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Depending on the region and which conflict between countries you follow, it is with high likelihood that one organisation seems to be coming up frequently: the intergovernmental military alliance of 30 countries – NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was signed in Washington 04.04.1949 and “constitutes a system of collective security, whereby its independent member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party” (wikipedia)

NATO, originally was set up as a defence treaty only, meanwhile it has morphed into an organisation that has even conducted war-type “peacekeeping” missions in various parts of the world, e.g. Afghanistan. Aside from the very questionable motive and reasoning for entering a conflict in a part of the world that has no economic or political significance for Europe, and as a result losing their sons and billions of dollars in military spending: the question arises what is the real motive behind this supranational military power- as in many instances it seems to be against the will of many.

Let’s start with the chart, and later have a more detailed look at how some events do fit into the chart, and possibly even find out what is ahead for the organisation. Lastly we will look at what time “dark clouds” could potentially envelop the Olymp of Western military might.

The Cancer AC of the chart reveals we are dealing with issues of the origin, since we have to see the chart as one of a country. We are dealing with questions of homeland or patria – moon, the planet of the AC in Hs.11 (Gemini), in conjunction with Uranus – in simple graphic terms, the source/origin gets cancelled. The Gemini accentuated eleventh house delivers that content into Hs.9 – see Mercury – where it is formed into a sort of notion. 

That kind of notion is connected to the planet cluster right at the MC – Sun-Mars-Venus – to no surprise similar to the constellation of the Russian invasion in Ukraine chart – Mars-Venus – “the breach of borders”. All of that content is in Aries, which is an integral part of the immune response. So clearly the notion, or how they called it “treaty”, is mirroring that very content. The organisation is created for defence purposes in the case of a border breach (Mars-Venus). 

Opposite to this entire planet cluster at the MC is at the IC, Neptune. Which lifts national identity and subsequently cancels out any sovereign ideas of the individual countries. Meaning if a country wants to be part of the organisation it loses (gives up) its sovereignty – its origin. The organisation states in their statutes that any country does have the right to withdraw from any call to participate (article 5), but what is an alliance good for if you do not have the obligation to commit? In that sense the Capricorn DC is quite fitting, it aims with Saturn in Hs.2 to “(over)rule” and govern territorial matters

The Scorpio of Hs.5 with Pluto in Hs.1 is emphasising that same content, and is more geared to the potential that powers the chart. This tells us that there is a certain kind of subjugation to an ideological filter. Some sort of common ideology is a prerequisite to be part of the “club” – and even a requirement that the organisation can even operate. 

So much to a check-up of the “timely” content. The chart outlines the purpose and construct of the organisation. So, how about some key moments of the organisation? How are they anchored in it, and what might we find out about the coming years about this organisation – especially right now with the Ukrainian situation at hand?

I have pulled some key events from Nato into the chart (based on a 7 year rhythm per house) – here is the result.

Nato experienced its first direct transit over Pluto in 1954. That is the moment in time when I to my own surprise found out, that the former  Soviet Union expressed interest to join Nato, but the request got rejected, which subsequently led right away in mid May of the same year to the formation of the Pact of Warsaw – which resulted in the basic setup for the Cold War – the creation of a bi-polar world. 

It seems quite obvious that this Pluto has the attributes to supply and power the ideological perspective that I mentioned before. Once the world had passed the “Plutonic” moment, the bi-polar ideological theme would occupy the minds and lives on both sides of almost everyone for the coming decades. It justified an unprecedented weaponization of the world. East or West – Every country eventually had to decide which side they belonged to, and it certainly helped the ideological cohesive forces of the alliance to unite and grow members. It is hard to imagine what the world would be like today if that bi-polar worldview never had a chance to develop and Russia would have been allowed to join NATO.

Another event, coinciding right at the centre of the planet cluster at the MC or Neptune at the IC – Nato’s first satellite was launched into space (1970) – for “communication purposes” – the dissolution of identity – in the form of “we can see behind borders”.

Another waypoint – April 2002 – Nato suspends cooperation with Russia – the by W.Doebereiner as a point of “breach of law” discovered point on the zodiac, mirrors the kind of historic action.

Around the early 2000’s (the chart transits over Jupiter that is right at the DC of the chart 10 year rhythm) – the widening attributes of Jupiter fit to the timely action of the beginning years of the 2000’s – NATO is expanding and successfully canvassing for more members especially in Eastern Europe.

In light of the present activities from the Russian side, the question comes up what could be in the cards for NATO in the coming years. Right now with the Ukrainian crisis – NATO’s response is so far perceived as positive – quite fitting, since they are right now experiencing a favorable Jupiter-Uranus, which helps them “look good” right now and accentuates their Jupiter at the DC – meaning that they can show what they are “good” for – and people still buy into their side of the story. And meanwhile some Scandinavian countries are contemplating joining NATO. At a later point in time the alliance will be passing over Neptune at the IC of the chart – which will be around two year mark from now (to be precise the planetary proximity already starts to kick in around May of next year – so 2023 and will last until the first quarter of 2025, peaking in April 2024

That point in time will prove to be a bid “uncomfortable” for the members of the organisation, and I’m quite certain that we will witness a clear and visible development/ event: a “matter of origin challenge” that will occupy the minds of the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – and will very likely affect anyone that lives in its sphere of influence. The big question will be if that Neptune at the IC, which is in the described opposition to the planets at the MC, will weaken the constellation or entirely make the treaty redundant (lack of an enemy image?)

Copyright 2022 by Dirk Heinicke

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