The present discussions about climate “change”, lost arable land, lack of drinking water and vanishing biodiversity, diminishing wetlands, atmospheric rivers, polluted rivers and streams, contaminated oceans and “dust bowl” weather conditions, …. all share one common denominator – WATER or lack thereof. 

It is obvious that the indispensable substance making up 70% of our body is not just important to us alone. Our environment also needs the unique liquid as an essential building block, and the lack of it creates outcomes that are perceived as unfavorable for the environment and humans alike.  

To no surprise religions, cults and myths have centered around this matter for millennia. From early on men understood: who has control over water, gains power over peers. Empires have been created and lost over the dominance of water. Be it in the physical form of distributing water rights or in the spiritual way attempting to manipulate the unconscious (House 12./Pieces equalling water astrological). Water, physically or symbolically, has always been at the center of power and times have not changed. 

Lately weather manipulation, – or more “salonable” called geoengineering are the new attempts to grab the big power levers of the magical and divine substance that has been sanctified and venerated since the early days of mankind. Many water sources have meanwhile dried up and springs that are deemed consistent in flow – (aka profitable enough) are bought up by international bottling companies. An uncontaminated stream, from source to Ocean, not channeled, not commercialized and untouched by human hands in its further course is in many parts of the world already unknown and “extinct”.  

What happens in the “real” world is just a mirror to what is happening in the fourth quadrant (final cause). First quadrant (material cause) based phenomena of water are experienced as a contamination or violent forms of the appearance – like flooding for instance are caused by a disturbed House 12 / Neptune. 

Both worlds are connected; the phenomenon could almost be seen as a gauge of how people are relating to the content of House 12 – When, due to personal or cultural preference, Neptune (Hs 12) is denied, the spiritual is compensated or repressed. This causes water to change its inherent properties and as a consequence the real world will lack the physical nourishing presence of water and will subsequently suffer. In that sense it seems that the state water is a mirror of our perception of life and acceptances of superior and divine forces.

It is for good reasons that only whatever surfaces in House 12 has a chance to later develop in the progression through the different stages (houses) – what we understand and later can recognize as the present (in Hs.7). Aside from being associated with water in general Hs.12 is where the unlived of past, current and future will surface – and can be detected in a chart. 

Since this kind of idea is quite abstract to understand it might be worth adding a more phenomenological angle to comprehend this aquatic star sign (House). Clearly the sign of Pieces (Neptune) – almost self explanatory can be understood as THE sign of the water signs of the zodiac – above all it is physically water. Of all sources the ocean is its source. All rivers start here and end here. The ocean(s) is Hs.12 (or Neptune).

The ocean permeates the land via these water arteries – if they are blocked or disturbed the fertility of adjacent lands is diminished or disappears entirely. Perhaps it gets clearer if we reverse our general perception of rivers flowing towards the ocean rather than the ocean, the source of all, being connected via these arteries of life to the land, distributing its richness and fertility to it. When these arteries of life dry out (or are cut off by human interference, e.g. dams), meaning the energetic flow from the ocean to the land is interrupted, death will conquer the lands and life will cease to exist.  

Water has astounding properties, in case you have never heard of certain research of the last decades in that field, here are some links to some videos to get you interested. The described phenomena are not just observed by one lab. Research in that field has been tried and proven in many labs around the world. The established science community is still skeptical about the facts around it, in many cases even outright denying to entertain the thought of the certain properties.

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Since we are dealing with the most universal and mystic, but at the same time most life containing substances the actual scientific breakthrough on this matter might have to wait until the present scientific landscape has vanished and/or transformed. If you listen to the interviewed scientist one will understand that an inevitable and necessary paradigm shift has to happen before new discoveries will be or “allowed” to be made in that field. Here is another documentary:

What is so astounding is that many labs have researched and proven the thesis that water has memory. It is nothing new, it has been known for a very long time. Actually the knowledge that water has memory has been a substantial part of many religious or mythological beliefs for millennia. It has been negated or outright declared by the modern science community as non-scientific – and degraded to religious rubbish, because it conflicts with many of their own theses.

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