution of a denied origin, which gets noticed publicly as a deadly event and reaches as such consciousness (Uranus in Hs.7). Oppenheimer is certainly not a savior of the world as he might be portrayed occasionally. He was a servant to the system. The fact that he was later shunned by the system (did not get his security clearance back) does confirm that he inherently was not one of the system. It is his nonconformity that he actually should have delivered to the system. The accusation of being communist stems from here and the apparatchiks did smell it. 

Instead of being a minion to the system, causing with his technical apparatus the death of tens of thousands and making him an accomplice to the system and indirectly a mass murderer, he rather should have articulated the bad state of affairs of the system (Gemini AC). He would have had the ability and capacity to create as much change as “his bomb,” just on an intellectual, societal level. He would have had the ability to reach the minds of millions, similar to his bombs, just with one big difference – very likely hardly any casualties, and certainly an outcome that could be by far more constructive for us today than his doomsday invention.

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