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Boeing 707 – the first flight and it’s possible connection to the MAX-8 and Covid-travel restrictions – free content

“Augury is the practice from ancient Roman religion of interpreting omens from the observed behavior of birds. When the individual, known as the augur, interpreted these signs, it is referred to as “taking the auspices”. ‘Auspices’ is from the Latin auspicium and auspex, literally “one who looks at birds.” Depending upon the birds, the auspices from the gods could be favorable or unfavorable (auspicious or inauspicious)” – Wikipedia

So, what would an ancient Roman have interpreted into the first flight of a metal build plane capable of carrying more than 100 people? Difficult to say, especially since the December day of the inaugural flight was so rainy that the flight only took 7 minutes before it had to return. Aside from that, the noise of the four-engine jet would have most likely scared every bird out of the sky; that, almost like an omen on its own, the metal plane then replaced the birds with its own appearance.

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A couple of weeks ago I heard, on a radio documentary, about the Boeing 707 being the first commercial built plane that enabled the intercontinental flight business on a large scale. From that moment on intercontinental passenger ship traffic dried up and some of the eventually decommissioned ships were in turn remodeled into cruise ships and an entire new field of business was created.    

The moment of the inaugural flight can most likely be seen as an indicator for the entire airline industry, but more particularly for the airplane maker itself, since Boeing’s business is mainly all about passenger long distance travel. My initial thought was to solely create the chart and explore the passenger air travel in general; but taking a deeper look into the details of the chart, I noticed that it even reveals the struggles and roadblocks the entire industry is presently experiencing. 

First to the chart: The Aries AC tells us that we are dealing with an energetic and “aggressively” charged process aimed towards the eighth house – figuratively speaking, could be compared to moving containers. Since Scorpio rules 7/8, that is what is delivered into the 7 house (the ejection or projection of an image). The herein contained planets Neptune (aspected with Venus) and Jupiter (aspected with Pluto) reveal that the container (plane) is connected with a dissolvement of territorymeaning the “container”, in this case coming from house 6 (the “house of circumstances”), cancels borders – “there are no more borders anymore”. I guess rather fitting as a starry explanation for the process that could be witnessed on Dec. 20,1957 on the Renton, WA, airfield. 

The chart offers quite a bit more content worth exploring, but I got more sidetracked on how the chart is aspected right now. The chart is passing over two constellations that seem to explain and mirror the present state of the airline industry, as well as the present state of Boeing.

According to these points: one being the encounter with the finite – meaning, Boeing is currently experiencing a phase in which the existing business model is challenged and experiences limitations. This constellation already started, according to this chart, at the end of 2018 and is fitting on a timeline the moment when Boeing began experiencing troubles of the remodeled 737 MAX 8, which had started with some tragic failures of that “new” model of the fleet. The good news is the constellation is about to end around now – and voila, here is a fitting article of that writes “Boeing previously said it expects the plane to return to service by “mid-2020,” widely understood to mean by the end of the third quarter.” So basically, about right now, and I believe that last week they were cleared for European airspace.

A new constellation (Mercury-Uranus) is about to start right after, which indicates possible persistent financial constrains for either Boeing (or the airline industry) or in the case of Boeing, even opens the opportunity for breaking up the company and splitting it into separate entities – meaning it will take Boeing a while to recover from the present downturn in business and get out of the turbulence into calmer weather. In late 2022 a favoring circumstance aspect is coming up. If that proves to be correct and Boeing will still exist in the present form as one company, by then at the latest, the company (or whatever core business is left and runs the airplane makers plane division) should have better times ahead.  

The other, second constellation is Mars-Saturn indicating a roadblock or resistance – that constellation started around early summer this year and will last to the beginning of 2022. Taking that time frame it would translate that the effect of the present state of Covid travel restrictions or the airline industry damaging circumstances have a good chance ending towards the end of next year 2021. 

I will keep watching to determine if the chart is worth keeping as an indicator for the airline industry, or as a matter of fact for the Boeing corporation itself.

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