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Year of War – Ukraine

In a previous article we looked at the day of the Russian invasion and how it is connected to previous historical events from an astrological perspective. An end to the proxy war is not expected to happen any time soon. The first and third biggest arms producers of the world found a “very suitable place” (the Granary of Europe) to get rid of their old weaponry and a good presentation and test platform for the latest weaponry. By donating encapsulated death to Ukraine some European countries have meanwhile already depleted their own ammunition stock by 30%, weakening their own future defence. 

As predicted on this site, when Biden took office, there is no doubt that the instalment of a frail president and the positioning of some of their “sales reps” in the administration allowed the American Warmachine producers to already book handsome profits. On the other geographic side, it does not seem to matter and nobody cares anyway that a well placed comedian making a monetary “killing of a lifetime” is drawing the world into a war that does not just involve the adjacent and neighboring countries. The entire Western establishment is luring and lulling their populace into a sympathy game, making them to believe that is worth sacrificing their standard of living. The many that back the mainly military aid package believe that eventually all is going back to normal once the mission is achieved. Made to believe that the donated sacrifice (experiencing food and energy shortages) is worth the cause to get “your old world” back. Yet, only some have grasped the idea that “things” will never go back to normal again and in some places you can already see the blue-yellow flags of compassion quietly and slowly disappearing. 

Just on a side note: from a very trivial astrological appearance point of view – the blue-yellow flag – Saturn-Sun – “duty responsibility”, quite telling, since all these flags of “solidarity” are mainly seen in countries that are all under the spell of Western war propaganda and the ones having to lose the most in regards to the living standard. Have the people of these countries not noticed that only about 20% of the world’s countries are backing their doing and their politically induced war motivation or empathy?

It is already too late to save their Western standard of living; it will inevitably vanish. The war, marking the end of the Western hegemony, will be the end of decades of wealth for so many, especially in Europe and North America – right now is just the beginning of the grand finale of a monetary ponzi scheme coming to the end of its lifecycle. It is not the first time when monetary systems are on the verge of collapse that a war shows conveniently in the history books and indirectly will later explain the wealth demise that will be experienced after the storm rode through. Like before, this war is not any different, creating a diversion to have people focused on a war, while certain groups in the background are already planning and preparing a new monetary system that will position themselves even better than in the old one. The masses, still oblivious to the fact, will be mentally ushered and herded right into the destined corral that the architects of the new monetary temple have created. The change will happen in a sudden coup d’etat style paradigm shift. Many will welcome the change that promises to heal the economical wounds that were so carefully planted and organized in the first place. 

Looking at the chart at the center of all this – here is the aequinoctium (20.03.2022 to 20.03.2023) for Kiev. We can clearly see that from the previous on this website displayed chart of the invasion of Ukraine the layout of forces has changed – whereas in the invasion chart the Mars-Venus (explained in the previous articles as well) is positioned at the cusp Hs.7./8., here in the present active chart the Mars-Venus constellation has switched houses and is now in Hs.5. It has changed from a previously more “passive”, appearing sentiment to a more active, created event. The conclusion that could be drawn from that – the war right now is more a by Ukraine actively maintained phenomena rather than a by Ukrainians just witnessed (more passive), experienced event of an intrusion of territory. The present shipments of modern military equipment to the conflict zone and the training of Ukrainian fighter pilots are just some of the phenomenistic appearances of that content of time. 

The Pluto right at the cusp of the house is a clear giveaway that the entire destructive action is not created from within, a program or plan is forming, handling and directing the process. The root of the issue – denied truth – is pushing to be resolved.

The wicked twist to the chart – the aforementioned Pluto, does in a wider sense relate to a degree to the MC as well – indicating that the entire operation is or could be viewed as a result of some form of treason; it is the same force that is shaping the process right now. 

Since the AC and DC show similar time characteristics and the Sun is in Hs.7, the house of public conscience, there is a chance that the hidden doings and motives of the henchmen will eventually come to light.

Copyright 2022 by Dirk Heinicke

05.08.2022 – the treasonous angle got already partially confirmed, just days after above prediction was made

01.09.2022 – this is most likely the real treasonous background to the above chart – as usual real news get easily faded out by MSM – it appears to come to light that the Russians already had agreed on a peace arrangement with the Ukrainians, but the Brits and Americans refused

09.09.2022same content, just different source